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Facial Recognition, AI & AR
(Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality)
CyberLink is a world leader in facial recognition and tracking technologies. Based on an advanced AI model, the FaceMeTM facial recognition engine is one of the world’s best deep learning algorithms for recognizing people. It has an accuracy rate (True Acceptance Rate) of 98.41% under an error rate (False Accept Rate) as low as 10-6. With such a high precision rate, FaceMeTM is perfect for security applications in relation to person identification and applications in smart homes, smart offices, smart retailers, and smart cities.

FaceMeTM is a cross platform SDK (Software Development Kit), which allows software developers or solution providers to easily integrate their applications with precise facial recognition and facial attribute detection. FaceMeTM supports applications on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS platforms under a variation of hardware configurations.

FaceMeTM Facial Recognition Use Cases

  • Smart City

    Integrating facial recognition and people tracking (person re-identification) technologies with surveillance camera systems, enables improved security monitoring in smart cities.

  • Smart Office

    Developing facial recognition based on door security access systems makes it possible to track employees and visitors in smart offices.

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  • Smart Retail

    Detect gender, age, and emotions to understand customer demographics for precision marketing. Moreover, ensure shopkeepers are notified upon the arrival of VIP customers through facial recognition and identification.

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  • Smart Home

    Combine facial recognition and emotion detection for a more personalized and social robot in smart homes.

Facial Detection & Recognition

  • Facial Recognition with Liveness Detection

    FaceMeTM can recognize people in videos to prevent identity fraud through anti-spoofing face liveness detection. It enables a wide range of applications such as face-based login, access control, unmanned shopping, and surveillance monitoring in offices, banks, retailers or large public events.

  • Face Identification Login

    Your face is your unique login password for your mobile phone or PC. FaceMeTM allows users to log in to to their device with anti-spoofing liveness detection, eliminating the need to type out long, tedious passwords.

  • Face Recognition & Tagging Multiple Faces

    FaceMeTM can simultaneously identify multiple faces in videos with numerous people – perfect for face tagging or surveillance applications.

Facial Feature Points Positioning

  • Real-time Facial Feature Point Tracking

    Based on a 3D facial model, FaceMeTM can detect and track facial feature points in real-time. Moreover, tracking the motion of these feature points enables detailed facial emotion and expression analysis.

  • Virtual Makeup
    (Augmented Reality)

    Combining advanced facial feature point positioning and tracking, 3D modeling and AR technologies, users can apply lifelike virtual makeup appearances with a single-click. Applying this feature in a video meeting (such as U Meeting) ensures a professional and lively look on all occasions.

Facial Attribute Detection

  • FaceMeTM can detect key facial attributes such as gender, age, and emotion in a video with multiple faces. Combining facial attribute detection with facial recognition enables customer profiling, VIP arrival notification, and customer behavior analysis for Smart Retail applications.

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