Face, AI & AR
CyberLink is a world leader in facial recognition and tracking technologies. Thanks to the advanced AI (artificial intelligence) model, CyberLink’s face recognition engine is one of the world’s best deep learning algorithms to recognize people with an error rate (FAR: False Accept Rate) lower than 10-6; hence making it suitable for security applications like people identification or face-recognition login. Also, our facial tracking algorithm can track more than 100 feature points in real-time which allows users to perform real-time beautification such as skin smoothing and virtual makeup during video conferencing.

Face Recognition

  • People Recognition

    CyberLink’s people recognition engine can identify a person’s face from a single-lens video stream. Powered by deep learning algorithms, our engine recognizes faces from multiple angles by detecting unique feature points and matching them with that exact person in the database. This advanced technology can be used for next-level security, saving the effort of inputting passwords or scanning security passes.

  • Live Feature Point Tracking

    Instantly identify and track the face and facial features with high accuracy. Feature point and landmark detection combine with facial expression analysis based on machine learning technologies. Highly accurate 3D facial feature tracking then precisely follows movements and expressions of the face with lifelike accuracy.

  • Face Login

    Your face is one of the most reliable passwords. Face Login will remember your passwords, and log you into Windows when you present your face in front of the webcam. Face Login also works to access most popular websites. For added security, our facial recognition technology can also use webcams to detect when a user is not at their PC and lock it until they return.

  • Multi-face Recognition and Face Tagging

    Revolutionary AI and deep learning technologies allow highly accurate identification of faces and is capable of precisely identifying multiple faces in a video concurrently.

Face AR

  • Live Skin Smoothing

    Powerful 3D AI + AR face tracking technology accurately maps facial features in real-time and applies seamless skin smoothing to the right areas. With only a webcam, users can apply realistic skin smoothing to their live video, or video conference through popular services like U or Skype.

  • Live Virtual Makeup

    Experience the most realistic makeover with the industry’s leading virtual makeover technology. Powerful 3D AI + AR face tracking technology gives users a true-to-life makeover experience in real-time. Female beauty lovers can instantly apply various virtual makeup looks in applications such as video conferencing through popular services like Skype or U.

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