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FaceMe® The World’s Top Cross-Platform AI Facial Recognition Engine

FaceMe®‘s flexibility makes it the perfect facial recognition solution across a number of industries and scenarios. The following use cases illustrate some of our current and recent work and deployments.

  • Smart Security

    With integration to IP security camera systems, FaceMe® can identify staff, VIP visitors or blacklisted people. By integrating U Alerts, security staff will get instant phone notifications whenever a person of interest or unidentified individual walks by a camera.

  • Smart Retail

    Detect gender, age, emotions and head pose to understand customer demographics and behaviors for precision marketing. Moreover, ensure retail workers are notified upon the arrival of VIP customers through facial recognition and people identification.

  • Smart Office

    Your face is your ID! Integrate facial recognition to door access systems to securely control and track employee and visitor entering offices and restricted facilities. Furthermore, optional U Alerts can automatically notify staff when visitors arrive.

  • Smart Factory

    Use facial recognition to control access to restricted areas and to machinery & equipment operation.

  • Smart Banking

    FaceMe® provides multiple anti-spoofing methods – through 3D/2D cameras and even web browser to avoid hacking with photos or videos, helping banking system integrators to build highly reliable smart banking solutions.

  • Smart Home

    By integrating with smart doorbells and locks, FaceMe® can recognize the face of a family member or a pre-registered visitor to grant access into your home.

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