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Vivid AI – The Best AI Street Photography App That Creates Unique Portraits

Last Updated on May. 24, 2024 – by CyberLink
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collage AI street photography photos generated with Vivid AI in different styles
collage AI street photography photos generated with Vivid AI in different styles

Street photography combines the ordinary with imagination, letting you use the world around you to create artistic shots. With AI, you push the limits of what you can capture in real life. It helps you try different ways to take natural photos, even if you're not the one taking the picture.

This photography style incorporates different elements like minimalism and color choices, and photographers can use it in various locations. Vivid AI’s features let you explore any take on street photography you want. We’ll show you how to experiment with all its styles and create your own AI street photography in just a few taps!

What Is AI Street Photography?

AI street photography uses lifestyle looks, filters, and machine learning to mimic the street photography style. Street photography gives you a fresh view of familiar places, and with AI, you can discover new locations beyond your reach. You can try different AI effects to match your vision, change your style and city, and create a whole new aesthetic.

Vivid AI — The Best AI Street Photography App

demonstrate 2 photos being turned into street photography in retro and cute styles with Vivid AI

Visit any street from NYC to Tokyo with Vivid AI’s AI Photography feature! The AI street photography app has tons of styles to try, so you can generate realistic street photography portraits using your own images.

With other features, like AI Scene, AI Background, and AI Sky, you can refine your backgrounds to make you feel like you’ve traveled the world without leaving your home city. Since Vivid AI is free for iOS and Android, you can create beautiful street photography from any device!

How To Generate AI Street Photography With Vivid AI

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Photography”

launcher of Vivid AI and highlight AI Photography feature icon

You can download Vivid AI in one tap from and Google Play or the App Store. Both versions have the same features to explore, so you can always access what you need for stunning AI street photography. Once you have the app, open it and choose the AI Photography feature from the main screen.

2. Choose a Photo of Yourself

Before you can see yourself in street photography style, you’ll need to choose a portrait of yourself for Vivid AI to transform. Make sure you choose a clear, high-quality photo, so the app can recreate it and apply your background and fashion accurately.

You need clear facial details, so avoid any hats, sunglasses, or other face coverings. Don’t use blurry images or photos with exaggerated facial expressions, since both can make it difficult for the app to create the best possible street photo.

3. Select a Style and Adjust the Effect

workflow of browning AI photography styles and adjusting the degree of the face to be similar to the reference image

Try 8 unique street backgrounds with the AI Photography feature to see which one suits your vibe the best. Each one has a different look for a unique city aesthetic, and you can refine both the source photo and the style if they’re not quite what you want. Just type in your prompt with the details you want to change, and Vivid AI will make it happen!

4. Wait for the Magic!

demonstrate 1 woman's photos being turned into street photography in 5 styles with Vivid AI

Tap to continue and wait for Vivid AI to create your new street photo! You can save the result to your device or share it straight to your favorite platform from Vivid AI. Just tap the icon for where you want to send it and show everyone a picture of you in your favorite city.

Discover Other AI Features That Transform Street Photography

Vivid AI does a lot more than generate street photography. You can use its other features to fine tune your AI Photography results or create something completely new. Try these tools to customize your portraits!

FAQs About AI Street Photography

1. Can I change the background of a street photograph?

With Vivid AI, it only takes one click to get a new background on your street photo. The app comes with lots of background features, including AI Scene to change your entire landscape, AI Background to transport you to any street, and AI Sky to replace only the sky.

2. Can AI create street photography?

Vivid AI has an AI Photography feature that transforms your portrait photos into street photography style. Add a picture of yourself and choose from Vivid AI’s many photo styles to get a clear, realistic image.

3. How can I use AI to edit a street photograph?

You can use Vivid AI and its AI image editing features to generate a new street photo or change your background. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Download Vivid AI and go to AI Photography.
  2. Select a photo of yourself.
  3. Choose your street photography style and adjust it with text prompts.
  4. Wait for Vivid AI to generate your street photography image!

4. What app is the best for creating AI street photography?

download Vivid AI to create AI street photography

Vivid AI has lots of tools for generating and refining AI street photos. With the AI Photography feature, you can choose a style and use a photo of yourself to create one from scratch in any city or interior style you want. With the AI Scene tool, you can match your style to your background, or change your entire backdrop with the AI Background tool. And, if you only want to switch up the sky, the AI Sky feature does it for you. Download Vivid AI for free to see how it can transform your portrait photos into AI street photography!

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