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10 Best Background Picture Creators. Get Unique Backgrounds in Seconds

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Creating your own wallpaper gives you a chance to show off who you are and put your artistic side on display. With a background picture creator, you get to explore different tools for customizing your phone and making it even more your own.

We put together 10 of the best wallpaper creators to narrow your search and simplify the way you test your apps. Keep reading to learn how each app works and find out which one is right for you!

What Is a Background Picture Creator?

With AI-powered features, background picture creators make adding a new background convenient. With them, you can create an artistic scene for your phone background, even if you don’t personally have any drawing or graphic design skills.

A wallpaper creator designs a background for you using text or photo prompts. You don’t need to pay for a new image or spend hours editing a photo when these apps can give you a completely new image in any style you choose. Some platforms let you download your creations for free, so you can switch out your background whenever you want.

Why Do Unique Backgrounds Matter?

Having a personalized phone background might not matter in the same way crafting the perfect social media aesthetic does, but it still makes a difference to your sense of style. A unique background shows off your preferences, personality, favorite things, and individuality.

You look at your phone’s wallpaper more than anyone else. Customizing it is something you do for yourself, so you want to enjoy seeing it when you unlock your phone.

How To Choose the Right Background Picture Creator

There are a few universal qualities you’ll want to look for in each background picture creator app, regardless of your personal design preferences. Keep these factors in mind as you search for the right one for you:

  • Features: Before you download a wallpaper creator app, check to see if it has the specific tools and AI styles you want.
  • Ease of use: Your app should be easy to navigate and make designing a new background simple, even if it has a lot of features.
  • Cost: Many background picture creator apps have premium options, but look for an app that balances price and quality so you get results you’re happy with at a reasonable cost.
  • Reviews: Knowing other people’s experiences with a wallpaper creator appand whycan help you decide whether the app is worth trying. Low ratings can help you rule out certain apps, while overwhelmingly positive feedback can influence your decision to download.

10 Best Background Picture Creator Apps in 2023

1. Vivid AI — The Best Background Picture Creator

Available: iOS/Android

Vivid AI comes with a variety of AI features to create the perfect phone background for you as the best wallpaper creator. Its many styles and prompt tools open your options beyond what most background creation apps can give you.


With the AI Scene tool, you can add a new landscape to your photos. It replaces the boring background with more exciting, imaginative scenery. You can prompt the AI with the look you want, and the app will automatically apply it without any manual edits.


The AI Background feature has 26 backgrounds in 7 styles that you can select for your photos. Revamp old photos or apply several different backgrounds to the same photo for variations on your favorite pics!


Prompt the app using the text-to-image feature if you don’t have a photo reference. Type in a description with themes, colors, objects, animals, and more to tell the AI what you want to see. Then, watch it bring your imagination to life in 10+ art styles you can choose from!


When you don’t want to replace your entire photo background, the AI Sky feature can keep everything you love about your scenery while setting the mood with a new sky. Add a sky full of twinkling stars, bring out the sun, or create a moody vibe with an overcast day in seconds.

Learn More AI Features of Vivid AI

2. PhotoDirector

Available: iOS/Android


PhotoDirector's AI Scene tool reimagines any photo you upload. With a high-quality image, you can use generative and static features to transform your image into 18+ new styles, including Fairy, Vector Art, Sunset, and Anime. There’s even a custom option where you can upload your own!


If you want to change the background behind your photo subject, the Background Art tool can automatically apply it when you select your style. PhotoDirector comes with everything from seasonal looks to magazine templates that make you look like a star as the all-in-one background picture creator.

Learn More Background Features of PhotoDirector

3. Canva

Available: iOS/Android

While you can edit images in Canva manually to create your wallpaper, the wallpaper creator app has more than that. Its AI generator’s text-to-image feature lets you describe the picture you want and choose your style. Then, it generates an image you can edit with the platform and use as your next phone background!

4. Fotor

Available: iOS/Android

Fotor is the background picture creator that works well for making colorful, seamless backgrounds for your photos. It works best if you want to replace the background in a specific photo, and you can describe the type of background you want before applying it to your image. It also has pre-made background patterns that you can save!

5. Photoleap

Available: iOS/Android

Photoleap generates detailed wallpapers using text-to-image technology. This wallpaper creator has many AI styles to get you started, including Anime, Realistic, and Cinema, making it great for matching your favorite fictional world. The only downside to this app is that it only gives you a 7-day free trial.

6. Pixlr

Available: iOS/Android

Pixlr has an AI Background tool that removes and replaces your background to make your photos look natural. But its image generator goes a step beyond some others by giving you stylized text and fonts. If anything, its background picture creator has too many options, letting you decide your image’s medium, style, output, and attributes, with at least seven choices for each section.

7. BeFunky

Available: iOS/Android

BeFunky uses photo references instead of text-to-image generation, which limits its range a little. Still, you can upload a photo, choose an art style, and see yourself as a sketch, painting, or mosaic. You can also remove your photo’s background and replace it with something more exciting before you make it your wallpaper with this background picture creator.

8. Picsart

Available: iOS/Android

Picsart’s AI Background Creator doesn’t just let you use text-to-image to generate your next wallpaper. You can edit it, too! First, upload the photo you want Picsart to generate a background for. Once it’s worked its magic, the Adjust button allows you to change your picture’s colors and add stickers to customize it even further.

9. Meitu

Available: iOS/Android

Meitu has beauty at its core, so its AI art generator can spruce up any photo you want to use as your wallpaper. It only generates three images, and you can’t choose your styles the way you can with other apps. Still, for a quick and simple filter enhancement, Meitu works for both portrait photos and landscape scenery.

10. VSCO

Available: iOS/Android

VSCO doesn’t have an AI art generator like the other apps on our list, but it can still transform your photos. Use its presets, filters, collages, and other editing tools to beautify your images and create a cohesive, chill vibe for your phone background.

Creating Wallpapers with the Best Background Picture Creator

1. Download Vivid AI

Vivid AI is free to download in the App Store or on Google Play Store so that you can access it on any of your devices. It has AI features that transform your phone background by generating new art every time you use it.

2. Choose From AI Tools To Make a Background Picture

First, decide whether you want to change a photo you already have or make a completely new one. The AI Scene tool beautifies your photo landscapes, adding a new effect and atmosphere to match your personality. You can also prompt the text-to-image tool and select from 10 art styles for a new image based on your description.


If you want to use your own photos and keep your subject the same, Vivid AI’s Background tool removes the current backdrop and replaces it with another one. Likewise, AI Sky only changes the sky while leaving the rest of your background the same. These tools can make a gloomy vacation sky a sunny paradise or turn a cluttered scene into an artistic portrait.

3. Adjust the Background Picture

When you’ve chosen your style, tap the Generate button. It takes a few minutes for Vivid AI to complete the request, so you can use other apps while you wait, and the app will let you know when it’s done.


Adjust the image to your liking to perfect it for your phone background. You can personalize it with many AI tools and styles, so don’t be afraid to get adventurous!

4. Save and Share!

Tap to download your image when it looks exactly how you want. Then, go to your phone settings to make it your new wallpaper. You can also send it to your friends from the app so they can immediately see your new style!

Tips for Creating Unique Backgrounds

You want your background to speak to you while setting you apart from typical designs. But that doesn’t have to mean making things complicated or typing elaborate descriptions into the generator. To create a unique background without spending a lot of time on it, try these tips:

  • Plan out your color palette before you start
  • Use artistic but readable fonts and lettering
  • Size your images correctly so they fit your screen
  • Pay attention to the composition and placement of your image

When it comes to generating your image, stick to simple but specific text prompts. That way, the AI has more freedom to create while being able to incorporate your core details. And, when you upload your image prompts, make sure they’re clean, high quality, and have a clear subject for the background picture creator app to work with.

FAQs About Background Picture Creators

1. Are Background Picture Creators Suitable for Beginners?

Wallpaper creators, like Vivid AI, are one of the easiest ways for beginners to generate a new look for their phone screens. They’re built for people who want a quick way to change their backgrounds to fit their new vibe.

2. Do I Need to Have Graphic Design Skills to Use These Background Picture Creators?

Since they use generative AI, background picture creators don’t require any Photoshop skills or editing knowledge. You just need to upload your photo or describe the image you want them to create, and the app will do the hard part for you.

3. Can I Use Background Pictures for Commercial Purposes?

For some AI apps , you can use generative AI for commercial use, but we don’t recommend it. AI images and text can bump your ranking down in search engine results, so it’s better to stick to personal use.

4. Are There Free Options For Background Picture Creator Apps?

Many wallpaper generators make you pay to use them, but Vivid AI’s free platform lets you explore and create tons of different images. You can try each of its AI features, including the text-to-image and AI Scene tools, for free.

5. How Do I Remove the Background From an Existing Image?

Use Vivid AI’s Background feature to swap out your old background for a new one seamlessly. The app has plenty of predesigned images to replace your old background with. Plus, its AI Sky tool can replace just the sky if you don’t want your whole background changed.

6. What is the Best Background Picture Creator?

While the best app varies based on your needs, we recommend Vivid AI. It’s free and easy to use, has tons of AI tools to try, and plenty of styles if you enjoy changing your wallpaper often.

Download Vivid AI — The Best Background Picture Creator


When it’s time for a new look for your phone, Vivid AI can create your background picture. Its user-friendly AI tools can change your background and generate images based on your descriptions alone. Download the best background picture creator free for iOS or Android to discover your new style!

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