How To Easily Make a YouTube Thumbnail That Attracts Clicks

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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How To Easily Make a YouTube Thumbnail That Attracts Clicks

Unless you’ve been hiding from the internet lately, you’ve probably noticed that video content is exploding in popularity across all channels. While many of your favorite social media channels are favoring video content over photo content, there’s one platform that has made video its #1 focus — YouTube! But having a great video isn’t all it takes to get views — you need a good thumbnail! Instead of relying on any old thumbnail that YouTube suggests, you’ll want to work in an app that can capture the best shot from your video. Which app is that, you ask? Look no further than Promeo.

Promeo — Best Free App To Create YouTube Thumbnails

Promeo allows you to create stunning designs with no effort. You can easily customize ready-to-use templates with the app’s features, and share them online to get more likes and followers via your YouTube videos.

Why Do I Need an App To Create YouTube Thumbnails?

The thumbnail image for your YouTube video should not be just a random still from your video — it should be carefully chosen with the goal of grabbing the attention of potential viewers. While YouTube will automatically generate a potential thumbnail, it’s better to select your own eye-catching YouTube thumbnail.

How To Make YouTube Thumbnails with Promeo

One of the best apps on the market as a YouTube thumbnail maker is none other than Promeo. With it, you can create YouTube thumbnails that really make your video stand out among the others. Keep reading to learn how it accomplishes that!

  1. Download Promeo
  2. Tap the “Thumbnail” Category
  3. Choose a YouTube Thumbnail Template
  4. Edit the YouTube Thumbnail Template
  5. Save the YouTube Thumbnail

1. Download Promeo — The Best Free YouTube Thumbnail Maker

Promeo - create compelling ads in the palm of your hand

First things first, you’ll need to download the Promeo app to get started. While Promeo is great for creating YouTube thumbnails, it also offers everything you need to make stunning and creative social media posts. With that in mind, it’s time to download the app! It’s free to download and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Tap the “Thumbnail” Category

Promeo - create compelling ads in the palm of your hand

From here, navigate to the Thumbnail category in the app, which is the 16:9 ratio. Should you want to work on another project, you’ll see the many other design options available in the Promeo app. There are 11 kinds of social media templates to choose from!

3. Choose a YouTube Thumbnail Template

Promeo - create compelling ads in the palm of your hand

Next up, select a thumbnail template. Users can choose from the over 200 YouTube thumbnail templates, or search by more specific keywords to find something that works for your video.

4. Edit the YouTube Thumbnail Template

Promeo - create compelling ads in the palm of your hand

Now it’s time to edit the template to your liking! You can replace the media using an image from your album or from the stock images in the app. From there, you can edit the text to change the font, text color, and much more. You can even remove unwanted subjects such as text, media, stickers, and decorations.

5. Save the YouTube Thumbnail

Promeo - create compelling ads in the palm of your hand

From there it’s time to save your YouTube thumbnail creation to share along with your video. After saving the result, users can save the thumbnail to their device’s album and upload it to YouTube as the thumbnail.

Top 3 Best Apps To Create YouTube Thumbnails on iPhone & Android

While Promeo is a great app for creating YouTube thumbnails, there are a few others that you could consider. Keep reading to learn more about them.

  1. Promeo
  2. PhotoDirector
  3. Thumbnail Maker: Banner Art

1. Promeo — The Premier Thumbnail Creating App

Promeo isn’t just great at creating YouTube thumbnails — it can support all the social media needs you have! Whether that’s an Instagram reel, a TikTok, or a tweet, Promeo can make it happen for you in just a few taps. Of course, the one that makes the biggest impact is the YouTube thumbnail.

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2. PhotoDirector — A Great All-Around Editor

PhotoDirector Logo

PhotoDirector is another good option for creating YouTube thumbnails. PhotoDirector is a photo editing app that offers you tons of special effects and collage templates to help you create YouTube thumbnail designs. You can use its modules to learn how to change backgrounds in photos, add filters to photos, make touch-ups to your photos, and add text to your images, all without any previous editing experience needed.

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3. Thumbnail Maker: Banner Art – Art Specifically for YouTube

Thumbnail Maker Logo

Thumbnail Maker: Banner Art is widely known as the easiest app for creating art and thumbnails for your YouTube videos. This app offers the perfect-sized image for a YouTube thumbnail, so you know that you’re getting the exact asset size you need.

FAQs about How To Make YouTube Thumbnails

1. Can I Make YouTube Thumbnails with an App?

When you’re exploring the concept of creating thumbnails for YouTube, it can be tough to know where to begin. But as the question suggested, there are several apps that can help you with this task! When you make YouTube thumbnails on your phone, you can take advantage of the many features of the apps on the market while also creating exactly what you need.

2. What Apps Do YouTubers Use To Create YouTube Thumbnails?

There are a handful of apps that enable you to create thumbnails for YouTube, such as Promeo, PhotoDirector, and Thumbnail Maker: Banner Art. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest going with Promeo, which can create thumbnails for YouTube, plus much more!

3. How To Make YouTube Thumbnails for Free on Phone?

Making a YouTube thumbnail with Promeo couldn’t be easier. Just download the Promeo app for either iOS or Android, then tap the Thumbnail category. From there, choose a YouTube thumbnail template, customize it to your liking, and save it to your device!

4. How To Add the Custom Thumbnail to My YouTube Video?

Once you have the thumbnail ready for your video, it’s time to add it! To do so, sign in to the YouTube Studio and select Content in the left menu. Click the video you’d like to edit and then click Upload thumbnail to create a custom video thumbnail from an image on your device. After that, just click Save.

5. What Is the Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker?

There are many great apps on the market that allow you to make YouTube thumbnails, but one stands out above the rest. With Promeo, you can create not only YouTube thumbnails but also plenty of other social media assets thanks to its extensive library of templates.

Download the Best Free Youtube Thumbnail Maker

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