Like Magic! Here's How to Look Taller in Every Photo

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No beauty standard should make you feel like you have to change your height in photos. But when you take a group shot, and you’re the only short one, or if that little black dress doesn’t lengthen your legs the way you thought it would, a body editor can give you extra height.

When you use PhotoDirector, you can lengthen your legs using its reshaping tools before you post your picture to Instagram. With these features, you can achieve the body you want with natural adjustments that won’t make you look over edited. Keep reading to learn how to look taller in your photos and gain confidence in sharing them!

PhotoDirector—The Best App to Make You Look Taller


PhotoDirector’s body reshaping tools make your legs look longer without warping your background or throwing you out of proportion. With the leg width and length tools, you can adjust how your lower body looks and refine your shape. And, if you want to make more dramatic changes, the height feature lets you customize the area you lengthen, so you can alter a specific area or your whole body at once.


Group photos aren’t off limits to PhotoDirector’s smart tools. Its multi-person mode detects how many people are in the photo and allows you to switch between them. Choose the person you want to edit, and when you’re done, jump to the next for seamless, personalized adjustments!


When you’re done making yourself taller, PhotoDirector has plenty of other body editing features to explore. Cinch your waist, enhance your hips, or go straight to the face reshape tools under Portrait mode. There, you can slim your jaw or change specific facial features, including your eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows to balance your face or correct any camera mistakes.

How to Look Taller in Photos with PhotoDirector

Candid photos don’t always make you look good, and even when you pose, the camera can warp your proportions. Lengthening your legs and body should bring out your natural body shape and enhance it when you show off your pictures. You can use some camera tricks to add height when you snap your pics or use these steps to learn how to get longer legs.

1. Download PhotoDirector and Tap “Edit”


You can search for PhotoDirector in the App Store or on Google Play Store to download it for free. You don’t need to permanently change your body to make it look the way you want in photos when you have PhotoDirector. It makes you look like your authentic self, even with minor changes to your appearance.

To start making those changes, tap Edit on the main screen. That will automatically open your photo album so you can take the next steps toward making yourself look taller.

2. Upload Your Photo

From your photo gallery, choose the photo you want to use to give yourself more height. You’ll need a full-length photo for this, and while you can edit just your body, your leg length plays a big role in making you seem taller. To get a better result, upload a photo with high resolution, as it will help the app detect your body more accurately.

3. Tap “Body Reshape” to Find “Height”


In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, tap Body Reshape. That brings you to PhotoDirector’s many body editing tools. While we don’t necessarily recommend using them all in the same photo, they each have their place in enhancing your look. For now, scroll to the end of the toolbar and find the Height tool.

4. Adjust the Reshape Area and Intensity


PhotoDirector’s Height feature gives you the freedom to customize where and how much you edit. When you open it, the editing area is set to the middle of your photo, so it may not be accurate to the part of your body you want to change.

Touch the arrows and move them up or down to adjust the height reshape area. You can keep it to your torso and hip areas or include your legs, too. Just remember that the tool will lengthen or shorten all of these areas equally, so it may work better for you to stick to your upper or lower body. To move both bars to include a specific area, touch and drag them both at the same time.

Once you’ve homed in on the area you plan to edit, drag the slider to the right to make yourself taller. Be careful of your surroundings when you do this since PhotoDirector will lengthen everything around you, too. That’s fine if you have a fairly neutral background since the app will adjust some things to look natural. However, if you’re in a group shot, make sure it doesn’t warp the people around you.

Check your edits against your original photo with the before and after button near the bottom of the screen. When you tap and hold it, it shows how much you’ve changed your image and gives you a better idea of how natural your edits look.

5. Save Edit

Tap the white checkmark to save your new height. Your edits may not look perfect yet, which is why PhotoDirector has so many other reshaping features to help you refine them.

Balance your body with tools to make your legs longer or change your arm thickness for more muscle. Then, give yourself some curves by enhancing your hips and bust and pulling your waist in for your ideal figure. You can even broaden your shoulders or use the Width tool to avoid looking unnaturally thin.

When you’re satisfied, save your photo and post it to your favorite social media platforms!

Try Reshaping Other Body Parts and Facial Features to Perfect Your Look

PhotoDirector lets you narrow down the area you edit with precise, adjustable tools. With them, you have almost no limit to how your body looks and the changes you can make. Each feature gives you a professional-level reshape so that no one will be able to tell that you edited your body at all. Try these tools to see how to get longer legs, stunning curves, and an elegant face.

A Pair of Slender Legs


When the cocktail dress doesn’t make your legs look long enough, PhotoDirector’s leg width and length editing tools come through for you. First, make your legs longer with the Length tool by dragging the slider to the right. Just like with the Height tool, this will lengthen the area around your legs, too, so don’t make the change too dramatic.

Lengthening your legs can sometimes make them look too thin compared to the rest of your body. Make them wider, or slim them further if you want to, by going to the Width tool. Moving the slider to the right gives you thicker thighs while the opposite direction slims them.

An Hourglass Body Shape


Beauty magazines and social media often tout the hourglass as the ideal body shape. These standards aren’t realistic for most people, and there are plenty of other shapes and sizes worth celebrating. With PhotoDirector’s waist, bust, and hip resize features, you can see how you’d look with any of them!

For each of these tools, the slider moves to the right or left, depending on what you want to enhance or slim. If you’re set on giving yourself an hourglass figure, go to the Waist tool and move the slider to the left to bring your waist in. Then, tap Resize and drag the slider to the right to enlarge your bust. Do the same with your hips, and you’ve got it!

Remember that you don’t have to use these tools to make your body look like someone else’s. It’s not only easier but more attractive to let them bring out your existing beauty and accentuate your favorite features.

Learn More About How to Shape Your Body on Photos

A Delicate Face


PhotoDirector’s Portrait Tools add another dimension to its reshaping features. The app zooms in on your face to let you edit individual parts of your face, from forehead to chin. Tap the area you want to edit and use the sliders to slim your face and chin, accentuate your jaw, and raise or lower your forehead.

Make your eyes bigger and adjust their spacing, or give yourself a strong eyebrow by changing their thickness. You can even make every part of your nose wider or smaller, edit your smile, and give yourself plump lips like a celebrity—without the surgery.

When you’ve reshaped your face to your liking, PhotoDirector’s retouch tools clear your skin with the skin smoother. Get rid of acne with the blemish remover and get rid of wrinkles for a younger-looking complexion.

Figure Out Other Portrait Tools of PhotoDirector:

How To Look Taller When Taking Photos

Even without a photo editing app, you can still make yourself look taller in your next picture. Try these tips to cut down on editing time by using your own photography tricks:

  • Shoot from Below: Taking a photo with an upward angle while still looking at the camera can add a few inches. This angle lengthens your legs, and the lowered camera condenses your upper body slightly.
  • Improve Your Posture: Slouching automatically shortens you, so when you want to add height, sit or stand straighter!
  • Use Your Environment: Sometimes, standing on steps or a raised platform can add height and make you look taller compared to your surroundings. If you have a busy background, stand closer to the camera to make it look like the buildings, trees, and other objects around you are smaller.
  • Make Your Outfit Do the Work: Some types of clothing make you look taller, like a maxi dress or high-waisted jeans. Heels also make for a quick and easy trick to boost your height.

FAQs about How to Look Taller

1. What Is the Trick to Looking Taller in Pictures?

Dressing in high-waisted clothing with a longer bottom than the top makes your legs seem longer, and you can use your surroundings to add even more height. Take your photo with the camera at a lower angle, and make sure you straighten your spine and stand up tall! Last but not the least, get a photo editing app to perfect your figure!

2. What App Makes You Look Taller and Slimmer?

Plenty of photo editing apps can make you look taller and slim your legs, but PhotoDirector is the most realistic. Its smart tools let you choose what and how much you change, and it automatically detects different parts of your body for a more accurate edit.

3. How Can I Get Longer Legs in Pictures?

Using PhotoDirector’s leg length tool, you can drag the slider to make your legs longer. The tool focuses on lengthening the lower part of your leg, so be careful of overediting to keep things in proportion.

4. How Can I Make My Eyes Look Bigger?

With the face reshape tools in PhotoDirector, you can make your eyes larger by changing their overall size, height, and width. You can edit both eyes at once or edit each one individually.

Download PhotoDirector: The Best App to Make You Look Taller


With PhotoDirector, you don’t have to be the shortest person in the group picture. Its height and leg lengthening tools are the easiest ways to make yourself look taller in photos, and you don’t need to have advanced editing skills to use them. You get a natural, seamless appearance every time, and you have the freedom to change any part of your face or body.

PhotoDirector also comes with other tools to improve your photos and create new images using AI. Put together a collage of your favorite memories with its templates, or replace your photo background in seconds with artistic scenery. You can instantly beautify your photos with the AI Enhance tool or turn yourself into a cartoon with the AI Avatar and AI Anime tools. Download PhotoDirector to see all of these different versions of you!

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