Design With Pride in LGBTQ+ Month: Every Detail You Need to Know

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Y2K style design to fit LGBTQ month
Y2K style design to fit LGBTQ month

Showing your support for LGBTQ+ communities doesn't start with design, but it does speak to your followers. Sharing a design for LGBTQ+ Month is a fun way to share that support, whether you do it with makeup, a collage, or other art that uses different Pride flag colors.

With PhotoDirector, you can include Pride-themed elements in your designs using templates, backgrounds, and more. It gives you plenty of freedom to express yourself with your own Pride creations, whether you want to incorporate the bisexual flag colors or put together your favorite memories from your local Pride celebration. Keep reading to get some tips on how to use PhotoDirector to design with Pride this year.

The Historical Evolution of LGBTQ+ Pride Design

When you think of the Pride flag, you probably think of the rainbow design created in 1978 by Gilbert Baker. Harvey Milk, California's first openly gay elected official, requested he make it, and it debuted in June of that year.

While it all started with the rainbow flag, people of different identities across the LGBTQ+ spectrum now have dozens of flags to represent their identities, from bisexual to asexual to transgender designs. While not everyone likes a label, many people find folks who share their identities by wearing or displaying the flag that matches who they are.

The Rainbow Flag: More Than Just Colors

Since its creation, the Pride flag has been a symbol to represent LGBTQ+ identities and the social movements for equality throughout history. Over time, the Pride flag has evolved, adding black and brown stripes to recognize Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) who face discrimination in LGBTQ+ spaces. It also honors the lives of BIPOC who have played a major role in furthering LGBTQ+ rights.

Recently, the flag also added a yellow triangle with a purple circle to include the intersex community. The rainbow flag and all the other Pride flag designs give many people a sense of belonging within the LGBTQ+ communities.

PhotoDirector — Best AI Photo App for LGBTQ+ Month

When you want to show off your flag or create designs during LGBTQ+ Pride Month, PhotoDirector has the best photo editing tools to help you. From AI background features to collage tools that let you collect all your memories, the app lets you join in the Pride celebration in your own way. Plus, PhotoDirector is free to download for iOS and Android, so you can create from any device.

  • Swap Faces To Join the Pride Month Celebration

    a man put on makeup with PhotoDirector for LGBTQ month

    Have fun with your friends and become part of the parade with PhotoDirector's AI Face Swap feature. Even if you can't walk in your city's Pride parade, you can swap your face out and apply it to your friend's, so you can be part of the photos. Upload any LGBTQ+ Pride image you want, and PhotoDirector will automatically detect the faces and make the switch for you.

Tips and Tricks for Designing With LGBTQ+ Pride

a man put on makeup with PhotoDirector for LGBTQ month

Before you create your art for LGBTQ+ Pride Month, it helps to keep some basic design tips in mind. Try using color theory and added elements to make your art the best it can be.

  • Using Color Theory To Create Impactful Designs

Even in a rainbow design, color theory matters. Each color has a different meaning within the flag, and they all trigger different emotions and responses on their own. When you include Pride colors, try using elements that complement them and make your design pop.

  • Balancing Text and Visuals for Clear Messaging

When you add text to your design, you want it to convey a clear message without overwhelming your visual elements. Make sure your text doesn't cover anything important, and use a readable font that complements the overall aesthetic of your work.

How To Create Respectful Pride Art

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Month goes beyond making pretty art. Your Pride creations should show how you genuinely support these communities, whether through branding, merch, or social media. Here are a few suggestions for making Pride art that connects with people.

  • Business Branding

Before you create your branding, make sure you know what Pride means and show your customers that you're not just taking advantage of an opportunity to make money with LGBTQ+ designs. Consider donating through your business to an LGBTQ+ organization or finding ways to contribute to LGBTQ+ spaces in your community.

  • Pride-Themed Merch

When creating merch, make sure you do your research and understand what your community wants. You can use Pride colors in creative ways in your merch, and don't be afraid to go beyond the rainbow flag! Being inclusive of multiple LGBTQ+ identities shows the community that you're learning about them and representing multiple identities in your business.

  • Social Media and Digital Platforms

This month, use your social and online presence to connect with your LGBTQ+ followers. You can use PhotoDirector to put together educational posts, resources, and quotes that highlight why Pride Month is important.


FAQs About Design for LGBTQ+ Pride Month

1. Why is LGBTQ+ month significant?

During this month, we celebrate LGBTQ+ identities, honor the work that has been done for equality, and recognize how far we still have to go. It also offers an opportunity for people to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, donate to LGBTQ+ organizations, and create spaces in more communities for queer and transgender people to thrive.

2. How can I get involved in LGBTQ+ month?

There are plenty of ways to participate in LGBTQ+ Pride Month, whether you're a business or just one person. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use PhotoDirector to create Pride designs
  • Post educational resources on social media
  • Do your makeup using Pride colors
  • Swap your face to not miss the parade
  • Create a collage with memories from Pride
  • Donate to an LGBTQ+ charity or fundraiser
  • Host a Pride-themed gathering in your shop

3. What are some design tips for LGBTQ+ Pride Month?

When you're creating your Pride designs, using color theory and complementary colors will make sure your design catches your followers' attention. Plus, adding text along with your visuals can clarify your message and balance your design.

4. What can I use for LGBTQ+ Pride Month Designs?

If you're using PhotoDirector for your business, you can create new branding for Pride Month in the form of a logo or packaging. Think about making Pride merch, too, since it will show people you're paying attention to what the LGBTQ+ community wants and providing representation. And, whether you're a business, an influencer, or just want to get involved, you can post resources and information on social media to educate people on LGBTQ+ identities and issues.

5. Is there a recommended app to design for Pride Month?

PhotoDirector is free to download, and it has plenty of features to get you ready for Pride Month. Try its collage tool, backgrounds, and makeup features to get creative in how you express your identity and support this month. PhotoDirector also gives you a 7-day free trial for all its paid features, and you can use its generative AI photo editing tool to enhance any image.

6. What can I design for LGBTQ+ Pride with PhotoDirector?

PhotoDirector lets you change your background and add Pride designs using its AI Background feature. You can put together a collage with up to 6 photos using its Pride-themed templates, or do your makeup before the parade with everything from colorful eyeshadow to perfectly sculpted brows. And, if you can't go to Pride in person or wish you could join the parade, the face swap feature lets you join virtually.

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