How To Create Facebook Ads With the Best Template App

Last Updated on Mar. 5, 2024 – by David Morgan
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How To Create Facebook Ads With the Best Template App

If you're looking to grow your business and scale sales, odds are you're running Facebook ads. Creating Facebook ads is easy, but you can't just create an ad and hope for the best. You need to know your audience, message, and goal before you get started. When it comes to Facebook ads, video is one of the most engaging formats. But, instead of learning video software or hiring a company to do it, you can use Promeo's best Facebook ad templates to wow your audience and boost your engagement. Keep reading to learn how to make Facebook ads using Promeo.

How To Create Facebook Ads With Promeo

With Promeo, you can create powerful Facebook ads to market and grow your business, using creative video templates straight from your phone! Here are steps for how to create Facebook ads in just a few clicks with Promeo:

  1. Download Promeo To Create Facebook Ads
  2. Choose Templates From the Facebook Video Category
  3. Apply Your Brand Kit
  4. Edit to Make Facebook Ads
  5. Save and Export Your Facebook Ads As Videos

Step 1 - Download Promeo To Create Facebook Ads

The first step is the easiest. Download Promeo to your phone. Available for free on iOS and Android, Promeo is easy-to-use and comes with tons of Facebook ad templates to choose from.

Step 2 - Choose Templates From the Facebook Video Category

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

Not all video ads are created the same way. To start, open Promeo on your phone and head to the Facebook Video category. There you'll find tons of professionally designed video templates based on your message, audience, and goals.

Step 3 - Apply Your Brand Kit

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

Promeo lets you apply your brand colors, logo, font styles, and more to further customize your Facebook ad. Update your Brand Kit and choose:

  • Your default logo
  • Your brand colors: Promeo will match colors automatically to your logo. You can also select the colors manually.
  • Your brand fonts: There are two kinds of fonts you can set – Heading and Body Text. You can choose the same font for consistency or apply different fonts to add variety to your Facebook ads.

These will always be available to change and edit in the Settings option.

Step 4 - Edit to Make Facebook Ads

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

Once you are happy with the template, it's time to edit the colors and media to match your preferences. With Promeo, you can:

  • Replace the colors to match your brand
  • Add text and images from your photo album or choose from stock footage
  • Add stickers, animated elements, and other effects
  • Change the music
  • Change the colors to match your brand's color palette
  • Add scenes or arrange scenes if needed

Step 5 - Save and Export Your Facebook Ads As Videos

Promeo - create compelling ads into the palm of your hand

With Promeo, you can preview the final video before publishing. Once you're happy with the result, export your Facebook ad as a video, and it's ready to be uploaded to your Facebook ads campaign!

Why Promeo Is the Best Choice To Create Facebook Ads

Trying to master the art of creating Facebook ads can be tedious and tiring for many, especially when you're trying to run a business. Promeo makes it easier than ever to start creating Facebook ads from templates. Here are just some of the many ways Promeo makes it easy to create Facebook ads in a few minutes:

  • Dozens of professionally designed templates to choose from
  • Easy-to-edit features that produce professional-looking ads
  • Stock images, footage, and music available to elevate your videos
  • The brand kit automatically adjusts the templates to match your brand colors
  • Easy-to-use interface to create video ads quickly

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3 Best Apps To Make Facebook Ads

There are many innovative apps designed specifically for creating social media ads. Here are our top three apps to make Facebook ads.

1. Promeo — The Best Facebook Ad Creator With Various Templates

Promeo, available for iOS and Android, is the perfect Facebook ad maker tool for those who have no idea where to start or what to do. It's simple, easy to use, and very convenient. Choose from tons of templates professionally designed to help you transform your videos and images into showstopping ads in seconds. You can easily create Facebook ads and start quickly without learning complex editing software.

2. Ripl — A Facebook Ads Creator App With Ready-to-Use Templates

Ripl, available for iOS and Android, specializes in creating 10-second, looping videos perfect for Facebook ads. It's a free tool that lets you easily edit and create these short videos. If you're looking to make quick, short loops for your Facebook ads, Ripl is a great option.

3. Video Ad Maker — A Quick Tool To Make Facebook Ads

Video Ad Maker is only available for Android users. The app allows you to create custom ads for Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube that can include photos and graphics with your own voiceover or music. You can also use the app to create an animated GIF by uploading multiple photos that you arrange into one image. While the app has many features, not all are available in the free version.

Download Promeo — The Quickest Tool to Make Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are necessary to keep growing your business and scaling your sales. Download Promeo for iPhone and Android today to get started.

FAQs About Facebook Ads

1. What Is the Best Way To Create Facebook Ads?

The best way to create Facebook ads is by using templates. Many video editing apps have numerous cool templates to create Facebook ads in seconds. Promeo is one of the best Facebook ad creators specifically for small business owners running promotions on Facebook.

2. How To Create Facebook Ads For Free?

Get started by downloading a free Facebook ad maker app like Promeo. Many video editing apps come with Facebook ad templates to help you create engaging ads in seconds.

3. What Is the Best App To Create Facebook Ad Videos?

Many apps help you create Facebook ads, but the best one is Promeo. The app offers brand kit features to match templates with your brand's colors, stock footage, music capabilities, and tons of additional tools to help elevate your brand. Promeo is the best app for creating Facebook ad videos.

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