PowerDirector: The Best Video Cartoonizer to Apply Cartoon Effects on Photos for Android Users

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Now is the perfect time to turn yourself into a cartoon character! The TikTok anime filter trend has taken off with cartoon photo and video styles for any aesthetic. A video cartoonizer, like PhotoDirector, lets you join the trend with lots of anime and cartoon styles that give you a whole new look while staying true to your real-life image. With a video cartoonizer app, you can cartoonize photos and videos without any animation or drawing skills.

PowerDirector lets you instantly turn faces  into cartoons and share them with your friends and followers with a few quick taps. Choose from different art styles and post your anime videos on TikTok to show off a new look every time. Keep reading to learn how to cartoonize photos and videos and how easy it is to use PhotoDirector for all your video editing needs!

The Benefits of Using PowerDirector To Create Cartoonized Photos

PowerDirector upgrades your typical photos and videos with artistic flair when you use its cartoonize photo feature. With so many different art styles available, you can add excitement to any photo or video. When you use this tool to improve your photos and videos, you’ll get benefits like:

  • Creating captivating images that draw your audience’s attention
  • More engaging content that keeps your audience’s interest
  • Increased views on your photos and videos
  • Higher audience engagement
  • Boosted follower count as more people discover your cartoonized photos and videos

By combining visually interesting images with valuable content, more people will continue to find and watch your videos long after you first post them. Cartoonizing your photos and videos gives you the perfect balance between consistency and variation too. In other words, you appear on screen, but with the cartoon effect from PowerDirector, you can change your look every time so you and your viewers don’t get bored.

Turning your face into a cartoon with PowerDirector can also help boost your confidence in appearing on screen. For a lot of people, showing their face online can feel vulnerable. With the cartoon effect, you still look like yourself while protecting your privacy, covering up a breakout, or giving yourself some confidence on a day when you’re not feeling your best in front of the camera.

Key Features of PowerDirector: The Best Video Cartoonizer for Android

With PowerDirector’s video cartoonizer, you can always add more fun to your shots. PowerDirector has an impressive collection of tools and features as the best all-in-one video editing app for Android. You can edit your photos and videos in seconds with its powerful platform and get professional-looking video edits without any advanced video editing knowledge.

Even if you’ve never used a video editing app before, PowerDirector lets you jump right in. Its user-friendly platform helps you cartoonize your photos in just three steps. Plus, you can find any tools you want to use in the app in the accessible toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

With over 20 AI anime effect styles, you can always find a new one to try. PowerDirector’s AI styles let you choose the one that best fits your photo or video and change up your look whenever you want something new for your online aesthetic.

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

PowerDirector makes your edits with stunning speed and performance. It livens up ordinary photos and videos and turns them into beautiful, eye-catching anime shots in seconds without the need for manual edits.

As the best video cartoonizer for Android, aside from turning your face into cartoon, PowerDirector has plenty of other tools for you to perfect your photos and videos. The green screen lets you change the look of your background with its chroma key, blending modes, and masking for quick background replacement. Its stabilize video tool gets rid of shakiness in your videos, and with the change voice feature, you can adjust how you sound and create different voices in your videos, even if you’re the only one speaking. PowerDirector has even more features to explore and experiment with in your videos to help you create the perfect shot!

How To Use PowerDirector To Turn Your Face Into a Cartoon

It only takes a few steps to become your own unique cartoon character with PowerDirector. This free app has a wide selection of styles that you can explore with its AI Effect feature, and it adds a more attractive look to your photos and videos without any special video editing skills. Follow these steps to turn your face into cartoon videos!

1. Download PowerDirector

PowerDirector is available for free in the Google Play Store for Android devices. Use the search bar to find the app, and tap the download button to get it on your phone.

Once it’s done downloading, open the app. From there, you can get started with choosing your photo or video and exploring PowerDirector’s extensive selection of editing features, including its cartoonize photo AI styles.

2. Tap AI Effect

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

On the app’s main page, instead of uploading a new project right away, tap the AI Effect button at the top of the screen. With this feature, you don’t have to do any extra work to create the AI cartoon effect you want in your photo or video. It’s possible to cartoonize photos without the AI effect with other apps, but that involves a lot more manual editing and is more complicated than this three-step process.

Tapping the AI Effect button will bring up your projects gallery. Choose the photo or video you want to cartoonize from the list, which will bring you to the next screen where you can start the real process with the app’s cartoonize photo and video features.

This method of creating AI anime videos from photos only works with the Android version of PowerDirector. While you can get PowerDirector for iOS, too, the process is a little different — but just as easy!

3. Choose from 20+ Cartoon Styles

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

PowerDirector has more than 20 AI effect styles and animated layers to choose from when you turn your face into cartoons. You can find each option by scrolling through the app’s AI features to find effects like:

  • Gold fireworks
  • Cartoon birthday effects
  • Film reels
  • Emojis
  • Stars
  • Torn paper that reveals a cartoon face
  • Lightning

Some of these animated effects support using two anime clips at the same time, so you can choose two different ones and layer them in your image. That gives you a more creative and specific aesthetic that you can mix with each photo or video or use to make your own signature vibe.

You can test different cartoon filters on your photos and videos before you save the one you like best. PowerDirector gives you plenty of room to explore its many filters to help you decide which one you like most on your images.

4. Import Your Clip, Save & Share Your Video

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

When you import your photo or video to PowerDirector, the app will turn your face into a cartoon in no time. You don’t have to do anything after you choose your AI cartoon video filter but watch the transformation happen!

Then, export your video to your Android in up to 4K quality. PowerDirector has lots of save options for your video, so you can save it in several formats, including AVI, MPEG-2, Windows Media, and more.

You can also select your bitrate to ensure you get the highest quality video resolution when you upload your video to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. PowerDirector’s options make it the best choice for every platform, whether you’re making a Reel or a quick IG story.

FAQs about Cartoonizing Photos

1. What Is a Video Cartoonizer?

A video cartoonizer is the easiest way to cartoonize your photos or videos. You can create anime videos of yourself with a cartoonizing app like PowerDirector, which allows you to upload your images and use its cartoon photo and video effects for a new look.

With a video cartoonizer, you can create more engaging videos that make your audience want to interact with you more. Video cartoonizer apps help you not only get eyes on your videos but get more followers who want to interact with you and your videos.

Cartoonizing your images makes them more appealing to viewers, and it allows you to keep your privacy on social media without totally hiding your face. Plus, it adds an artistic look to your images that, without a video cartoonizer, you’d have to learn animation or more extensive video editing skills to create on your own.

2. How Many Cartoon Effects Can I Choose in PowerDirector To Cartoonize Photos?

PowerDirector has more than 20 cartoon effects for you to turn faces into a cartoon style. Some of its animated effects support using multiple effects at once, so you can layer two over one image for a more exciting effect. Each cartoon video effect has a unique look, so you can create bursting fireworks and stars, cartoon and anime art, lightning, photo footage, and other effects.

Along with PowerDirector’s cartoon effects, you can use the app’s other features to enhance your photos and videos even further. It has green screen effects, a voice changer, quality adjustment tools, and more to allow you to turn your photo or video into anything you want. As an all-in-one video editing app, its tools make it easier than ever to make any edits you need in one place, even if you’re a beginner.

3. What Are the System Requirements for PowerDirector’s Cartoonize Photo Feature?

PowerDirector is available for iOS and Android, but its tools work a little differently with each OS. The anime effect described in this article and the steps to get it are only supported on Android.

With the Android version, you can choose the AI effect option before you even upload your photo. Then, select your cartoon effect and let PowerDirector do the rest of the work.

If you’re an iOS user, you can still get anime effects on your phone! To cartoonize your photo with your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Download PowerDirector free for iOS from the App Store.
  2. Tap the New Project button to upload your photo to the app.
  3. Choose the AI Art button at the bottom of the app screen.
  4. Select the AI art style you want to add to your photo.
  5. Use other AI effects from PowerDirector to personalize your photo to your aesthetic.
  6. Save your photo and upload it to your favorite social media platform!

Each version of the app lets you make the same custom edits to your images. Plus, you can still access PowerDirector’s other in-depth video editing tools to create the exact look you want.

4. Is It Free To Cartoonize Photos with PowerDirector?

Yes! PowerDirector is free to download for iOS and Android, and both versions let you turn your face into cartoon photos and videos with no payment required.

PowerDirector does have a premium version, though you don’t need it to get extensive tools and features with the app. Premium has more tools and effects than the free version, including AI cartoon effects. That said, you have plenty of cartoonizing options with the free version to get your favorite art style in your shots. The premium version only broadens your video editing opportunities, even beyond turning your face into anime.

5. What Is the Best Video Editing App To Cartoonize Photos?

As the first and best anime video editing app, PowerDirector has more video editing features than any other app. Its cartoonizing features do more than give your photos and videos a fun new look. When you use its cartoon photo and video tools, you also:

  • Boost viewership for your videos
  • Make more engaging videos that people want to share
  • Create a friendly persona that others feel comfortable interacting with
  • Form a recognizable social media personality
  • Increase your follower count

Along with PowerDirector’s AI style effects, its other tools can help increase your views and grow your following. With its video templates, keyframe controls, high resolution options, and precise tools for video editing, you have a variety of ways to experiment within the app and add all the special effects you need to impress your viewers.

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