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Best Audio Editing Software for Beginners & Pros in 2021

Last Updated on Apr. 15, 2021 – by David Morgan
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Best Audio Editing Software for Beginners & Pros in 2021

What kinds of audio projects are you working on? Are you recording and editing live music? Creating scripted or interview podcasts? Sound designing a short film or YouTube video? All of these require an audio editing software. Even if you're solely a visual creator, you may think you won't need to invest in an audio editor. However, visual and audio go hand in hand. You'll find no downside to adding effective audio editing software to your toolset. Quality audio production can make or break a project in many ways. If you're looking to start polishing your audio recordings, we've done the legwork and compiled for you a list of our top five choices of audio editing software for beginners & pros in 2021.

What Makes a Great Editor?

Audio editing spans a variety of creative endeavours all with their own challenges. The best audio editors enable users to produce high quality audio tracks for whatever kind of project they are working on. From recording multiple instruments, editing an audio book, adding effects while sound designing a video or mixing a panel interview. This means the best audio editors should present an all-in-one audio editing solution that provides multitrack recording, mixing, and digital audio clip editing. It should provide a range of audio effects as well as mixing capabilities to enhance the quality of each recording.

What Should You Look for in a Great Editor?

An ideal audio editor should do more than just record and move sound files around. It should render support for a wide range of audio files and formats and adhere to common broadcast standards. Additionally, an audio editor that offers a simple workflow and interface can significantly reduce the time it takes to navigate the software. For those interested in the best user experience, interface, and features AudioDirector is our #1 choice for audio editing software. You can download AudioDirector here to give it’s wide array of audio editing benefits a try.

Our Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software List

Selecting the right audio editor can be tricky. Among the many choices on the market, each has its own set of features to offer. Since your needs and budget may vary, we've included a mix of audio editing software in our review, from basic editors to professional music production solutions. Here is our list of what we believe to be the top 5 best audio editing software:

1. AudioDirector

Are you looking for an all-in-one audio editing solution? If so, look no further than AudioDirector, a product from CyberLink. AudioDirector will aid your sound creation with various editing, mixing, and audio restoration methods. It can help you record and mix every sound seamlessly. The software works smoothly with its video editing counterpart software, PowerDirector, allowing you to shift easily between projects.

Clean Feature Layout and Easy Recording

Have you ever had difficulty navigating software? AudioDirector presents a clean feature layout that makes it easy and intuitive to navigate. This makes recording multiple tracks, or rearranging and trimming clips a breeze. AudioDirector is by far the most beginner friendly software on this list.

Robust AI Tools

AudioDirector's AI tools such as AI Wind Removal and AI DeReverb make it easy to create pristine audio tracks distraction free no matter your recording environment. You can even adjust the volume or remove vocals from produced music tracks with Vocal Balance and Removal.

Effect Combos

Effect combos are another cool feature of AudioDirector. There’s a large range of effects including chorus, echo, radio, and even delays you can combine. You can also easily create effect combos to apply multiple effects side-by-side to get that specific blend of sound you're seeking.

Restoration Tools

Various restoration tools are available in AudioDirector such as Noise Reduction and Hiss/Hum/Plosive Removal. You can use these tools to create clean, distraction-free audio tracks.

Integration with PowerDirector

It is worth mentioning that the same award-winning team developed AudioDirector and PowerDirector, which is why the two programs work seamlessly together. You can easily import and export changes to projects between programs. Both are available in Director Suite 365 the complete editing suite for content creators. It’s the best solution for all your video, photo, color, and audio editing needs.

  • Punch and roll recording to easily fix mistakes
  • Transformer and vocal contouring to help you get notes just right
  • Built-in sound library of categorized sound effects

With all these unique features, it is safe to say that AudioDirector is a superior offering for aspiring sound designers. AudioDirector's excellent price-to-performance ratio means that beginners should most definitely try it out since the performance it delivers is worth its affordable price. If you're a podcaster it’s the best podcast software in town.

Free Download
For Windows 7 (64-bit) or later Secure Download

2. Logic Pro

Logic Pro Interface

Logic Pro is Apple’s professional sound editor best suited for music. It has a diverse range of plugins and comes with myriad features. Here are some of its pros and cons.

  • Features such as Flex Time and Flex Pitch can improve the pitch and timing of musical beats with little effort.
  • Its advanced recording techniques can help you compile your audio files quickly.
  • The versatile tool enables you to hide icons and handles conveniently.
  • It comes with thousands of pre-recorded samples that you can use free of charge.
  • The software is designed for professionals, which beginners may find challenging.
  • It is Mac-only.

Many people feel that they lack the technical expertise to work with Logic Pro since it's geared more towards learned professionals. Hence, it becomes a limited tool for those who don't have previous knowledge of audio editing software.

3. Samplitude Pro

Samplitude Pro Interface

Samplitude Pro offers sophisticated editing functionality for pros looking to up their game. Here are some of its pros and cons.

  • A modern new look, Samplitude Pro offers a sound library and a good spectral editing feature.
  • The interface allows users to manage windows efficiently and provides a manual to eliminate the hassle of searching on the internet to learn how to do something.
  • The software is expensive.
  • Samplitude can become a bit sluggish as you work with it—the processor can't keep up with complex tracks if you have chosen multiple options.
  • At times, the tool becomes unresponsive, which is a major buzzkill.
  • Steep learning curve.

4. Steinberg Cubase Pro

Steinberg Cubase Pro Interface

Another major audio editor software, Steinberg, also has a lot to offer. Here are some of its pros and cons.

  • Steinberg is intuitive and has advanced editing techniques as well as recording and mixing
  • A flexible tool to handle, it offers excellent audio quality
  • The software isn't as feature-rich as the other tools and often lags behind when it comes to consistent updates
  • Steinberg's copy-protection scheme can be irritating, and its use of an eLicenser USB dongle is a significant drawback
  • Despite a smooth workflow, few unique or distinguishing capabilities set Steinberg Cubase Pro apart from its competitors

5. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition Interface

A part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Audition is ideal for experts with years of knowledge and experience with audio editing since it requires high technical knowledge. Here are some of its pros and cons.

  • Single and multitrack recording
  • Adaptive noise reduction that detects undesirable sound
  • Option to save frequently-used actions and keep them a click away
  • Comprehensive toolkit with advanced features such as background noise reduction and speech volume leveler
  • A limited editing experience compared to others
  • High subscription cost compared to other solutions
  • Lack of music functionality makes it unsuitable for music producers
  • Too complex for many beginners to understand

Comparison Chart

Here is a chart offering a quick comparison of the audio editing software and how they fare against each other:

software comparison


Logic Pro
Samplitude Pro
Steinberg Cubase Pro
Adobe Audition
Price $129.99 $199.99 $399.99 $239.88/yr $239.88/yr
Free Version - - -
Subscription Plan - -
Audio Tracks 100 Unlimited 999 Unlimited 128
Effects 25 58 37 90 50
Pitch Correction -
Mixer View

Make Your Creative Projects Stand Out with the Best Audio Editing Software

Now that we have described the highlights as well as some drawbacks of the five best among audio editing software, which one can you see yourself using?

While every software program we mention here works well and delivers professional-level results, AudioDirector edges out the competition because of its wide range of robust tools, features, and effects. From its AI and vocal contouring features to its extensive sound library and restoration tools, Cyberlink's AudioDirector is a standout choice.

In conjunction with Cyberlink's PowerDirector video editing software, AudioDirector would serve you well with your audio and video editing needs from your beginning weeks as a YouTuber all the way through your growth into a professional sound mixer and editor. This product possesses the tools you need for the long term, and we believe it can prove to be a great stepping stone on your way to the big leagues.

Whether a musical score for videos or sound effects for video games, AudioDirector can handle your needs no matter what kind of projects you aim to work on. It's a top-notch digital audio workstation you should try if you're looking for unbeatable value.

You can download it here, learn its secrets, and get to work right away developing, improving, and editing some fantastic music and audio.

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