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4 Best Slideshow Maker Apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

Last Updated on Jul. 8, 2021 – by David Morgan
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Best Slideshow Maker Apps for all plateforms

Sharing photos of special events with friends and family can make the most memorable occasions even more special. From shooting weddings with a high-quality DSLR to snapping pictures with your phone on vacation, you want to capture and relive each moment.

An agile slideshow maker app can help you return to the energy and excitement of that special occasion or dream vacation.

Or it can help you create an attention grabbing presentation for work. Something that will get your colleagues excited in your next meeting or persuade potential clients you’re the right choice at your upcoming convention.

Unfortunately, finding the best slideshow maker comes with its fair share of challenges.

Making a customized slideshow can take a considerable amount of time if the app you’ve chosen doesn’t provide you with easy drag-and-drop capability, advanced formatting options, and effortless transitions.

We’ve researched and reviewed the top five slideshow apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

Read on for our top five slideshow maker picks, or end your search now and download our favorite slideshow app, PowerDirector from CyberLink.

Top 4 Slideshow Apps

1. PowerDirector - The Best Choice on Windows & Mac

PowerDirector’s user-friendly interface for Windows and Mac makes it the top choice for creators who enjoy editing on a PC or laptop. Whether you want to apply advanced video effects to create a Hollywood-style movie, or share a family slideshow, PowerDirector’s comprehensive video editing suite can handle all your video creation needs. This is why PCMag named it Video Editor of the Year.

If all you're interested in is making slideshows you will love the specially designed Slideshow Creator in PowerDirector. You won’t have to bother with timeline or storyboard editing and can jump right into creating from the launch screen. The whole creation process is streamlined within the plug-in and it walks you through each step.

The free slideshow maker comes equipped with hundreds of transitions, video effects, and themed slideshow templates from which to choose. Apply titles and design packs that will transport your friends and family back to special moments together, or choose from thousands of royalty-free songs to capture the mood and excite your viewers.

Professionals may also choose to use PowerDirector to create compelling corporate slideshows for meetings, professional showcases, and industry conventions instead of generic slides and boring text. With a vast library of ShutterStock photos, videos, sound effects, and music available, you can guarantee a powerful presentation that your colleagues won’t forget.

Best Features:
  • Specially designed Slideshow Creator for quick assembly
  • Hundreds of transitions and video effects updated monthly
  • Large selection of customizable video templates
  • Free ShutterStock library of photos, music, videos, and sounds
Best app of 2020
PowerDirector logo

Download PowerDirector for FREE and see why PC Mag named it the Best Video Editing Software in the industry.

Try it on iPhone & Android

PowerDirector’s streamlined video editing and slideshow app includes all the tools you need to create professional-quality slideshows. Easily add your photos and video clips onto the mobile timeline editor to compare different image effects and styles before choosing the perfect theme for your photos.

After you pick a unique theme, take advantage of the app’s streamlined approach to advanced effects and apply dizzying keyframe techniques or automatic pan-and-zoom features for an awe-inspiring result. If you prefer a more classic style, create customized transitions to blend photos seamlessly or add motion graphics and branded media to professional presentations.

PowerDirector’s ease of use and optimized mobile editing interface make it a favorite for beginners and advanced users worldwide. Probably why it’s a GooglePlay Editor’s Choice.

Additionally, the app will also provide you with a critical advantage that other apps don’t have: more than 4,000 background music tracks to add to your videos. No matter if you want to uplift, inspire, excite, or shock your audience, PowerDirector’s royalty-free background music library has more than enough tracks to set the tone and deliver a memorable result.

Best Features:
  • Easy slideshow creation
  • Customizable transitions
  • Flawless automated visual effects
  • Soundtrack library with more than 4,000 titles

2. SlideLab

SlideLab interface

SlideLab’s high-quality transitions, filters, and music make it an excellent choice for beginners who love sharing their lives with friends. As an added bonus, the app also features a built-in sharing platform that allows users to create and post videos on Instagram or YouTube with a tap of the finger.

Additionally, SlideLab automatically adjusts the size of your images to fit its square format and allows for easy rearranging to suit your taste, taking the hassle out of slideshow creation. However, while you can add as many photos as you want, SlideLab limits photos to a three-second duration and reserves many of its customizable transitions and filters for premium subscribers.

Best Features:
  • Dozens of personalizable filters
  • Customizable transitions and animated elements
  • Wide selection of background music

3. VivaVideo

VivaVideo interface

VivaVideo allows you to toggle back and forth between “Pro Mode” for exciting features and flexible designs and “Quick Mode” for automated layouts that speed up the creation process.

VivaVideo also comes with an in-app camera, where you can take photos and videos while applying dozens of special effects to your footage. Combine clips and pictures with trendy transitions and sound effects or add a voiceover for a fully customized creation.

That said, while the app lends itself to fun, creative videos, the free version limits slideshows to five minutes or less and includes a distracting, prominent watermark on your creation.

Best Features:
  • Substantial library of filters, effects, and themes
  • Basic and advanced editing tools with tutorials
  • In-app overdub capability

4. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost interface

PicPlayPost’s artistic layouts, preset templates, and exciting features combine to create a good environment for casual creators. While the editing features don’t measure up to those found on editing apps like PowerDirector, PicPlayPost will provide you with the tools you need to create shareable videos with artsy overlays, customized text, and animated stickers.

Many of the app’s advanced features and creative elements come with a premium subscription and the free version leaves a watermark on your slideshows.

Best Features:
  • Artsy templates and layouts
  • Expansive library of GIFs and animated stickers
  • Customizable text with options for animation

Best Slideshow with Music App

Slideshows combine the best of photo and video to create a shared experience that your audience can enjoy. No matter if you plan to feature your artistic photography or revisit a special time with friends and family, the best slideshow app provides you with the ability and flexibility to customize, personalize, and adjust themes, templates, and transitions for a stunning creation.

Don’t let a slideshow maker limit your creative capacity. Only PowerDirector’s desktop and mobile editing platforms will offer the limitless creativity, editing functionality, and exciting visual effects that you need to craft jaw-dropping slideshow videos. Though PowerDirector boasts an incredibly beginner-friendly layout, advanced users will also appreciate the seamless desktop-to-mobile creative platforms and vanguard editing tools that result in blockbuster-quality videos every time.

Whether you want to showcase your latest vacation, inspire your team with an impactful quarterly report, or share images from a wedding or special event, PowerDirector’s user-friendly interface and interactive slideshow creation modules have earned it the reputation as the best video editor for social media content.

Say goodbye to the constraints and limitations of other slideshow makers. Start creating unique, customized slideshows today by downloading PowerDirector for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Best app of 2020
PowerDirector logo

Download PowerDirector for FREE and see why PC Mag named it the Best Video Editing Software in the industry.

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