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iMovie for Windows 11: 5 Best Free Alternatives

Last Updated on Sep. 30, 2021 – by David Morgan
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Best iMovie Alternative for Windows 11

While macOS comes with the intuitive video editor iMovie, Windows 11 has more limited built-in video editing options. As a result, you'll want to download a Windows 11 free video editor for all your editing tasks.

You can find dozens of free video editors on the Windows app store, but not all these programs offer the same benefits and features. Instead of downloading the first video editor you see, we recommend taking some time to consider all your options and determine how each editor will perform for your video editing needs.

To help you find a solution like iMovie for Windows 11, we've reviewed the top iMovie alternatives on the market. Read on to learn about Windows 11 video editors, their key features, and more.

Top 5 Free Video Editing Software for Windows 11

1. PowerDirector

If you're looking for a free video editor with all the features you need to create a high-quality, professional video, look no further than PowerDirector Essential.

PowerDirector is an intuitive, user-friendly video editing program that goes above and beyond other editors in its class. This software features artificial intelligence technology, allowing you to make professional-level edits to your videos with a few clicks of a button.

PowerDirector Essential is the free version of PowerDirector 365 PCMags Editors’ Choice.

The software offers an innovative, easy-to-navigate interface with customizable navigation to suit your preferred editing style. All in all, this program features all of the editing tools you need to craft a high-quality video creation.

Key Features:

  • Content-aware editing
  • 360-degree editing
  • Special effects
  • Titles and transitions
  • Video stabilization
  • Storyboard, Timeline, and Slideshow interfaces


  • Full range of editing tools in free version
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Opportunity to upgrade at any time


  • May offer more options than necessary if you only need basic editing tools
Best app of 2020
PowerDirector logo

Download PowerDirector for FREE and see why PC Mag named it the Best Video Editing Software in the industry.

2. OpenShot

OpenShot interface

If you're looking for a simple video editor with base-level editing tools, we recommend OpenShot. OpenShot is an open-source video editor compatible with the Windows 11 operating system.

OpenShot includes most of amateur video editing tools. You can add transitions, create slow-motion effects, and even use keyframes within your videos.

This editor also comes with a range of video effects that you can use to enhance your video footage. Even though OpenShot pales in comparison to more advanced programs like PowerDirector, it still offers the essential tools many casual editors need.

Key Features:

  • Time effects
  • Title editor
  • Trim and slice tools
  • Background removal tool
  • Audio waveforms


  • Completely free to use
  • Open-source editing
  • Full suite of base-level tools
  • Cons:

    • Software often crashes

    3. VideoPad

    VideoPad interface

    If you need a video editor to produce home movies or casual projects, you may do well with a program like VideoPad. VideoPad is a basic video editor with a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Because VideoPad lacks the advanced editing features you would expect to find in professional editors, many beginners find it less intimidating to use as they learn the ropes.

    VideoPad's interface features smart organization that makes it easy to use. The program labels all of its tools and effects, allowing you to know right away what each button on the toolbar does within your video. The VideoPad interface also features a large preview window, enabling you to preview the changes to your footage before making them permanent.

    VideoPad includes predominantly base-level features. All in all, VideoPad is a suitable Windows version of iMovie.

    Key Features:

    • Transition effects
    • Video stabilization
    • Overlays
    • Text and titles
    • 360-degree editing
    • Sound effect library


    • Beginner-friendly interface
    • A few advanced features
    • Windows 11 compatibility


    • Pushy about upgrading—expect lots of pop-ups
    • Features aren't very advanced

    4. ShotCut

    ShotCut interface

    ShotCut is another open-source video editor similar to OpenShot. This program offers a wide range of base-level video and audio-editing tools that you would expect to see in free editing software.

    One of ShotCut's best features is its sleek interface. The program includes multiple dockable panels within its interface that you can use to customize your navigation to suit your workflow. The program's on-screen grid also features snapping movement to ensure a clean, organized user interface.

    ShotCut allows you to import media in hundreds of different formats, a feature that you will not find in many free editors. Additionally, the program supports native editing, meaning that you do not need to import your footage to begin editing it.

    If you do not want to spend much time learning how to navigate a video editor, a simple, intuitive program like ShotCut may be your best choice.

    Key Features:

    • Color correction and grading
    • Wipe transitions
    • Blending modes
    • Video filters
    • Auto-rotate effect
    • White balancing


    • Native editing compatibility
    • Sleek, user-friendly interface


    • No thumbnail previews
    • Software can be a bit sluggish

    5. EaseUS Video Editor

    EaseUS Video Editor interface

    If you're a brand-new video editor, you may want to start your editing journey with an incredibly basic program. EaseUS features one of the most straightforward interfaces we have seen in a video editor.

    The software's navigation is beginner-friendly, making it easy to begin editing with this program even if you have little video editing experience. The preview window takes up most of the editing page, while large icons on the left-hand side of the screen detail the various editing tools and features.

    With EaseUS, you can cut and merge video footage, apply 50+ transition effects, record voiceovers, and perform other base-level tasks. If you only plan to use your editor for beginner editing effects.

    Key Features:

    • Trim, split, and rotate tools
    • Transition and visual effects
    • Text-speech exchange
    • Audio mixing options


    • Support for 30 importing formats
    • Beginner-friendly navigation
    • Simple interface


    • Very limited tools
    • Transitions aren't installed by default (must be downloaded separately)

    The Best Windows 11 Video Editor

    Even though PCs offer several advantages over Macs, built-in video editing is one area that the Windows operating system tends to neglect. However, downloading a free video editor onto Windows 11 is a quick way to solve this problem and gain easy access to a video editing program.

    While all the editors on our list offer their own benefits and drawbacks, our top choice all around is PowerDirector. PowerDirector Essential gives you access to advanced features rarely found in free video editing software.

    Download PowerDirector today to see for yourself how this Windows 11 free video editor can enhance your editing process, then check out our full guide to editing videos on Windows 11 to learn how to use this powerful editing suite in the newest Windows OS.

    Best app of 2020
    PowerDirector logo

    Download PowerDirector for FREE and see why PC Mag named it the Best Video Editing Software in the industry.

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