Our Favorite Video Editing Templates, Effects and Tips to Make the Perfect Video

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Sometimes when you’re cutting together a project, you might start to feel a little overwhelmed by all the options. Where do you even start? While using your left brain to make your own original style can certainly be rewarding, it’s good to first get a look at some video editing templates (as well as some of the available effects) to get a better idea of the direction you want your project to go in.

The best place to find useful and beautiful templates to inspire your creativity is with Creative Design Packs that offer several different styles and functions useful for all types of filmmakers. Keep reading to find out more about the five best video editing templates, as well as the best effects out there to make the perfect video.

1. AI Style Packs

Topping our list is the new set of AI Style Packs that make video look like every frame has been hand painted. These templates use artificial intelligence to replicate the look of paintings by famous impressionist artists, traditional Chinese Paintings, and even Van Gogh.

While traditional video editing templates and effects simply overlay styles when applied to video clips, the AI Style Packs use a deep learning algorithm to replicate the artistic idiosyncrasies down to the color tones and brush strokes of iconic artists. These templates are available for Cyberlink PowerDirector.

2. Action Pack for PowerDirector & ActionDirector

If you’re wanting an awesome video that captures the ollie you did on your skateboard along the parkway or the jump you made while snowboarding on the slopes, Action Pack for PowerDirector and ActionDirector has the kind of video editing templates you’re looking for.

It contains five different title templates and five different transition templates from which you can choose. The title templates include title cards that pop out from the images and yet still remain embedded beautifully, as well as dynamic slide transition templates that keep viewers engaged with and connected to the action on the screen.

Editing together scenes with action and movement that are fun and enthralling can be a challenge, but if you’re using video editing with templates like these, it can make your life a lot easier when cutting together your action footage.

3. Travel Pack 6 for PowerDirector

We all love to make documentaries of our travels, whether to help create more memories or to share these experiences with friends. We’re well past the time where a simple slideshow is going to cut it if we want to entertain our friends and family with the evidence of our traveling exploits. Thankfully, the Travel Pack 6 provides the best video editing templates for these kinds of videos.

Travel Pack 6 is awesome because it offers not only two entire video templates, but also six particle templates, six Picture-in-Picture (PiP) objects, and six title templates, giving you a wide range of options for creating incredibly cinematic videos.

4. Holiday Pack Vol. 11 for PowerDirector

The camera tends to come out during the winter holidays more than any other time of the year. And as fun as it can be to just create simple, single cut videos that involve the person behind the camera talking to family members, it can be a lot more fun to cut together all the different family members into a montage. That’s where the video editing templates available in the Holiday Pack 11 come in.

This Holiday Pack is loaded with several different features, including 24 PiP templates as well as 12 title templates, 6 particle templates, and 3 Menu Templates. These allow video editing with templates to really fit in with any holiday aesthetic.

5. Wedding Pack

One of the most appropriate times for high-quality video documentation is when we hear wedding bells. Being able to create moving montages and set all of the events to music is an amazing way to bring the happy day to life, but having some video editing templates on hand can really help brighten up your wedding videos. This is why the Wedding Pack is an excellent choice for discerning wedding video editors.

The Wedding Pack includes several plug-ins and templates, including three Magic Style Templates, which provide romantic-themed animations and effects that can be mixed into your footage. These three templates include a lace invitation frame, a wedding picture frame, and even a template that makes everything appear within a wedding album.

In addition, the three theme designers that are included help you create a simple sequence of photos and video as you see fit. These themes are the same as those in the Magic Style Templates, but they allow you to play around with video editing templates for more control than if you simply used the automatic function.

There are also three particle effect templates that you can use (like shimmers and butterflies), six title templates (like a laurel or a romantic ribbon that encircle the images), and six PiP objects (like love birds you can have appear adjacent to the bride and groom).

Try Professional Templates and Effects for free in PowerDirector Essential

Whether you want to get that perfect action shot of you rappelling down the side of the mountain or the best collection of wedding photos put into sequence, it’s hard not to recommend video editing with templates like these.

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