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9 Best Video Templates to Create YouTube Intros and Outros

Last Updated on Jul. 15, 2021 – by David Morgan
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Video Templates for YouTube Intros and Outros

One way to turn base-level video footage into an engaging, high-quality YouTube video is to add intros and outros. Typical intros are short title clips that appear at the beginning of every video you upload to your page, while outros are slides that appear at the end.

YouTube introductions should be informative to let the viewer know what they are about to see. In contrast, outros entice viewers to watch other videos on your channel and provide valuable information about your upload schedule or credits.

Creating intros and outros for your video may seem intimidating, especially if you don't have much editing experience.

PowerDirector makes it easy to add these elements to your videos through a wide selection of YouTube intro and outro templates. You can add these templates to your video with a few clicks of a button, instantly elevating your footage.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular PowerDirector YouTube intro and outro templates. Download PowerDirector for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android to try them out and start editing your videos like a pro.

9 Super Easy-to-Use Designed Templates

1. Tech Reviews Template

If you have a tech review YouTube channel, you can utilize PowerDirector's eye-catching tech review templates for your intros and outros. The intro template includes the channel name in an old-school analog font. The outro template leaves room for your social media handles and additional video thumbnails.

Both templates set their content against a dark blue starlit background, creating the perfect backdrop to transition into or out of your tech content.

2. Music Template

Do you create covers of popular songs, original tracks, or music tutorials? If so, you need a musically centered template for the intros and outros of your video.

PowerDirector's music templates create a serene, logistical backdrop for your videos. These templates utilize a dark color palette with eye-catching text, drawing attention to your channel name or social media handles. That makes them more likely to follow you outside of YouTube, allowing you to grow your popularity.

However, the lack of bright colors keeps the template from being overly distracting and smoothly transitions the viewer's attention where you want it—on your musical talent!

3. Gamer Template

To make your gamer channel stand out amongst the millions of others, you need an engaging, eye-catching intro and outro.

PowerDirector's Gamers ProTips template utilizes a dark blue background, geometric lines and shapes, and brightly colored text. This dimly lit backdrop sets the stage for the dark rooms that many gamers film their videos in, while the striking text makes sure the viewer pays attention to the channel name.

4. Healthy Lifestyle Template

If you have a healthy lifestyle channel and love sharing your daily routines, eating schedules, hobbies, and workout regimens, then these are the templates for you.

The templates include fun, cartoon-esque fruit shapes on a pink, botanical background. These templates allow you to showcase your fun-spirited video content while keeping the focus on your healthy lifestyle—even if you stray from that theme now and then.

5. Video Facts Template

Time to invite viewers to learn something new within a short time frame.

PowerDirector's facts template features a light pink background, colorful geometric shapes, and a grid-patterned overlay covering half of the frame. These shapes invite viewers to think while giving these topics a fun-spirited twist.

6. Outdoor Template

Outdoor YouTube channels can include content surrounding camping, hiking, and other expeditions in the wilderness.

Utilize PowerDirector's Outdoor intro and outro templates on your next adventurous video. The intro template features a dark blue, triangle-patterned background with white text and a pink textbox.

The outro template is clean and straightforward, with “Like & Subscribe” reminders and a spot for another video's thumbnail. This outro will remind viewers to keep engaging with your channel and watch other relevant content.

7. Vlog Template

Vlogs have always been popular on YouTube . Their straightforward style makes it possible for anyone to make one. Help yours stand out from the rest with a fun intro and outro.

This template features a white and blue background with plus signs, X's, and other shapes scattered across the frame. The template also includes a spot for you to indicate the episode number, helping viewers keep your vlogs in order.

8. Yoga Template

Yoga videos are often calm, relaxing, and encouraging. If you have a yoga channel, you probably want your intro and outro to reflect the tranquil nature of your content.

PowerDirector's yoga intro and outro templates feature soft, pastel colors, white dots, and serene tree branches. The intro template is simple, with spots for header and subheader text, while the outro leaves room for the channel icon and a link to an external website.

These intros and outros will keep your viewers relaxed as they start and finish your video, maintaining the serene vibes that you craft in your content.

9. Cooking Template

If you have a cooking channel, choosing an outro that matches your content will keep your viewers around to watch more of your videos.

PowerDirector's cooking template includes a pinkish-beige background with outlines of cupcakes, cakes, teapots, and whisks. The intro template consists of a white splat with blue and purple text overlaying the background. Meanwhile, the outro template features a black textbox with gold lettering.

We recommend utilizing these templates if your channel includes desserts, baking, or any references to sweet treats.

BONUS: Summer-Themed Template

Summer is here, leading many YouTube viewers to search for videos relating to the beach, the pool, and other summer activities. PowerDirector's new summer template brings all these seasonal vibes to your YouTube channel, featuring a pink background, botanical graphics, and a fun toucan cartoon.

Download the Best Intro-Outro Maker

Including an intro and outro in your YouTube videos is one of the easiest ways to transform your channel from basic to professional and stand out from the crowd in a good way. Even if you only have a few subscribers, we recommend adding templates to all your upcoming videos.

You don't need to have any editing knowledge or expertise to utilize PowerDirector's intro and outro templates. Simply upload your video footage to the PowerDirector app, drag and drop these templates onto your timeline, and customize the text and color to suit your channel.

Whether your YouTube channel is a fun hobby or a side-business, you can use PowerDirector's built-in intro and outro templates to elevate your content.

Download PowerDirector for Windows, iOS, Mac, or Android today to take your videos to the next level and watch your subscriber count climb!

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