How FaceMe’s Industry Leading Features Make it the World’s Top Facial Recognition Solution
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How FaceMe’s Industry Leading Features Make it the World’s Top Facial Recognition Solution


Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) is seeing exponential growth and adoption, and to know why, look no further than its component parts. Corporate investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown to over $222 billion over the past 5 years and is projected to continue increasing. Edge computing has become a core technology thanks to its role in widely spreading IoT devices and networks. The Hardware and chipsets on which FRT engines run have improved dramatically in power, speed, cost and size, while the software has become more accurate, eliminated issues of bias, gained powerful new features and increased in flexibility. Taking all these elements together, it’s no surprise the facial recognition software available on the market today are being adopted by some of the world’s largest brands.

An Innovator in Facial Recognition Technology

Since its founding 25 years ago, CyberLink has been uniquely equipped to pioneer facial recognition technology. A longtime leader in creative editing software, CyberLink has spent decades developing advanced digital media editing features including the ability to recognize faces in photos with high degrees of accuracy. This expertise and precise technology, with over 200 patents and a vast team of specialized engineers, became the foundation for CyberLink’s facial recognition solution, FaceMe®.

FaceMe® is constantly updated to integrate new, cutting-edge features and industry advancements. Maintaining close partnerships with top chipset makers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), CyberLink continuously updates FaceMe® to make the most of the latest hardware, optimizing speed, accuracy and energy use.

CyberLink similarly strives to be a leader in the ethical use of facial recognition, by developing, distributing, and innovating its technology in accordance with its Global Human Rights Principles, which outline the company’s priority to respect all internationally recognized human rights, and to contribute to positive human rights impacts wherever possible. For these reasons, FaceMe® is not sold or used in any block-listed countries or for any use cases which may infringe upon human rights.

The Benefits of Integrating FaceMe Facial Recognition Software

Global Top-Ranked Recognition Accuracy Verified by NIST

FaceMe® is designed to maximize recognition accuracy without sacrificing flexibility. Other facial verification solutions often lack the ability to work in multiple form factors, on any operating system, and with a variety of chipsets and hardware.

The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) is the preeminent authority on accuracy of facial recognition systems. Their 1:N and 1:1 tests measure the accuracy of solutions weighing different characteristics for specific use cases. In the 1:N TAR test in VISA border investigation mode (testing for optimal accuracy for use cases like border checks and financial security identification), FaceMe® scored in first place, excluding vendors from China and Russia, with a 99.73% tested accuracy rate. In the 1:1 WILD test, ideal for security and surveillance use cases, FaceMe® scored with a strong 96.98% accuracy rating, putting it in the top ten ranking globally for both tests.

In another industry standard test, the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) conducted their Face Anti-Spoofing Challenge at ICCV 2021 and ranked FaceMe® in the top three algorithms globally, and again in first place when excluding vendors from China and Russia.

Optimized for Work Stations, Edge Devices, and More

FaceMe® outperforms competitors in flexibility, and is designed so it can be easily integrated into form factors as small as a door lock, as unique as a vehicle, or as common as a typical security workstation. Offered as both a software development kit (SDK), or in plug and play packages like FaceMe® Security, it can be quickly installed and used with a variety of operating systems, and is optimized for mainstream CPUs, GPUs, VPUs, and SoC.

Factors dependent on each specific use case such as power, accuracy, speed and scalability can indicate the best infrastructure setup. FaceMe® is capable of running on various setups from servers and workstations, to IoT/AIoT devices and mobile phones. For more information, read the optimal hardware for FaceMe®

Comprehensive Facial Recognition Features of FaceMe

  • Face Recognition

    • Face detection
    • Facial template extraction
    • Face search
    • Face compare & match
  • Face Attribution

    • Gender
    • Age
    • Facial expression
    • Head orientation
  • Image Pre-processing

    • Anti-spoofing with 2D camera
    • Anti-spoofing with 3D depth camera
    • TrueTheater enhancement
  • Face with Masks

    • Mask detection
    • Facial recognition through masks – TAR up to 98.21%

The facial recognition engine from FaceMe® supports a comprehensive set of precise features that ensures it can be configured to address a broad set of needs across a wide range of use cases, from smart retail and surveillance, to access control, financial security (electronic Know Your Customer), smart city, and more.

Face Detection

Face detection is the primary step in facial recognition. Upon receiving images, FaceMe® will begin a face search, the process of identifying the frame for a known face template. Simultaneously, it will start recognizing and counting live individuals in frame. FaceMe® is capable of detecting multiple faces from different angle at once and count the number of present faces.

Facial Attribute Extraction

Facial attribute features pull valuable data on the characteristics of the faces analyzed. Predictive details like gender, age, facial expression and head orientation can provide crucial analysis and insights to improve customer experience and planning. FaceMe® advanced image pre-processing features can also improve accuracy and quality issues due to a number of factors such as poor lighting conditions, camera resolution, dirty lenses, etc.

Face Matching and Comparing

Simply put, face matching and comparing is conducted through 1:N search. It’s done by comparing all faces in a video to an existing database to find a match and confirm an individual’s identity. Most importantly, all the data are encrypted using https and TSL so no actual face image are being stored on FaceMe®.


FaceMe® anti-spoofing features supports both 2D cameras or 3D depth cameras, ensuring the image being processed is that of a live person, and not a mask, photo, or other spoofing techniques. The anti-spoofing technology from FaceMe® greatly reduces security risks for identity theft, especially within the fintech industry.

Mask Detection

Finally, face mask recognition features have become a must-have in facial recognition systems today. Thanks to earlier work in medical use cases where face masks are standard, FaceMe® has long had a specialized facial recognition feature adapted to perform with high accuracy on masked individuals. Today, FaceMe® can provide mask detection, checking that individuals are wearing masks, and that they are wearing them correctly covering their nose and mouth. It can simultaneously execute highly accurate facial recognition on masked individuals, maintaining a 98.21% accuracy rate in these settings

All these tasks can be completed in crowded settings, as the algorithm can near instantly scan all faces pictured in frame, making it ideal for busy public spaces such as airports, shopping malls, concert venues and more.

FaceMe’s facial recognition features include face detection (recognizing and counting live individuals in frame), template extraction (extracting data about a face in frame), face search (searching the frame for a known face template), and face matching (comparing all faces in a video to an existing template to find a match).

To learn more about FaceMe® , read our 2021 Ultimate Guide for Facial Recognition.

Facial Recognition Use Cases Across Industries

Smart Factory - Health & Employee Management

ACE Biotek needed a facial recognition solution to help with employee clock-in and health management at its factory which staffed over 20,000 employees and contractors. Previously, the company was using access control cards but was looking to upgrade to protect against issues of card swapping, and to create a better health management system in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. With workers donning heavy protective helmets and facial goggles, they needed a solution which would remain highly accurate despite this. FaceMe® won the bid in large part based on its high accuracy, even when protective gear obstructed the face.

FaceMe® is integrated directly into the company’s Wallie Screen Access Control and Health Screening System. When workers arrive at the employee entrance, they are automatically identified, clocked in, and checked for mask compliance and temperature, all in less than one second, ensuring the facility is both secure and COVID-safe, and eliminating the bottlenecks and long queues that plagued the previous process.

Large Tech Company - Campus Access Control & Security

A large tech company brought on FaceMe® to provide access control and security at each of its campuses.

FaceMe® performs employee authentication to ensure no unauthorized individuals gain access to the campus, and simultaneously minimizes internal security risks by ensuring employees only gain access to the areas of campus which are relevant to their role and clearance. The company is able to access records of employee movement to reference in cases where necessary and employees never have to worry about a lost or stolen ID card.

Smart City – Public Safety & Services

A large tech company integrated FaceMe® into its smart city offerings for public safety and public services.

FaceMe®’s powerful security monitoring and access control AI tools, power a number of use cases to city officials such as video surveillance, facility access control, and incident management. FaceMe® integration’s benefits extend to the entire city’s population by giving residents the option to enroll in facial recognition powered servicesto manage access to their public services account, grant contactless access to public transit and skip the lines when entering city facilities like museums and parks.

Apartment Building Smart Lock - Access Control

Japanese digital key platform Bitkey provides various smart lock, smart access and security solutions for homes and buildings. Bitkey needed a reliable and highly flexible facial recognition solution to be integrated into their smart door locks.

FaceMe’s ability to be integrated into a form factor as small as an individual door lock made it the best option for Bitkey. Today, Bitkey’s smart locks powered by FaceMe® provide residents the highest level of identity verification for access to their homes, all in a swift contactless experience.

Growing Facial Recognition Implementation Through Strategic Partnerships

CyberLink leverages partnerships with the most reputable names in chipsets, hardware, software and distribution to ensure FaceMe® remains the most optimized solution available on the market.

Chipset partners like Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm work with CyberLink to ensure every version of FaceMe® is optimized to run their newest, strongest and most widely available technology. Leading names in hardware like Advantech, Supermicro, VIVOTEK, BKAV and ELO design the world’s best hardware setups and collaborate with CyberLink to determine the most efficient and powerful setups to run FaceMe®.

Software and peripheral technology partners like Milestone and NX Witness ensure FaceMe® is compatible with existing security and video management software for seamless integration. Finally, FaceMe® is available through top industry suppliers and networks thanks to partnerships with leading names like BlueStar and Ingram Micro.

FaceMe Facial Recognition Solutions – Cross-Platform SDK, Smart Security and eKYC for Fintech

FaceMe® is available as an SDK or in several plug and play packages including FaceMe® Security, featuring a variety of health and monitoring add-on solutions, and FaceMe® eKYC & Fintech.

FaceMe SDK: A Cross-Platform AI Face Search Engine

The FaceMe® SDK is a cross-platform facial recognition engine ideal for custom scenarios and use cases where you want complete control to mold the algorithm to your unique software infrastructure. It is optimized to run on most hardware configurations, from high-end workstations to low-power chipsets typically used in IoT devices, and is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS systems. To learn more about technical details, read the FaceMe® SDK system requirements.

The FaceMe® SDK includes all the advanced face recognition, attribution, image pre-processing and mask features described in the features section above. These specialized features such as face search, gender and age attribution data, anti-spoofing, mask detection and more make the FaceMe® SDK ideal for applications in smart security, public safety, smart retail and smart banking. Market-leading accuracy as tested by NIST and ICCV, combined with optimized performance and high flexibility make the FaceMe® SDK the most comprehensive and reliable SDK on the market.

FaceMe Security: Designed for Smart Surveillance and Security Control

FaceMe® Security is a turnkey, value-added facial recognition solution that runs on industrial PCs, workstations servers and more, with the ability to integrate into video management systems, IP cameras, door locks and time & attendance software. It can conduct a wide range of tasks from identity verification to check-in/employee clock-in, mask detection, real-time monitoring and notifications.

As a plug and play software package, FaceMe® Security is a perfect option for well-defined use cases and quicker timelines. It is pre-set to best accommodate typical security applications and is highly scalable - able to be used from a single camera scenario, all the way to multi-camera, multi-location deployments. For detailed information, read the system requirements FaceMe® Security.

While being a plug and play solution, FaceMe® Security is fully customizable with a wide variety of add-on solutions, including FaceMe Monitor.

The FaceMe® Monitor add-on offers live multi-camera monitoring along with video recording and playback. Compared with traditional live security, FaceMe® Security’s Monitor add-on offers a competitive value for individual deployments or at scale. Optimized to minimize processing power for each camera feed, it remains flexible enough to be integrated into edge, cloud or hybrid environments and offers 24/7 real-time monitoring of up to 9 simultaneous streams.

FaceMe Health: All-In-One Temperature Screening and Mask Detection

The FaceMe® Health Add-on is a complete health-monitoring solution for any facility.

FaceMe® Security’s Health Add-on conducts three crucial checks – mask detection, including whether the mask is being worn properly, covering the nose and mouth, identity verification, and temperature detection, with the ability to flag temperatures above the normal range using a compatible thermal camera. Employers, retailers, schools, and other facilities can utilize the Health Add-on to ensure individuals remain healthy, and virus transmission on premises is reduced as much as possible. Learn more on how Municipal Parking Services use FaceMe for health monitoring

FaceMe® Security’s wide feature set, ready to go add-on solutions and flexibility to be employed into any environment make it the highest value plug and play facial recognition security solution available today. You can learn more about technical details by reading the system setup and requirements for FaceMe® Health.

FaceMe eKYC & Fintech: Secure Biometric Verification for BFSI Industry

FaceMe® eKYC & Fintech is a turnkey facial recognition software package with unique features for biometric verification and identity validation relevant to the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry. Easily deployed at the edge or on the cloud, the technology offers financial institutions the ability to deploy eKYC solutions remotely, while protecting against biometric fraud.

Facial recognition is the most accurate, fast, and remotely employable identity verification process compared to other methods such as fingerprinting and iris scanning. Anti-spoofing features protect against fraud techniques such as using a photo or mask to attempt to fool the identity verification.

FaceMe eKYC & Fintech is ideal for applications such as opening a bank account remotely, cardless ATM transactions, mobile banking and insurance services. As with other FaceMe® solutions, FaceMe® eKYC & Fintech is a highly flexible software offering, running on a variety of operating systems and hardware setups. For more information, read system requirements for FaceMe eKYC & Fintech.

Offering a combination of unmatched accuracy and flexibility, FaceMe® eKYC & Fintech is the only facial recognition solution on the market uniquely designed to serve financial security use cases and streamline eKYC processes.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt facial recognition will continue to grow in popularity as the most accurate biometric technology, powering the most efficient security processes available today. With more players quickly coming to market, it can be challenging to choose the best facial recognition solution for you.

Certain factors like accuracy are a critical consideration no matter the use case. To be able to use facial recognition ethically, you must have a reputably tested, highly accurate solution. Next, consider your unique use case, and how important you weigh factors like flexibility, feature sets, cost and more.

Be sure to do thorough research on the history and background of the company behind the software you choose. How long have they been around? Where does their expertise in facial recognition come from? Do they have ties to countries where data privacy may be a concern?

Facial recognition is a powerful technology, making it crucial the vendor and software you select is tested, trusted and reputable.

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