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What’s new in PhotoDirector 8

PhotoDirector provides all essential tools for photography enthusiasts to adjust photos, furthermore, it also packed with powerful editing tools to further edit photos. In our latest released PhotoDirector 8, we’ve added more photo editing tools. In this tutorial, we will give you a quick walkthrough of PhotoDirector 8’s new features.

Video-to-Photo Tools

Many cameras nowadays can capture high-quality 4K videos. In a 4K video, each frame is a 8 megapixel photo, the resolution is high enough for photo editing.

In PhotoDirector 8, we’ve added a new Video-to-Photo tool, which allows users to capture snapshots from a high-resolution video, and merge to amazing photos such as Multi-Exposure, Panorama and a perfect group shot using Face Swap.


Capture a series of photo from live action, and merge them into a multi-exposure photo.

>> Learn how to use it


Capture a series of photo from a vertically panned video, and merge them into a panorama photo.

>> Learn how to use it

Perfect Group Shot

Capture a series photo from a group shot video, using Face Swap to merge them into a perfect group shot.

>> Learn how to use it

Enhancing your creativity

PhotoDirector 8 also greatly enhanced Layer Editing tool with the new Express Project, also provides new Overlay and Color Splash effects to spice-up your photos.

Express Project

A new addition to our Layer tool, choose from templates contain all the layer components that make up complex images.

>> Learn how to use it


Transforming your photos by apply more than 40 overlay templates, including Light Leak, Grunge, Scratch and Lens Flare.

>> Learn how to use it

Color Splash

Quickly add drama and focus to your images by turning them to black and white while retaining selected parts of the photo in color.

>> Learn how to use it

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