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How to Record and Edit Gameplay Videos

Last Updated on Apr. 22, 2021 – by David Morgan
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How to Record and Edit Gameplay Videos

If you want to make it big in the online gaming community, whether as an eSports player or a streaming personality, you need to know what you’re doing. Recording your screen with an external camera and posting the unedited footage online won’t get you any followers, even if you play your game at a masterful level or provide side-splitting commentary. However, becoming a skilled video producer so that you can execute your gaming videos properly will take time, especially if you try to figure it out on your own. You need to learn what equipment to use, how to use it, and what tweaks will make people want to watch your videos.

The good news? The experts at CyberLink can teach you How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2021. But before you focus on posting your gaming videos online and growing a fanbase, let’s take an in-depth look at how to record and edit your videos effectively.

Decide on PC or Console

Of course, which device you use will depend on which game you want to play. To play online PC games, for instance, you’ll need a gaming laptop. Games like Fortnight, Minecraft, and Breath of the Wild, however, will require the specific console they’re made for, whether that’s a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. Luckily, you can record your screen on any of these consoles.

Recording on either type of device—PC or console—is a fairly straightforward process.

To record on a PC, you don’t need any extra hardware, just screen recording software—which you can get for Windows 10 via CyberLink’s PowerDirector. The software will record whatever you display on your monitor.

Recording on a console, however, requires an external video capture device in addition to the screen recording software. The video capture device interposes itself in the video signal emitted from your console to your monitor or TV. Then, via USB cable, the device feeds the video to the computer, where the screen capture software records it.

Either way, the recording process won’t interfere with your gaming.

Get the Right Gear

video games

1. Video Capture Device, if Console

If you’re wondering how to record gameplay on a PS4, for instance, you’ll need that aforementioned video capture device to connect your TV to the computer and record everything happening on the screen. Make sure to purchase a device that records both the game sounds and your live commentary via headset or microphone.

2. Screen Recording Software

You’ll need to download screen recording software regardless of whether you choose a PC or a console game. Fortunately, the ever-capable CyberLink PowerDirector comes with Screen Recorder 4, the best screen video capture for Windows 10. Screen Recorder will record whatever’s happening on your screen, no matter what type of screen you use.

3. Camera

To include a video overlay of yourself playing the game and giving commentary, you’ll need a camera. If you don’t already have a good webcam app, CyberLink can come to the rescue once again with YouCam.

Compatible with popular live-streaming services including Twitch, YouCam enables you to engage with your followers in a unique way. You can apply more than 200 augmented reality effects, custom images and titles, and even real-time makeup and skin enhancements to help you look camera-ready.

What other camera app can do all of that? Download YouCam today.

4. Headphones and Mic

To add a voiceover of live commentary to your video, you’ll need a quality microphone. You can use the microphone on your gaming headset, but a USB microphone will give you professional-caliber audio. For best results, record your voiceover separately from the gaming footage and then combine them during the editing process.

5. Editing Software

Lastly, you’ll need a video editor to tie everything together and spruce it up. Because PowerDirector also comes with screen recording software, we highly recommend it as an all-in-one solution.

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PowerDirector will enable you to splice your video and audio clips together as well as add transitions, titles, background music, and any other special effects you desire—resulting in a truly professional-looking gaming video.

How to Record Gameplay Videos with Screen Recorder

1. Connect video capture device

To screen record on a console,  connect your video capture device to your computer. To do this, plug the HDMI cable from your console into the video capture device’s input port. Make sure you also plug an HDMI cable from the video capture device’s output port into your monitor. Next, connect the video capture device to your PC using a USB cable.

Now, you’re ready to screen record. Open PowerDirector in Full Mode and click the Plugins menu in the top toolbar and select Screen Recorder. Then click “device” and select the device you just connected.

To screen record on a PC, on the other hand, you only have to decide what part of your monitor you want Screen Recorder to capture after you open Screen Recorder: 

  • the whole screen
  • just the game—a particularly useful setting
  • just the app you’re using
  • a custom frame
2. Adjust device capture settings Screen Recorder Interface

The settings you need to adjust include video resolution and framerate. Many streamers in the online gaming community treat 1080p as the standard resolution, but depending on your PC’s ability to support gaming and recording simultaneously, you may want to raise or lower it. As for frame rate, gamers typically set theirs to 60fps (frames per second), just enough to keep gameplay smooth.

3. Adjust webcam settings Adjust webcam settings interface

After connecting your webcam, select it from the dropdown menu. Then adjust the video resolution and frame rate just like you did in the device capture settings. You can also tweak settings such as color range, de-noise, and chroma key for a green screen effect.

4. Adjust microphone settings Adjust microphone settings interface

To adjust the volume of your microphone for the recording, first select the microphone you want to use, either your computer audio (not recommended) or any hardware setup you have connected. Then drag the cursor to increase or decrease the volume.

5. Add any video overlays Add any video overlays interface

If you want to add a video overlay of the webcam footage showing yourself playing the game and providing commentary, click the video overlays button in the bottom right corner of the panel, then click “insert image,” and upload the footage from your computer.

6. Record

Simply click Record icon“Rec” to start recording your screen. You can click “stop” or hit the F9 key to pause or end the recording at any time.

How to Edit Gameplay Videos with PowerDirector

1. Import footage into PowerDirector Import footage into PowerDirector

Import all of your various video clips and audio clips into PowerDirector in one fell swoop by clicking the file folder icon in the top left corner or right-clicking anywhere in the media window.

To streamline the process, we recommend gathering all of your footage into one media folder on your computer beforehand so that you can import one single folder.

2. Add footage to the timeline

PowerDirector provides simple drag-and-drop functionality, which makes moving videos from the media window onto the timeline tracks a breeze.

3. Edit footage

Now, it’s time to combine your game clips. If you want to keep viewers interested, you need to edit your clips so that only the most exciting, funniest, or important moments remain.

PowerDirector makes this process easy: Drag a clip’s beginning and end to trim it, and if you need to split footage in the middle, you can cut a clip apart by clicking the split button in the top left corner of the timeline. Drag a clip to move it around on the timeline.

You can carry out this same process with your audio footage in the audio track as well, until you’re only left with all of the footage you want.

4. Add titles and transitions Add titles and transitions interface

You need to add titles and transitions if you want to give your gaming video a snazzy, professional look.

To add a title, click the T icon in the top left sidebar and select a title. If you want more title options, you can download free templates from DirectorZone at any time by clicking on the blue download folder in the title template's menu . When you find a title template you like, drag and drop it onto the timeline.

Next, double-click on the title to open Title Designer, where you can change the title and the font, as well as the font color, size, and position.

changing the title and the font interface

Adding transitions follows a similar process: In the left sidebar, click on the transition icon, located right below the title icon. Click on transitions to preview them, and when one strikes your fancy, drag and drop the transition between any two clips on the timeline.

To adjust the duration, drag the transition’s start and end points, or double-click on the transition to open the “transition settings” window.

Note: You can also add free background music from Shutterstock by dragging it onto the timeline, but we recommend keeping it at a low volume so that viewers won’t struggle to hear your commentary or the sounds of the game.

5. Export Export interface

Click “Produce” in the top left and choose your desired file format—that’s it!

Conclusion: Create Your Gameplay Videos Using CyberLink Products

If you want to make high-caliber gaming videos, using CyberLink PowerDirector and YouCam together will help you do just that.

So, what have we learned about recording and editing gameplay videos? Let’s take a moment to review some key points:

  • To record gaming videos, you’ll need screen recording software, a webcam, a microphone and headphones, and video editing software.
  • If you’re playing a console game, you’ll also need an external video capture device, which will connect your TV to the computer and record everything happening on the screen.
  • When editing your video, you need to splice the most compelling clips together, as well as add titles, transitions, music, and other effects to make the video interesting.
  • PowerDirector from CyberLink provides the screen recording AND editing software you need to create quality, engaging gaming videos.

Are you ready to begin recording top-notch gaming videos for Twitch or YouTube? Download CyberLink PowerDirector and YouCam today to get started!

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