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Dec. 29, 2008 CyberLink Live Bundled with ECS Motherboard Enabling Anywhere Anytime Remote Media Access
Dec. 16, 2008 CyberLink Completed Microsoft OEM Ready Program
Dec. 9, 2008 CyberLink Launches Digital Media Solutions on Softonic
Dec. 3, 2008 CyberLink Partners with Fujitsu to Deliver Remote Media Access for the Digital Home
Dec. 2, 2008 Acer, CyberLink and Intel Collaborate to Launch Energy-efficient Technologies for the Desktop PC
Dec. 1, 2008 CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Optimized for Intel Core i7 Processor
Nov. 13, 2008 CyberLink Launches PowerCinema 6:Media Entertainment Center for the Home PC
Nov. 7, 2008 CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Optimized for NVIDIA CUDA is Now Available
Nov. 5, 2008 CyberLink Optimizes Video Technology for Windows 7
Nov. 3, 2008 CyberLink Launches DVD Suite 7
Oct. 27, 2008 PowerDVD 8 Now Available in Polish Language
Oct. 24, 2008 CyberLink TVEnhance Bundled with devolo dLAN® TV Sat in Europe To enable viewing of digital satellite HDTV throughout the house
Oct. 15, 2008 CyberLink Recognized as Microsoft's First Global Independent Software Vendor in Taiwan
Oct. 13, 2008 CyberLink Releases Digital Home Solution for Accessing High-Definition Video Remotely
Oct. 9, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD Linux and PowerCinema Linux Designed for Netbooks and Nettops

Sep. 30, 2008 CyberLink to Unveil Leading Solutions for the Connected Digital Lifestyle at CEATEC Japan 2008
Sep. 24, 2008 CyberLink PowerDirector to Support NVIDIA CUDA Technology for Optimizing HD Video Editing Performance
Sep. 24, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD Receives Blu-ray Disc BD-RE 2.1 and BD-R 1.1 Logo Certifications
Sep. 11, 2008 CyberLink Launches “What’s YOUR Story?- PowerDirector 7 Video Contest”
Sep. 8, 2008 CyberLink Worked with CANAL+ Group to Provide a Secure Premium TV Entertainment on the PC
Aug. 14, 2008 CyberLink Live Partners with Intel to Introduce Eco-Friendly Remote Media Access
Aug. 6, 2008 CyberLink MediaShow 4 Bundled with Samsung Compact Camcorder Makes Digital Photo & Video Management Faster and Easier
Aug. 5, 2008 CyberLink PowerProducer Receives Certification for AVCREC Logo
Aug. 4, 2008 CyberLink BD Advisor 2 Tests PCs for Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 (BD-Live) Readiness
Jul. 10, 2008 CyberLink TVEnhance Bundled with Buffalo ISDB-T TV Tuners in Japan
Jul. 3, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD and Power2Go Certified for FDCC
Jul. 1, 2008 CyberLink Live Premium Bundled with Intel Motherboards for Ultimate Media Entertainment
Jun. 30, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD and PowerDirector Support ATI Radeon™ HD 4800 Graphics Series from AMD, Delivering Optimized HD Playback and Accelerated Video Transcoding
Jun. 23, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD Receives Certification for
Both Blu-ray BD Profile 2.0 (BD-Live) and AVCREC Logos
Jun. 20, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD Certified for DTS-HD Master Audio
Delivering the ultimate high-definition experience on PCs
Jun. 19, 2008 CyberLink Live to be Bundled with Hauppauge TV Tuners
to Enable TV Anywhere Solution
Jun. 6, 2008 CyberLink Teams with Industry Partners
to Enable the Connected Digital Lifestyle Experience at Computex 2008
Showcase Hi-Def Movie Playback and Remote Media Access
Jun. 5, 2008 CyberLink Partners with Realtek to Showcase Lossless HD Audio Playback with Copy Protection Technology
Jun. 4, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD Supports the Intel® G45 Express Chipset Delivering Optimized Playback for Blu-ray Discs
Jun. 4, 2008 CyberLink Delivers High-Definition Video Experience on Next-Generation AMD Solutions-based Notebooks at Computex 2008
Jun. 3, 2008 CyberLink Reveals Innovative High Definition Cinema Experience— CyberLink TrueTheater™ Technology—at Computex 2008
Jun. 2, 2008 CyberLink Introduces World’s First Ubiquitous Media
Connectivity Platform with the Next-Generation of CyberLink Live
May. 30, 2008 CyberLink Showcases New Dimensions for the Connected Digital Lifestyle at Computex 2008
May. 20, 2008 CyberLink DVD Suite Bundled with ASUS Notebook Computers
May. 5, 2008 CyberLink Launches PowerDirector 7, the Video Editing Software for Creating Movie Masterpieces
Apr. 29, 2008 CyberLink Live Launches Premium Service for Remote Media Access
Apr. 24, 2008 CyberLink Launches YouCam 2, WebCam Software for Fun and Work
Apr. 22, 2008 Toshiba to Bundle CyberLink PowerCinema with New Notebook PCs in the United States
Apr. 17, 2008 CyberLink YouCam Adds Exciting New Webcam Features to Alienware Notebooks
Apr. 8, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra Supports Playback of BD-Live Content
Apr. 2, 2008 CyberLink Launches PowerDVD 8, Introducing New
Ways to Enjoy Movies
Apr. 1, 2008 CyberLink Launches MoovieLive.com, a Social Network Site for PowerDVD 8 users and Movie Enthusiasts
Mar. 25, 2008 CyberLink Launches MediaShow 4, Bringing Digital Memories to Life
Mar. 11, 2008 CyberLink Launches PowerProducer 5 for Authoring High-Definition Discs, including Blu-ray Discs and AVCHD DVDs
Mar. 5, 2008 CyberLink Partners with Industry Leaders to Showcase Digital TV and Digital Media Solutions at CeBIT 2008
Mar. 4, 2008 CyberLink Presents Leading Solutions for Enabling the Connected
Digital Lifestyle at CeBIT 2008
Feb. 20, 2008 CyberLink and DiBcom Announce Complete Mobile TV
Solution for Handheld devices
Feb. 12, 2008 CyberLink, TIM, ONDA Communication, and Siano Demonstrate
DVB-H/HSDPA Ready Solution for Notebooks at 3GSM 2008
Jan. 31, 2008 CyberLink Patent Included in HD DVD Essential Patent Portfolio
Jan. 16, 2008 CyberLink Live Now Available in Dutch Language
Jan. 10, 2008 CyberLink Features Full Range of Digital TV Solutions at CES 2008
Jan. 8, 2008 CyberLink MediaServer and SoftDMA Selected by DLNA as
Reference Device for Interoperability Guidelines v1.5
Jan. 8, 2008 CyberLink Advanced Technologies Heighten
the Home Theater Experience
Jan. 7, 2008 CyberLink to Present CyberLink Live, Winner of CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award
Jan. 4, 2008 CyberLink Showcases Solutions that
Make Digital Media Entertainment Come Alive at CES
Jan. 2, 2008 CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra Receives BD-Video Profile 1.1 Certification

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