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Try on Black Tie Wedding Outfits for Men with the Best AI Outfit Generator

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Finding the perfect black-tie wedding outfit doesn’t have to mean rummaging through your closet for that old, ill-fitting tux you’ve had for 10 years. As a wedding guest, you want to look stylish on the bride and groom’s special day. While that doesn’t have to mean getting a tailored suit, you might need to find something new for such a big event.

Even with a strict dress code, there’s still plenty of room to express your personal style. We’ll show you how to dress for a black-tie wedding with Vivid AI, an outfit generator app that dresses you in a new virtual style. Whether you’re choosing a tux for yourself or your plus one, keep reading to learn how Vivid AI can make the process quick and convenient!

What Is a Black-Tie Wedding?


The most formal of wedding celebrations, a black-tie event requires men to wear tuxedos and women to come in evening gowns. 

Every detail separates a black-tie wedding from more casual receptions, which means the entertainment, food, and decor should reflect the occasion. Along with their luxurious dress codes, black-tie weddings often feature glamorous decor, including extravagant floral arrangements and black, white, gold, and silver color palettes. At the reception, guests are served gourmet meals with several courses while live entertainment plays classical music.

Dos and Don’ts for Black-Tie Wedding Outfits

Men should keep to a few classic dress code rules for this sophisticated event. While you do have some room to express your own style with your tux, put the couple’s request for black-tie clothing first and follow these dos and don’ts when choosing your outfit.


  • Wear a tuxedo made of luxe fabric, like velvet or silk
  • Accessorize with a black tie or bowtie
  • Have patent leather shoes to complete the look
  • Stick to formal, neutral colors like black, white, dark gray, and navy
  • Dress in subtle prints that coordinate with the black-tie theme


  • Skip the jacket
  • Wear a poorly fitted suit or mismatched jacket and trousers
  • Show off a loud pattern or bold colors
  • Dress in casual clothing like jeans, shorts, or T-shirts

While black-tie events imply certain attire, the dress code for a black-tie wedding is up to the bride and groom. Some will want you to stick to more traditional attire, while others enjoy adding spice to their black-tie events. Sometimes, those people will enjoy a colorful tie, vibrant suit, or a modern take on this classic style. However, when you’re not sure, play it safe.

Vivid AI — The Best AI App To Try On Wedding Dress Code Ideas for Men


Adhering to a black-tie wedding dress code for men becomes even easier when you have a fashion app like Vivid AI. Its AI Outfit tool shows tons of tuxedo styles, cuts, and colors to get you ready to celebrate the happy couple. Use the outfit generator app to clean up and generate a new look with its Black Tie, Wedding Guest, and Classic Suit styles. It puts each suit on your photo, so you get an accurate idea of how you’ll look when you put that tux on before you head to the event.


Vivid AI’s versatile styles let you keep up with any wedding trend, and you can keep using the app for everything from formal events to casual outings. It’s easy to navigate, no matter which AI tools you want to try. You can change your hairstyle by creating a new avatar of yourself, generate a new aesthetic background, or transform your scenery into an artistic landscape with the app’s other features. Vivid AI gives you infinite ways to get creative with your photos, so you can have fun sharing them and discovering different versions of yourself!

Learn More AI Features of Vivid AI:

How To Try On Wedding Dress Code Outfits With Vivid AI

Find your black-tie outfit when you download Vivid AI and use the AI Outfit tool. There, you’ll select your gender and style before choosing a photo for the app to use when it dresses you in your tux. Vivid AI will do the rest for you, and soon, you’ll get to explore each look before you head to the boutique.

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Formal Wear”


Vivid AI has an outfit for any wedding guest, whether you’re attending a black-tie formal or a casual afternoon reception. Its AI tools can help you find the perfect tuxedo style so you can adhere to the dress code without sacrificing your personal taste. Download Vivid AI from the App Store or Google Play to access its fashion tools and many other generative features that replace your background, turn your photos into stunning paintings, and create new images with text prompts.

Once you open the app, you’ll see all of Vivid AI’s most popular tools on the main screen. Tap the AI Formal Wear feature to move on to the next steps and get inspired with wedding tuxedo ideas!

2. Tap “Male” to Find “Black Tie”


Select Male on the next screen to see all the styles that gender has to offer. Vivid AI has 10 clothing styles, but to see formal wedding looks, make sure you include Black Tie. You can select all the styles together, but in this case, stick to formal styles only, like Classic Suit, so you get an appropriately elegant look for a wedding.

3. Upload Your Photo

Before you upload your photo, you’ll need to ensure it meets Vivid AI’s outfit generator guidelines. To get a complete view of your styles, you’ll need a full-body or half-body photo of yourself with your hands at your sides or behind your back.

Make sure you upload a clear, well-lit photo without blur or graininess so the tool can better detect your body and features. Vivid AI needs to see your face, so don’t put your hands in front of it or cover it with accessories like sunglasses or hats. You should also be the only one in the photo since more than one person or a pet can confuse the AI. When you’ve got a suitable photo, tap to go to the final step and let Vivid AI tailor your tux for you!

4. Wait for the Amazing Results!


Vivid AI takes a few minutes to create your new tuxedos, so you can navigate away from the outfit generator app while you wait. It will notify you when it’s done, and then you can explore the outfits the app created for you!

You’ll get a collection of black-tie dress code outfits for men that give you ideas for what to wear when it comes time to celebrate your friends and family at their wedding. You can save your favorites to bring to the boutique when you pick out your tuxedo. Vivid AI can give you ideas for what fit looks best on you, so you get a beautifully tailored suit that matches your style and makes you feel confident to wear.

FAQs About Wedding Dress Codes for Men

1. What Color Should a Male Guest Wear to a Wedding?

The color men wear depends on the wedding’s dress code. Some let you get adventurous with your suit, but you can’t go wrong with classic colors. For a formal event, black, charcoal gray, or navy works well, and you should always make sure your jacket matches your trousers. Make sure you also wear a coordinating tie and shoes!

2. What Do People Wear to a Black-Tie Wedding?

Men should always wear a tuxedo to a black-tie wedding. This isn’t the time to experiment with bold patterns, so stick to dark, neutral colors like black and navy. Make sure you include the jacket, and don’t skip the bowtie.

Floor-length gowns work best for women, and at a black-tie wedding, dark colors or jewel tones, like burgundy or emerald, or metallic hues match the formal theme. Avoid knee-length or short dresses, like cocktail attire, as it’s not typically formal enough for these events.

People who prefer more gender-neutral styles have their choice between these styles, and with many modern weddings, you can wear more adventurous clothing. It should still fall within the acceptable standards for formalwear, but many Millennial and Gen Z weddings let gender-nonconforming folks wear the style, color, and pattern that feels most comfortable and affirming for them.

3. Does Black Tie Have to Be a Tuxedo?

A tuxedo is traditional for black-tie events and fits the dress code requirements, but it’s not the only option. Most well-fitted, dark-colored suits work well as a formal dress option, and you can make them look more elegant with cufflinks, a neutral tie, and patent leather shoes.

As long as you steer clear of bold and bright colors, loud patterns, and cheap fabrics, you can put together a classy black-tie look. Vivid AI can also help you explore all your options with the Black Tie style, which you can combine with others to find the best look for you.

4. What’s the Best Way to Generate Black-Tie Wedding Outfit Ideas?

Vivid AI can show you formal looks on photos of yourself with its Outfit feature. To get the app, download it for iOS or Android and choose the tool from the main screen. Select your gender, choose the Black Tie style to generate dress code-appropriate clothing, and upload a full-body picture of yourself. Then, wait for Vivid AI to dress you and use the result as inspiration when you shop for your tux!

Download Vivid AI — The Best AI App to Try On Wedding Dress Code Ideas for Men


Vivid AI turns your casual snaps into black-tie fashion with its AI Outfit tool and formal attire styles. It’s quicker and easier than going to the boutique to try on tuxedos, and you can use the suits it generates as references for when you buy or tailor yours. With a fashion app, you can also see new ideas that you might not have considered on your own, leading to even more impressive looks!

When you’ve found a tux you like, explore everything else Vivid AI has to offer with the AI Background, AI Scene, Magic Avatar, and text-to-image tools. Prompt the app to generate a new version of yourself you can use as your IG or TikTok avatar, stylize your photos with artistic scenery, or describe what you want Vivid AI to create for you with text. You can even see how you’d look in your tux against a black-tie scene!

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