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How to Generate Matching Outfits for Couples with the Best AI Outfit Try On App in 2024

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Wearing coordinated outfits with your significant other is a fun way to liven up any event or situation. But before you spend money on a whole new outfit, you can use couples outfit generators to come up with ideas. Outfit generators can also allow you to post fun-themed photos of your significant other without having to change your outfit in real life. You can come up with creative matching Halloween costumes, themed photos for Holiday cards, or plan out your next date night looks. This blog post breaks down the features of the best outfit generator app and how to produce imaginative matching outfits for couples.

The Benefits of Using Matching Couple Wear Generators

If you’re planning out matching couple wear or want to post a photo in matching clothing, couple wear generators make the process effortless. Save time when you’re out shopping by generating potential outfits ahead of time to give you ideas. Outfit generators ensure that the looks are coordinated from head to toe, so it’s easy to pick out shoes, accessories, outerwear, and more. You can plan out each piece before you even step foot in a store or begin your online shopping session.

Using an app to come up with outfit ideas can also push the limits of your creativity. You can use different templates, prompts, and styles to develop imaginative pairings to transform your style. Plus, you can use the outfit generator to immediately visualize how each outfit would look without having to try anything on. This saves time for both you and your partner as you plan your matching outfits as a couple.

Vivid AI — The Best Matching Couple Wear Generator


When looking for an outfit generator for matching outfits for couples, start by exploring professional AI art generators like Vivid AI. Vivid AI creates imaginative AI artworks, portraits, and images based on your own photos. It offers multiple ways to change up your look, clothing, and accessories to get inspiration for your next couple’s outfit. You’ll be able to envision a whole new wardrobe for you and your boo right from your phone, And because it’s an AI tool, the options are limitless. It’ll provide you with any style you want, from realistic, trendy date night clothes to fantasy costume ensembles.

Get started with the AI Outfit feature, which allows you to swap out your outfits in both individual and couple’s photos. You can pick out specific aesthetics, like Y2K or vintage. You can even select the specific textiles you want to see, like leather or denim. Pick up to 10 styles at the same time to enjoy different combinations.


You can also use the AI Scene tool as an outfit generation tool. The custom feature allows you to input various prompts to transform your outfits. Select options like Cyberpunk, Barbie, Autumn, and more to see how each option adds a new theme to your looks.

How to Try On Matching Outfits for Couples With Vivid AI

Ready to start designing one-of-a-kind couple’s outfits from your phone? Here’s how:

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Outfits”


Before you can start transforming your wardrobe, download Vivid AI from your phone’s app store. Having Vivid AI on your phone will allow you to come up with custom outfit ideas for yourself and your significant other at a moment’s notice. Open up the app, then click “AI Outfits” to explore your different style options.

2. Select up to 10 Styles


Next, browse the wide range of styles and aesthetics to apply to your photo. Pick out your favorite one, or combine up to 10 styles for a fully personalized, custom theme for your couples’ outfits. You can also adjust the gender settings to get the best results for your outfits. And when you’re only creating an outfit for yourself, you can pick out the gender that applies to you.

3. Upload the Photo of You and Your Other Half

This AI outfit generator allows you to visualize an outfit directly for you and your partner. Upload a picture of you and your significant other that the app can use as the basis for your new wardrobe. Vivid AI will preserve your key features while switching up your outfits and accessories in the photo.

To get the best results, pick out a clear photo with a neutral background. You want both you and your partner’s full body to be clearly visible in the photo. This allows the AI program to determine where to make clothing appear accurately. Face the camera and avoid doing any dramatic poses. Standing up straight in a basic pose provides the app with a neutral template that’s easy to transform.

4. Wait for the Amazing Result!


Once you have a combination of styles that feels good, wait for the app to generate the photo. You can make adjustments as needed or just save the photo to your device and send it to your partner or friends.

Try Out AI Scene to Stimulate More Ideas

Although AI Outfit is specifically designed to provide you with unique outfit ideas, there are also other ways to generate couple’s looks. Try out AI Scene to see different themed outfits to try on:

1. Open Vivid AI and Tap “AI Scene”


Open the Vivid AI app and select the AI Scene feature. AI Scene transforms different elements like backgrounds, color palettes, textures, and even accessories. You can check out cool, innovative outfits and add a fun theme to the rest of the photo as well.

2. Upload the Image of You and Your Other Half

Upload a picture of you and your partner in the app. Just like with the AI Outfit feature, you want a photo that clearly displays you and your partner’s full body. Also, look for photos where your hands are concealed to ensure the image looks as realistic as possible.

3. Select a Style or Customize One

Pick out any of the available presets to add different themes and aesthetics to your photos. If you want something more specific, you can also click on “Custom” and enter your own prompt. In the text box, enter the type of clothing styles, garments, or accessories you want to see. Ask for specific items like leather jackets or an overall theme, such as black tie wedding clothes.

4. Wait for the Amazing Outcome


Check out the final product after entering your prompt. Review the details of each outfit to make sure you’re getting a couple’s fit that you love. You can also save the style to use in the future to generate different outfits with similar vibes.

Download Vivid AI — The Best Matching Couple Wear Generator


Vivid AI allows you to use different techniques, presets, and prompts to revolutionize the way you plan matching outfits. With AI Outfits and AI Scene, you can change the clothes of multiple people within a photo to the same aesthetic. These features will automatically produce plenty of themed, coordinated outfits to inspire you. You can enhance your usual style with accessories, pick out new themed looks for events, or even change your hair and makeup.

Explore Styles to Try On With Vivid AI:

Try On Matching Clothes for Couples Online With MyEdit

MyEdit, as the ultimate online tool for matching couple outfits, shines amidst a sea of AI outfit generators, thanks to its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and budget-friendly pricing. It caters to a broad audience, making it ideal for planning special event outfits or exploring the latest fashion trends. 

For just $8, you can gain access to 40 unique outfits spanning various styles and you get to experience a top-tier virtual wardrobe without the usual hassle. Try MyEdit today and unlock the future of matching couple wear fashion at your fingertips.

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FAQs About Matching Clothes for Couples

Here are a few questions to consider when using an outfit generator for you and your partner:

1. What Does a Couple’s Matching Outfit Mean?

Couples matching outfits involve wearing a set of clothing that goes well with the clothes your romantic partner is wearing. This can range from subtle coordinated elements to wearing the exact same looks. For example, you might wear matching sweaters or pick out clothes in colors that complement one another.

2. What Can Couples Wear to Match?

Couples can choose any aesthetic of their liking as the basis for their matching outfits. Trendy options include anything from hip-hop to Y2K. You can also pick out matching looks based on occasions, such as weddings, fall photos, or beach days.

3. Is There an App That Helps You Match Clothes?

There are several mobile apps that allow you to virtually try on new clothes with your partner. Vivid AI is a powerful outfit generator that’s easy to use. Any time you want to check out a new style with your significant other, you can simply open the app and explore different themes and aesthetics.

4. What Is the Easiest Way to Try On Couple’s Outfits?

Using AI Outfits or AI Scene from Vivid AI is a simple, streamlined way to check out various couple’s outfits. You and your partner can try on digital looks without having to leave the house or buy new clothes. Once you find a style you like, you can use it for inspiration for your next date night or costume party.

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