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How to Craft Disney Style Princesses With 10 Disney AI Generator Apps

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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3 AI generated disney style princess images

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a Disney princess when you watched Snow White or Frozen as a kid, now you can make it happen. Turn yourself into Elsa, Jasmine, Belle, or any of your other favorite princesses with a Disney AI generator! These apps capture the fantastic Disney look you want so that you can revisit your childhood with a single prompt. Keep reading to discover ten apps that can give you a Disney princess makeover!

Understanding Disney style Princess Design

Disney princess designs have evolved since Snow White became the first princess in the 1930s. Still, you’ll recognize most of the princesses by their big, innocent eyes, fancy clothing, and overall beauty. The cartoonish Disney art combines realistic and romantic styles to give the princesses a fairy tale look that people of all ages love.

What is a Disney AI Generator?

collage 3 AI generated DIsney princess images with Jasmine, Elsa and Snow White style

Some generative AI apps let you recreate certain art or character styles, like Disney’s animation. These apps stick closely to your chosen style and can replicate the princess look, depending on how you word your prompt. You won’t get an exact match to your Disney princess, but you can experiment with different results while keeping to your chosen princess’s signature hair and clothing.

Vivid AI ranks among the best generators, giving you multiple ways to put together your princess. Prompt it with text for a whole new image or photos of you to turn yourself into a Disney princess!

How Do Disney AI Generators Work?

a GIF with UI of 3 Disney AI generators including Vivid AI, PhotoDirector and Picsart

Each app has its algorithms and styles to make your Disney princess match the one you imagined. With Vivid AI, the best Disney AI generator, you can prompt the app with text descriptions. The app has several portrait styles, like Cartoon and 3D, so you can experiment to see which one you like best. Vivid AI generates several portraits, so you can tap each to get a closer look and download your favorites.

Explore 10 Best Disney AI Generators Apps

1. Vivid AI

Available: iOS / Android

an image of Vivid AI's text to image UI and generated images side by side

Vivid AI’s Text to Image tool has more than ten art styles, including realistic, cartoon, and watercolor. You can try both portrait and scenery options, and we recommend the scenery styles to create a complete Disney princess image that includes your background.

When you prompt the Disney AI generator app, you can make your description as simple as you want — like “Disney princess” — or add other details, like clothing style, hair color, or background details. Once Vivid AI generates what you want, save it to your album to share!

Vivid AI also comes with other generative AI tools, like its Magic Avatar, AI Scene and Sky tools, and fashion features. You can use your selfies to turn yourself into a princess or see yourself with your kingdom in the background.

2. PhotoDirector

Available:  iOS / Android

an image of PhotoDirector's text to image UI and generated images side by side

PhotoDirector’s text to image feature has a setup similar to Vivid AI. You can put in your text prompt, choose your style, and see your princess portrait from many angles and with different expressions.

But besides being a Disney AI generator, PhotoDirector is also an all-in-one photo editing app, which sets it apart from many AI generators. It lets you fine-tune your images with smart tools like object remover, background replacement, animated effects, and photo filters. With the AI features in these tools, you don’t have to worry about making tedious manual edits, and it will give you a professional-level result, even if you’re a beginner.

3. Picsart

Available:  iOS / Android

an image of Picsart's text to image UI and generated image side by side

Picsart’s Disney princess art comes close to the modern studio style. Its text-to-image tool lets you describe how you want your princess to look, and you can choose multiple styles from over 25 options at once. The app has photo editing features, too, so after you create your princess, you can refine your photos with AI-powered tools with this Disney AI generator.

4. Fotor

Available:  iOS / Android

an image of Fotor's text to image UI and generated image side by side

Fotor generates a full-body image of your Disney princess with its text-to-image as a Disney AI generator. Among its many styles, Fotor has a Disney one, along with its cartoon, anime, and photography aesthetics. It also upgrades your typical text-to-image feature by letting you choose your aspect ratio from the start, and you can share your favorite creations from the results screen.

5. Photoleap

Available:  iOS / Android

an image of Photoleap's text to image UI and generated image side by side

You can expect straightforward standard text-to-image features from Photoleap using its cartoon, comic, and realistic styles. This Disney AI generator might not match the Disney look as well as some other apps, but it can create group princess images with classic dresses like Snow White’s and Cinderella’s.

6. Arta

Available:  iOS / Android

an image of Arta's text to image UI and generated image side by side

Arta’s Pixtoon style in its text to image AI tool gives you a modern Disney princess style with trendy outfits that upgrade from the classics. Give yourself glowing accessories and ethereal backgrounds for a fantasy effect. This Disney AI generator only gives you one image at a time unless you upgrade to Pro, but you can retry the feature as much as you want.

7. Imagine — AI Art Generator

Available:  iOS / Android

an image of Imagine — AI Art Generator's text to image UI and generated image side by side

Imagine breaks away from the typical cartoon Disney style and gives you a realistic princess look. The free version of this Disney AI generator only gives you one image, but you can unlock two more with premium. You can also choose your model and style and adjust other settings to make your result look like royalty.


Available:  iOS / Android

an image of Imagine —'s text to image UI and generated image side by side uses stable diffusion to create a Disney princess from the text you put in. Along with many styles, you can also draw a sketch or upload a reference image for the Disney AI generator app to create your princess. At the end, perfect the look with the enlarge and face restoration features or upload it to Instagram.

9. AI Art Generator

Available:  iOS / Android

an image of AI Art Generator's text to image UI and generated image side by side

The AI Art Generator app sets itself apart from most other Disney AI generators by not only giving you many styles but also letting you edit your results. The app’s Fix, Refine, and Upscale tools, along with its adjustment feature, let you bring out the colors, sharpen details, and correct anything that doesn’t align with your vision.

10. WOMBO Dream

Available:  iOS / Android

an image of WOMBO Dream's text to image UI and generated image side by side

WOMBO Dream gives suggestions for how to prompt its AI to get a Disney princess just like the one in your mind. With over 40 art styles, you get a unique princess with a background to match each time you try it. Even without choosing a style, the Disney AI generator app is one of the fastest and most accurate when generating art for you.

How to Generate Disney-style Princess with the Best Disney AI Generator?

1. Download Vivid AI

Vivid AI comes with a host of AI features that you can explore when you download the app from the App Store or Google Play store. The app is free, and you can try any of its tools as soon as you download it!

2. Tap “Text to Image” in the Toolbar

Vivid UI' main page with text to image feature highlighted

You’ll see Vivid AI’s most popular features on the main app screen, like the AI Outfit, AI Headshot, and AI Sketch tools. Tap Text to Image to take you to the next screen, where you can create a custom Disney princess.

3. Type a Text Prompt to Describe Your Disney Style Princess

Vivid AI's text to image UI with text prompt and style preview

At the top of the Text to Image screen, you’ll see a box where you can type in your prompt. You can keep it simple and give Vivid AI more freedom with your design. But if you have a look in mind, make sure you add details like:

  • Appearance: Tell the app what color hair, eyes, or skin tone you want. Don’t forget to describe your clothing style or any accessories Vivid AI should add.
  • Personality: Whether you want a princess like bubbly Rapunzel or bookish Belle, type it here. Giving Vivid AI an idea of your Disney princess’s personality will affect her pose and expression.
  • Environment: Match your princess’s background to her personality and appearance by describing her setting. Put her in a lavish ballroom or a colorful flower field, or show her future kingdom behind her!

4. Select From the Cartoon Styles and Generate

Vivid AI's text to image UI and generated cartoon style Disney princess image

Vivid AI has more than ten art styles for creating your princess, but both the Cartoon and 3D styles will give you a Disney character's cute, animated look. But just because the typical Disney princess doesn’t show up in a steampunk world doesn’t mean you can’t experiment!

5. Save and Share!

Vivid AI generates a bunch of Disney princesses for you, even with its free version. You’ll get everything from simple portraits to full body shots with more detailed backgrounds. When you find one you want to download, save it to your phone and share it with your friends and followers!

More Ways To Use the AI Art Generator App

Beyond creating Disney princesses, Vivid AI can help you change your background, turn photos into art, and get inspiration for your style. Try these other features with the app:

1. Text to Image

text to image UI and the generated images

This feature isn’t just for creating new princesses. It allows you to create images based on textual prompts. Simply input a description or idea, and the AI will generate an image that matches the given text.

2. AI Anime

a girl in red sweater with lobg blonde hair applied with 5 AI Anime styles

With Vivid AI's AI Anime feature, you can transform regular photos into vibrant Anime-style images. This feature includes customizable options, allowing you to fine-tune the appearance to achieve the desired Anime aesthetic.

3. AI Sketch

3 images applied with AI sketch styles

Create a black-and-white sketch portrait of yourself or your loved one with this feature. You can also try other painting styles for a watercolor or oil paint finish. This provides a creative way to reinterpret your images in various artistic styles.

4. AI Scene

a bed room image and different interior decoration styles

Choose a photo and use this tool to see it in a new art style. It lets you transform your home, too, so you can get interior design inspiration before you start redecorating. You can preview your photos with various interior designs, allowing you to envision how different styles would complement your images.

5. AI Background

a girl in white top with 5 different AI backgrounds

Vivid AI comes with premade layouts that you can use to replace your photo background. You can choose from those layouts or customize the background according to your preferences, giving you the flexibility to enhance and personalize your images.

FAQs About Disney AI Generators

1. Are These Generated Images Suitable for Commercial Use?

No, your Disney princess AI images are for personal use only. Disney owns the princess designs, so you can’t use their designs to sell your products — even if they’re a little different after the AI generates them.

2. Do I Need Artistic Skills to Use Disney AI Generators?

With a Disney AI generator, you don’t need to know how to draw or paint. Your first result might not be exactly what you want, but you just have to change your text prompts until the app produces the right look.

3. What Disney AI Generators Are Everyone Using?

Among the best Disney AI apps, people are using:

We recommend starting with Vivid AI because it gives you many AI art tools to keep having fun even after you’ve created the perfect Disney princess!

Download Vivid AI - The Best Disney AI Generator

Vivid AI’s free Disney AI generator lets you hone your text-to-image prompts to create a princess worthy of her own movie. The app comes with a ton of tools to use for transforming your style, and you don’t need to have art experience to use it. All its features are free to try, so download Vivid AI for iOS or Android to see how to become a new version of your favorite Disney princess!

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