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The Best AI App to Create Company Headshots in 2024

Last Updated on Jul. 12, 2024 – by CyberLink
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A quality headshot can help you appear more polished and professional online, whether you use it for social media, email signatures, or your company’s website. Instead of setting up a complex professional photoshoot, you can use AI generators to create a polished, professional portrait based on your existing pictures. This blog post shares the top AI app-Vivid AI, which you can use for your professional portraits and then takes you step by step through the process of generating an AI company headshot.

What Is a Company Headshot?

collage of 8 company headshots

A company headshot, also known as a corporate headshot, is a portrait that represents you professionally. Typically, you take a company headshot for an employer who wants to use it in a directory, post it on a website, upload it to the company’s social media, or even use it for your ID badge. You can also use a company headshot for your social media to give a polished, professional first impression to potential colleagues, employers, and business contacts. Your professional headshot makes it easier for your colleagues or clients to recognize you and can make you appear more approachable and personable.

In most company headshots, you must look tidy and groomed and wear a professional outfit. They also need clear lighting and a background that doesn’t distract from the main portrait. Instead of going to a studio, hiring a professional photographer, or spending time setting up your photoshoot, you can now use an AI photo app to create custom headshots.

Vivid AI — The Best AI Company Headshot Generator

a woman and a man and their company headshots in 2 business outfits

Vivid AI makes it easy to use generative AI to produce custom headshots. With the AI Headshot feature, you can dress yourself in any professional outfit, from simply button-up shirts to full suits. Instead of shopping for expensive professional clothes and spending time trying on different outfits, AI Headshot also supports different backgrounds including mono color background, brick wall or office. Try it on a cropped photo for an up-close company headshot that exudes professionalism.

8 AI outfit styles and virtually try on images

AI Outfit is also perfect for experimenting with full-body looks to get inspiration for your work wardrobe. Generate business casual or formal looks to get ideas for your next interview outfit or what you can wear to work. It’s also useful outside the workplace for generating other looks, like wedding guest outfits, matching outfits for couples, or even kids’ outfits.

Learn More Outfits You Can Try On:

How To Generate Corporate Headshots With AI

Create personalized headshots from your phone by following this simple Vivid AI tutorial:

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Headshot”

Vivid AI' main page and highlight AI Headshot feature

Find the Vivid AI on your phone’s app marketplace and download it to your device. Once you have the app open, tap “AI Headshot.” This will allow you to use AI to generate any type of look you desire, including professional options for your company headshot.

2. Select Gender and Style

AI headshot styles of different gender provided by Vivid AI

With the “AI Headshot” tool open, select your gender to make sure the app generates appropriate clothes for you. Then, pick one or more styles to apply to your photo. Browse through all available outfits including “Suit”, “Shirt” and “Knitwear”(This one only supports headshots for females). For a company headshot, try outfits that are suitable for your occupation. If you are not sure about it, you can select up to 8 styles and choose the one you like most.

3. Upload a Picture of Yourself

Next, upload the photo you want to transform. To get the best results, pick out a high-quality, clear photo that’s focused on your face. The photo should at least feature your shoulders and face, but you can also pick out a full-body photo to get a head-to-toe outfit.

4. Wait for the Magic

4 normal life style photos being turned to company headshots

Once you choose the style and pick out a photo, Vivid AI will do the rest of the work for you. It’ll give you a new, professional outfit while preserving your features. This will make it look like you’re really wearing a professional outfit that’s worthy of your official company headshot. Experiment with different style combinations and generate new outfits until you find the perfect portrait for your headshot. Once you’re done, save the image to your device to use for any professional situation.

Top 3 AI Corporate Headshot Generators

There are many different AI photo apps you can use to produce high-quality company headshots. Here are a few of the top options that provide convenient, easy-to-use features and a wide variety of customization options:

1. Vivid AI

Vivid AI is a versatile AI image generator that you can use for both personal and professional projects. You can use the AI Headshot tool to explore different outfits for work and create classy company headshots, then check out casual options for day-to-day wear with AI Outfit. Once you’re done testing out different outfits, try your hand at interior decorating with Vivid AI’s AI Interior Generator, which can give you instant inspiration for how to style different rooms in your house. Vivid AI also has a powerful text-to-image generator to create custom artwork and an AI Avatar feature that generates a customizable, AI-generated version of yourself based on your real photos.

2. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is the best free photo editing app with an AI Outfit option. Along with being able to generate AI inspiration for your company headshots, PhotoDirector has other editing features to improve your photo quality or add imaginative elements to your favorite pictures. AI Enhance lets you use generative AI to restore old or blurry photos, enhancing the quality of any picture in seconds.

Use features like the smart background removal tool to swap out the backdrop of your portraits for something more exciting, or remove a cluttered background and replace it with something sleek and professional. You can also use beauty-enhancing options like face reshape or other makeup tools to upgrade your features in any photos.

3. Fotor

Fotor is a photo editor and AI generator that works for anything from anime pictures to professional headshots. It has an AI headshot option that allows you to generate portraits for any situation while preserving your features for a natural effect. Then, retouch your headshot, remove the background, and add in a clear, professional backdrop to create a high-quality company photo.

More Than Professional Headshots — Turn Yourself Into Versatile Styles!

a man and a woman in 4 AI Avatar styles, which are created by Vivid AI

Once you’re done designing custom headshots for work, get creative with the AI Avatar feature. With this innovative feature, you can create a stylized AI version of yourself that you can dress up or put in different scenic settings. By uploading multiple pictures of yourself into the app, the AI tool can identify your key features and transpose them onto a fully custom avatar. Once you generate the avatar, you can use it as the basis for fun portraits, phone backgrounds, artwork, and more. You’ll be able to try out different hair colors, accessories, or aesthetics with just a tap.

Learn More about AI Avatar:

FAQs About Company Headshots

The quality of your company headshot can have a direct impact on your professional reputation, so it’s important to create one that you’re proud of. Make sure you get the best possible AI company portrait by reviewing these frequently asked questions:

1. What to Wear for Corporate Headshots?

When dressing up for company headshots, it’s best to wear business professional clothes. This means a nice blouse or button-up shirt, a suit jacket, slacks or a skirt, and professional shoes. You can also wear professional accessories like a neutral tie or a basic pair of earrings. Pick out garments and accessories in classic, understated colors like navy, white, and black.

Instead of assembling an outfit and trying on different looks, you can also use AI image generators to virtually test out professional outfits. You’ll be able to instantly transform a basic headshot into a professional portrait that’s perfect for the corporate world.

2. Can I Get Corporate Headshot Without Going to a Photo Studio?

Thanks to AI, you can produce a pro-level headshot for work without having to go to a professional photographer. By using apps like Vivid AI or PhotoDirector, you can generate your own corporate headshot from your own home. As long as you have a quality photo of yourself, you can transform it into a professional portrait.

3. What is the Best AI Headshot App?

With its versatile outfit generation tools, Vivid AI is the ideal AI photo app for creating AI headshots. You can pick out any style and transform your portraits into polished, high-quality headshots that you’re proud to share. It also has plenty of other features you can play with to create artwork or enhance your favorite photos.

4. How to Do Corporate Headshots at Home?

To create a professional headshot, use Vivid AI’s outfit generation tool. Select “AI Headshot,” choose your favorite professional styles, and then pick out the photo you want to use as the basis for your headshot. The app will provide you with a realistic headshot that you can use for any corporate occasion.

Download Vivid AI — The Best AI Company Headshot Generator

a woman and a man and their company headshots in 2 business outfits

With the power of Vivid AI, you can quickly produce fully personalized portraits for any situation, including your corporate headshots. Experiment with different styles and outfits and see how the app transforms basic photos into professional portraits. Once you’ve generated the perfect headshot, explore all that Vivid AI has to offer by checking out its impressive photo enhancement and art generation tools.

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