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You’re looking for your next signature look, but how do you know what hair color will look right with your new aesthetic? You don’t want to go to the salon, dye your hair, and find out you hate it.

With a change hair color app, you can change hair color online and see the infinite possibilities, try on multicolor ombre and natural colors, and even see how you look in new hairstyles. An app with AI tools takes the risk out of dyeing your hair, so you can try adventurous colors and adjust the look to your preference. Then, use it as a reference for your stylist!

In this article, you’ll learn how to use PhotoDirector – the best hair color changer to change your hair color instantly and have fun exploring new looks with the app’s AI Avatar feature. Keep reading to customize your hair color, and use PhotoDirector’s other features to complete your image!

PhotoDirector: The Best App To Change Hair Color

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector has a range of tools to help you look your best in every photo. Its AI Avatar feature has a hair color changer so that you can avoid a dyeing disaster. Go bleach blonde, create a vibrant sunset, or change your hair with the seasons using PhotoDirector’s magic hair color try-on feature. The no-risk feature to virtually try on hair color fulfills your curiosity, even if you don’t want to leave the salon with anything but blonde or brunette.

The AI Avatar feature uses your selfies to generate a photorealistic image of you with your new hair color. Plus, with the app’s other tools, including its background removal and replacement, cartoon style filters, and object remover, you can refine any photo and share different versions of your look before you commit to it in real life. Keep reading for a step-by-step look at how to wear the trendiest hair colors of 2023!

Learn More about Changing Your Look with AI

What Are the Hair Color Trends in 2023?

Hop on this year’s trends or set your own with PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature. It satisfies your wild side, gives you inspiration and ideas, and helps you keep up with the most popular colors, no matter how fast TikTok tells you they change. Try a natural look or get wild with vibrant multicolor blends with these trending colors:

1. Platinum Blonde

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

This classic and beachy look gets you ready for summer with an upbeat, flirty vibe. The color gives you a touch of luxury without lacking warmth with its youthful exuberance, embodying celebrity personalities like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lawrence.

2. Rich Brunette

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Brunette hair gives you an earthy vibe with an air of sophistication and natural beauty that appears effortless. A deep brunette creates a mysterious aesthetic, putting you among high-profile companies like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

3. Smoky Gray

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

This silvery hair color epitomizes mature beauty. With a bluish hue, your smoky gray hair gives you a cool charm no matter your age. You’ve probably seen Nafessa Williams looking like an icy goddess with shimmering silver-blue hair in a sleek bob, and you can steal the look with PhotoDirector.

4. Fiery Red

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Vibrant red hair turns heads with a passionate and bold color that makes you stand out in a crowd. It brings the heat with its expressive energy, just like Zendaya and Megan Fox. Red hair gives you a lot of freedom, and you can try a more natural shade or go all out with brilliant sunset tones.

5. Honey Blonde

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Honey blonde gives subtle sass with a softer feel than platinum. It never goes out of style and gives you a hint of warmth with its chestnut hue. Beyonce and Emma Roberts have rocked this versatile blonde tone and, if you’re not ready to dye all your hair, you can start with honey-blonde highlights to brighten your hair.

6. Unicorn Hair

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Unicorn hair turns heads with its fantastical pastel and bold ombre designs. You can make it unique to you with different shades of pink, purple, and blue or combine it with platinum blonde. Also called mermaid hair, this style blends fairy-like shades to take boring hair color to the next level. Catch this rainbow trend in the wild with Ciara’s 2023 look!

How To Change Hair Color on iPhones

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature allows you to virtually try on hair color in just a few steps, starting when you download the app. Once you go to the AI Avatar feature and choose a gender, the Hairstyle feature will prompt you to select your next look. When you upload your photos, PhotoDirector will generate your avatars with your new hair color in photorealistic images!

1. Download PhotoDirector: The Best App To Change Hair Color

PhotoDirector is available in the App Store or on Google Play for free. Search and tap to download, and you’ll get access to the app’s smart tools, including the AI Avatar feature and its virtual salon full of inspiring hair colors and styles.

As an all-in-one AI photo editing app, PhotoDirector can improve any image with just a few taps. When you’re done checking out new hair colors, try the app’s picture filters, effects, and advanced editing tools to get the full experience!

2. Tap AI Avatar and Choose a Gender

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Open the app and tap the AI Avatar feature on the launch screen. That will kickstart the avatar-making process by prompting you to follow three steps.

First, choose your gender. PhotoDirector gives you three options — Female, Male, and Other. Make sure you select the gender you want to see in your avatars, especially when it comes to changing your hair color, as this will affect your results.

The Female option gives you additional styles and accessories to try, and you can get some of these styles under Other, too. Selecting your gender can show you a different gender expression than the one you use in real life, too, so it’s a great way to explore a new version of yourself beyond hair colors alone.

3. Tap Hairstyle To Find Hair Color

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Tap Hairstyle to get to the next screen, where you’ll choose the Hair Color style. You can select up to four styles, and when you select the Female gender option, you’ll get a couple of extra choices. Within each option, you can try specific colors and hairstyles that accurately suit your vision.

4. Select 10-20 Photos and Wait for the Magic

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector’s AI tool needs at least 10 photos of you to learn how to recreate your face for your avatars. The app will use them to create a realistic image of you, so select photos you like or take a collection of new ones before you start generating your new avatars. To get the best results, upload selfies or close-up portraits of yourself with varied backgrounds. Make sure you’re looking at the camera, and while you can make different facial expressions, stay away from anything too dramatic.

Full-length photos won’t work for the hair color changer since they won’t give a detailed image of your hair. Photos with more than one person can confuse the app, and covering your face with sunglasses or even your hands can result in less accurate images.

When you’ve uploaded all your photos, tap Continue. Then, wait for the app to work its magic!

5. Save and Share Your New Look!

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector will take a few minutes to change hair color in photo images and create something new. While you wait, you can use other apps or step away from your phone for a while. When PhotoDirector finishes generating your avatars, it will notify you, so you can come back and check out your new hair colors.

Save your avatars in packs or individually, and share them to social media straight from the app. Once your friends and followers weigh their opinions, take your favorite look to the salon as a reference!

What Else Can I Do to My Hair with AI Avatar?

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

Dyeing your hair isn’t your only option with PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature! Along with many AI styles, you can go even further with your new hair and discover elegant styles, chic hair trends, and fun accessories.

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

When you choose the Female gender option, you’ll see the Headbands and Hair Clips options on the next screen. These styles offer even more ways to show your personality and create a style that suits any occasion, from a summer wedding to a casual afternoon in the town with your friends. Plus, the Hair Style feature lets you choose from updos, long waves, braids, and much more to get a look that complements your face shape.

Enhance photos with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector has endless styles to explore so you can mix things up every time. Restart the process to get a new look every time!

FAQs about Hair Color Changers

1. How Do You See How a Hair Color Will Look on You?

Using a change hair color app lets you see different hair colors and styles you can’t always try in real life. PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar tool lets you choose your gender and style, and once you upload a few photos of yourself, it generates new images of you with your new hair color!

2. Is There an App To Change Hair Color and Style?

PhotoDirector is free to download for iOS and Android, and it has tons of hair color and style options to try on. Hair color app tools like PhotoDirector generate a new image every time, so you’ll always get a different result, which means you won’t run out of looks to discover!

3. What Kinds of Hairstyles and Colors Are Trendy Now?

Copper, red, and brunette hair colors are in style in 2023. Wear them in a chic bob or long, wavy layers — even pixie cuts with these colors show off your hair’s texture. Brunette tones and darker blondes give your hair a natural beauty while still offering something new to you. You can check more trendy hair colors in 2023 we listed.

4. How Does a Hair Color Changer Work?

PhotoDirector’s hair color changer uses AI to generate new looks for you. Choose your gender and color first. Then, upload 10-20 photos of yourself, and wait for the app to generate your new styles!

Download PhotoDirector: The Best App To Change Hair Color

PhotoDirector sets itself apart as a free AI Avatar generator, and its impressive range of styles and tools gives you plenty to work with to discover your next look. Its user-friendly interface means you don’t need photo editing skills to bring your vision to life without risking a bad dye job or a haircut that doesn’t suit you.

With PhotoDirector, you can keep generating new looks until you find one that feels like the real you. Whether you want to copy your favorite celebrity’s aesthetic or create a trend all on your own, this app has the tools to help you get started. Plus, you can use it to improve any photo by removing the background, adding stickers, removing unwanted objects or people, and much more. Download PhotoDirector for free to transform faded dye and exposed roots into a stunning new version of you!

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