11 Best AI Photo Editor Apps To Enhance Your Images Easily on Mobile [2024]

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Best AI Photo Editor Apps

AI technology is nothing new, but did you know it can improve the look of your photos? Many photo editing apps use it to enhance your photo quality and help you make lots of photo edits more easily than learning advanced editing and design skills. It can do everything from cleaning up your snaps to reshaping your face and body to achieve the look you want in your photos.

Recently, AI’s popularity has exploded, and AI photo editor apps have created more ways to use it in automated editing tools. Instead of doing everything manually, apps like PhotoDirector can identify the areas you want to edit, making the process even faster. PhotoDirector isn’t the only app that can edit your snaps with AI, so we’ve put together 11 of the best AI photo editing apps to help you get the perfect look for every photo!

What’s an AI Photo Editor?

An AI photo editor is a software application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automatically enhance and modify digital images, simplifying complex editing tasks, making photo editing more accessible to users, ranging from amateur to professional photographers.

It intelligently analyzes images, improving colors, lighting, and composition. In addition to these features that most AI photo enhancers have, they can also apply artistic filters and effects, mimic the styles of famous artists, or turn photos into various art forms, such as paintings or sketches. 

Snapshot of the 3 Best AI Photo Editor Apps

1. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one AI photo editor app that allows you to edit photos in just a few taps with intelligent tools and amazing quality. Detailed Review >

2. Vivid AI

Vivid AI is the essential AI photo editor for iOS and Android users, offering 11 diverse image styles, from oil painting to cartoon. Its user-friendly interface makes it effortless to transform images, making it a must-have tool for enhancing your photo editing capabilities. Detailed Review >

3. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect’s AI photo editing features make it especially easy to do all your editing in one place with comprehensive tools and many options. Detailed Review >

11 Best AI Photo Editor Apps

Each AI photo editor app works a little differently, so it’s a good idea to find out which has the features you need before editing. Explore these 11 apps to discover the best one for you:

  1. PhotoDirector
  2. Vivid AI
  3. YouCam Perfect
  4. Lensa
  5. PicMa
  6. Voila
  7. PixelUP
  8. Fotor
  9. PicWish
  10. Remini
  11. FLTR

1. PhotoDirector — The Best AI Photo Editor App for Complete Creative Photo Edits

Rating: 4.6/4.4

Available: iOS/Android

Key features:

PhotoDirector has a range of AI photo editing tools for every purpose. It can turn your selfies into art, adjust your appearance, and clean up your snaps in seconds. With many options for different styles, you can upgrade your photos in seconds and make any edits you want in this one AI photo app. Plus, the app is free, so you can start using it right away!

AI Magic Avatar

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar feature creates avatars using your selfies. You can turn ordinary selfies into AI selfies with various styles, like fantasy, sci-fi, and artsy, for a totally new look. Upload 13-20 selfies with different angles and expressions, and PhotoDirector will create avatars from photos based on your chosen styles. Then, save the ones you like best!

Learn More about Creating AI Avatars:

AI Object Removal

Removing objects and people from your photo takes a lot of time and effort with typical photo editors. It can take a long time to learn how to do it and keep your photo quality, which is why PhotoDirector’s AI object remover makes the process simple. Just brush over the object or person you want to remove, and the AI feature will automatically remove objects from photos!

More Tips about People/Object Removal:

AI Cartoon Style

PhotoDirector has 15 AI-style cartoon filters to give your selfies a fun and creative look. It gives you styles ranging from anime art to 3D cartoons, so you can pick the one that suits your vibe best. With one tap, PhotoDirector will transform you into your favorite cartoon style!

Learn More about Cartooning Yourself

AI Deblur/Denoise

Low lighting or quick motion sometimes reduces your photo quality, but PhotoDirector’s deblur and denoise feature can fix them for you. If you have a grainy or blurry image, denoise and deblur can make your images crystal clear.

And if you don’t want to adjust them one by one, you can tap “AI Enhance”. In one second, this powerful tool intelligently enhances your photos, optimizing various aspects like brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness, resulting in impressive and professional-looking results.

Learn More about AI Enhancer:

AI Body Reshape Tool

PhotoDirector’s body reshape tool lets you enhance your favorite features and slim yourself when you want to. You can edit your waist, bust, and hips to accentuate your curves and adjust how much you retouch so that you always get natural results. Plus, PhotoDirector won’t warp your background!

More Tips about Body Reshape:

AI Face Reshape Tool

PhotoDirector’s face reshape tools allow you to adjust your face, jaw, eyes, nose, and lips. Use the slider to shape each feature and create the effect you want with seamless edits. With face reshaping, you can enhance your natural beauty and choose which features you change and how much.

More Tips about Retouching Faces:

AI Background Remover

Replacing a bland or cluttered background with beautiful art can improve your photo and give it a creative touch. PhotoDirector can automatically change the background in a photo and detect your photo subject so you can replace your scenery in one tap. You can also do it manually for an even more precise edit.

Learn More about Background Changer:

2. Vivid AI — The Best AI Photo Editor App for AI Generated Images

Rating: 4.7/4.8

Available: iOS/Android

Key Features:

  • Turn Text to Images with AI
  • Change outfit styles with AI Outfit
  • Change Photo Background
  • Replace Photo Sky
  • Turn Photos to a Different Style

Vivid AI is the ultimate AI photo editor you must have in your toolkit. This versatile tool seamlessly integrates with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for all users. Whether you're in need of powerful AI solutions, Vivid AI has you covered. Its standout feature is a text-to-image AI that offers an impressive array of 11 unique image styles, including oil painting, vintage, cartoon, and steampunk. Plus, its user-friendly and intuitive interface ensures that transforming your images to perfection is an effortless endeavor. Elevate your photo editing game with Vivid AI – the must-have AI photo editor.

Discover More AI Tools of Vivid AI:

3. YouCam Perfect — Best AI Photo App for Making Beauty Edits

YouCam Perfect Logo

Rating: 4.8/4.4

Available: iOS/Android

YouCam Perfect is an AI photo editor app that allows you to remove blemishes, edit your face and body shape, and cut out or remove objects in seconds. Its AI photo editing tools detect your background, so you can remove it and use effects like a blur to create a stylized effect.

4. Lensa — Best for Turning Selfies into AI Art

Lensa Logo

Rating: 4.5/4.1

Available: iOS/Android

Lensa specializes in portrait selfies that you can touch up with its many AI photo editing effects. Explore artistic cartoon styles, quickly remove unwanted background objects, and edit small details like your eyes with the AI photo app to make your favorite features shine.

5. PicMa — Best AI Photo Enhancer for Retouching Old Photos

PicMa Logo

Rating: 4.7/4.5

Available: iOS/Android

PicMa’s AI photo editing technology gives you the typical retouch features and has tools for retouching and colorizing black and white photos. It brightens old, discolored photos and restores them to get rid of blurry, scratched, and torn areas for a clear image.

6. Voila — Best for Turning Yourself into a Cartoon

Voila Logo

Rating: 4.8/4.6

Available: iOS/Android

Voila’s AI cartoon feature turns you into your favorite animated style to make you look like your favorite movie, turn you into a painting, or make you a meme. In terms of an AI photo enhancer, it’s more limited than PhotoDirector, but it’s got a lot of cartoon styles and can even cartoonize your pet!

7. PixelUP — Best AI Photo App for Animating Photos

PixelUP Logo

Rating: 4.5/4.0

Available: iOS/Android

PixelUP isn’t just an AI photo editor; it also puts life into your snaps with HD animation effects! You can colorize your old pictures and then choose an animation style to enhance them further. With this AI photo app, you can even reduce blur to create a clear image before you animate.

8. Fotor — Best for Removing Objects and Backgrounds

Fotor Logo

Rating: 4.7/4.3

Available: iOS/Android

With its Magic Remove tool, Fotor instantly erases people, objects, and any other background clutter from your photos. It can remove everything from buildings to blemishes, and with the AI retouch tool, you can make even more detailed edits that clear your skin fast.

9. PicWish — Best for Editing Many Photos at Once

PicWish Logo

Rating: 3.4/4.1

Available: iOS/Android

PicWish is an AI photo enhancer that has multiple features to enhance your photos and lets you edit up to 30 images at once. Its batch AI features let you change all your backgrounds, enhance ID photos when it’s legal, and improve your photo quality with deblur and removal tools.

10. Remini — Best for Creating HD Portrait Photos with AI

Remini Logo

Rating: 4.6/4.2

Available: iOS/Android

Remini’s AI photo editor improves blurry or pixelated photos by adding pixels to your photos. It boosts clarity and works especially well for facial details, even with old pictures!

11. FLTR — Best AI Photo Editor App for Using Lightroom Effects


Rating: 4.8/4.6

Available: iOS/Android

FLTR is an AI photo app having over 1000 Lightroom effects in different styles you can download and apply to your photos. With so many AI filters, you have many options to have fun and set the right mood for your aesthetic in every photo.

Download PhotoDirector: The Best AI Photo Editor App

PhotoDirector is more than an AI photo editor app. It has a range of AI features to enhance your photos for free, including face and body reshaping, background and object removal, and cartoon styles. But as an all-in-one photo editing app, you can make even more edits with its easy-to-use platform. Download PhotoDirector for iOS or Android to explore AI photo editing tools, stickers, overlays, and other effects like color inversion that make you look like a professional photo editor!

FAQs about AI Photo Editors

1. What Are AI Edits?

AI edits simplify complicated photo edits with features like automatic detection and smart tools that help you improve your photos faster. It reduces the need for manual edits to get better-quality pictures after editing.

2. Are AI Image Editors Available for Mobile Devices?

Yes! There are lots of AI photo editors out there, like PhotoDirector. These AI photo apps provide tools that make editing easier while keeping your photo quality. With them, you can edit your face and body, restore and colorize old photos, create clearer images, and more!

3. Which Is the Best AI Photo Editor App?

PhotoDirector is the best AI photo editor app because it offers a wide range of AI tools, and you can edit without lowering your photo quality. Plus, the app is free and easy to use, so you can start exploring its features right away. It gives you filters and quality effects, and you don’t need any special photo editing skills to use it.

4. What Features Can I Use To Edit Selfies with an AI Photo App?

Each AI photo editor app offers different tools, but with PhotoDirector you not only can enhance images by unblurring and denoising the images but also create your own magic avatar, slim your face, edit your body, turn your photos into cartoons, and remove objects or change your photo background. Each AI feature lets you change your photo in a few taps!

5. Do AI Photo Editors Offer Manual Editing Options As Well?

Many AI photo editor apps offer manual editing, but not all of them give you that level of precision in your editing. With PhotoDirector, you can choose between AI and manual options or use the app’s manual tools to touch up the AI detection details for a more refined look.

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