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Last Updated on Jan. 13, 2023 – by David Morgan
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Anime faces are a fun way to get creative with your photo edits and give yourself a new look. Whether you want big anime eyes or an artistic touch to your snaps, PhotoDirector can make it happen. Keep reading to learn how to make an anime face with your photos!

PhotoDirector — Best App To Make Anime Faces

Available on: iOS and Android

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editing app offering a full suite of tools and features to achieve perfect pictures. It’s a free app on iPhone or Android, and it includes AI-powered features like sky replacement, background and object removal, photo touchups, visual effects like Anime filters, and much more.

  • Advanced AI Techniques
  • PhotoDirector has tons of tools to help you enhance your photos, including tools to give you an anime face. Its advanced AI technology turns your portraits into anime photos by automatically detecting your face and instantly transforming your photo with an anime look. Its powerful tools go beyond creating the perfect anime face, too!

  • Anime Face with a Fantastic Background
  • You can apply 10 different background styles to beautify your portrait and get the layout and colors you want to match your anime face.

  • User-Friendly UI
  • The user-friendly app lets you choose your anime effect simply by tapping on it, so you can generate your anime faces in seconds from PhotoDirector’s extensive collection of styles.

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How To Turn Your Face Into an Anime Face with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector’s effects to turn yourself into a cartoon come in many different looks that you can explore before you choose the one you like the most. You can experiment with different ones in the app or change them for a new look each day. Here’s how to find them and apply them to your snaps.

1. Download PhotoDirector

You can download PhotoDirector for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. Many of the app’s features are free to use, so you can put on your new anime face as soon as it’s finished downloading to your phone!

2. Tap “Style”

Open the app and tap Edit to choose the photo you want to change. It’s a good idea to pick a portrait photo so that you can see the full effect of PhotoDirector’s anime face styles and bring out all the details. Then, go to Style to see all the different anime face looks!

3. Choose the Anime Face Effect You Like

PhotoDirector has 14 different anime face styles you can try in just a few taps. You can go for a totally cartoonish look or try one of six different 3D-style anime faces.

If you don’t want your entire photo to be in an anime style, PhotoDirector’s shape masks let you apply the anime look only to areas you choose. Once you’ve chosen your anime effect and the area you want to change, drag the slider bar to adjust how it looks and how intense the effect looks on your photo.

4. Save and Share Your Anime Face

Your anime face edits don’t have to stop there! Try PhotoDirector’s other tools and add stickers or text to your photo to match your new vibe and create a unique edit. When you’re done, tap the download button to save your edits to your phone or share them directly to social media!

3 Best Uses for Anime Face Photos

Just like you can get creative in PhotoDirector by exploring all different anime faces, you can also have fun finding new ways to use your edits! Here are a few places you can share your anime face for everyone to see.

1. Anime Memes

Anime memes are a fun way to add some drama to your snaps. With PhotoDirector’s cartoon yourself effects, you can turn yourself into a meme and become a character version of yourself and turn this into a funny image. Plus, PhotoDirector’s text feature lets you add funny captions to make relatable content that your friends and followers will love!

2. Profile Photos

PhotoDirector’s anime face effects keep you on trend by instantly turning your portrait into your new profile pic! Add your new anime profile pic to your Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok account for a stylish way to express yourself.

3. Emoji Stickers

Making emoji stickers with your anime face edits lets you share cute and cartoonish expressions on social media or add a unique touch to other photos in your gallery. With stickers, you can turn yourself into a character and show how you feel with personalized emojis!

Download the Best App with Anime Face Effects — PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector turns your ordinary photos into anime faces, and it can even enhance your background to match your new style! The app comes with lots of different anime styles so that you can create your own one-of-a-kind look using powerful AI technology.

Its cartoon faces and surreal backgrounds add a fun and artistic look to your photos in seconds, and PhotoDirector has no advertisements to pull you away from your edits. Download the app free for iOS or Android to start exploring anime face styles for your portrait photos!

Anime Face FAQs

1. How To Get the Viral Anime Face Effect on Phones?

You’ll find plenty of cartoon-yourself apps, but we recommend using PhotoDirector for its AI technology that instantly applies your anime face effect. It has many anime styles to explore, and you can even change your background to match your new look!

2. How Many Anime Face Effects Can I Choose from in PhotoDirector?

PhotoDirector has 14 anime face effects, and they’re all designed for different uses. Some transform your entire photo into anime styles, while others work best on portrait photos so that you can use your edits as a profile picture on your favorite social media platforms.

3. What Can I Do with an Anime Face Photo?

Anime styles have become trendy across social media, so there are lots of fun ways to use your edits! You can turn them into cartoonish memes, stylish profile pictures, and emoji stickers to match your unique aesthetic.

4. What Is the Best AI Photo App To Make My Face Look Like an Anime?

PhotoDirector is the best app for making anime photos with its collection of anime face styles, AI technology that instantly detects your face, and tons of other editing features to enhance your anime edits. The app also has no advertisements, and it’s free to use for iOS and Android!

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