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Try On Old Money Fashion Style with the Best AI Outfit Generator

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Whether you know it or not, you’ve seen the old-money aesthetic even before it became a trend. With over 11 billion views on TikTok, this timeless look means more than looking rich. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle, and embodying it means walking the walk, too.

As you try on the old-money fashion style, consider the values that come with the aesthetic to truly shine in your new fit. With a random outfit generator app like Vivid AI, you can see yourself as part of a new generation of old money. Keep reading to find out how to wear the old-money look confidently and find the right pieces to build your wardrobe using AI Outfit!

What Is the Old-Money Aesthetic?


The old-money fashion aesthetic epitomizes sophistication through clean, neutral pieces, known as quiet luxury. It rejects the notion that extravagance signifies wealth, emphasizing tradition over trends. This understated and timeless look prioritizes quality and a perfect fit, eschewing fast fashion.

Rooted in philanthropy and a long-term perspective, it exudes refinement. As you don these carefully crafted pieces, consider the world through an old-money lens, transcending transient trends for enduring elegance and values.

How to Wear Old-Money Outfits


The old-money fashion style uses a lot of tailored suits and dresses, dress shirts and blouses, and subtle yet elegant pieces. The fit is important in this look, as people with old money can afford to get their clothing tailored or custom-made.

The understated old-money look prioritizes precision over flashiness. Modest cuts matter, and attention to details like avoiding wrinkles and loose threads is crucial. Embrace minimalism for a high-quality, effortless style that avoids appearing ostentatiously wealthy.

The aesthetic uses classic hues, from soft white to beige to navy blue and black. You won’t see any loud patterns with this look. Go with plaid, houndstooth, or solid colors to complete the look.

Vivid AI — The Best AI App to Try On Old-Money Fashion Style


With Vivid AI, you can try on old-money clothes with the AI Outfit feature. This tool comes with several outfit styles that you can try to experiment with the old-money aesthetic. With Vivid AI’s neutral patterns, colors, and styles, you can blend the outfits you discover to create a trendy outfit that fits your personality.

Try On Outfits for Any Occasions With Vivid AI:

Along with its AI Outfit feature, Vivid AI has plenty of other AI tools to explore. With Text to Image, you can type a description to prompt the app and ask it to create a subject, scene, or outfit just like the one you imagined. The AI Avatar feature lets you upload images of yourself that Vivid AI then uses to make a whole new picture of you in the style you choose.


AI Room and AI Scene change your background, putting you in a new environment. AI Scene adds to your old-money look by turning your entire photo into the aesthetic, giving you scenery that matches your effortless elegance.

How to Try On Old-Money Outfits With Vivid AI

Capture the old-money vibe in seconds with Vivid AI when you download the app and go to AI Outfit. Choose from its many styles, and add a picture of you for the app to dress. Then, wait for Vivid AI to show you how many ways you can wear old-money outfits, even if you’re on a budget!

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Outfit”


You can search Vivid AI in the App Store and on Google Play to find and download it for free. 

Once you’ve got the app, you’ll find the AI Outfit feature on the main screen among Vivid AI’s other popular tools, like AI Anime, AI Scene, and AI Avatar. Tap to open it and start trying on your old-money outfits!

2. Select Style


The AI Outfit feature has ten styles to choose from. You can choose just one or all of them at once to get various new looks.

For the old-money style, the Tweed, One Tone, and Check styles will give you the best results. They have the simple patterns quiet luxury is known for, and you can coordinate different ones to get a unique look that’s still on trend. For example, combine a neutral blouse with tweed trousers for a mixed-fabric look that still embodies the right style.

Exploring Vivid AI’s old-money styles will give you a better idea of how to incorporate these looks into your life. Even with such a classic aesthetic, you can still get creative with how you wear your favorite pieces.

3. Upload Your Photo

Once you’ve chosen your favorite styles, upload a photo of yourself. Vivid AI will use this picture to show you your new outfits, so here are a few guidelines to help you choose the best photo for a clear view of your old-money fashion:

  • Use a full-body photo to see your whole ensemble together. A selfie won’t work for this because it won’t show enough of you to give you a good view of how you look with your new style.
  • Make sure you have a high-quality photo, and avoid blurry or grainy images. The cleaner your picture, the more accurate Vivid AI’s results will look.
  • Keep your face clear by avoiding face coverings, like sunglasses, and keep your hands at your sides or behind your back.
  • Don’t include friends, partners, or pets in the photo. Vivid AI should focus on you without others to distract in the photo, making it easier for the app to apply your outfits.

Once you’ve uploaded your picture, tap continue to go to the last step!

4. Wait for the Amazing Results!


Vivid AI will take the rest of the process from here. All you have to do is wait while the app creates your outfits based on the styles you picked in step 2. While it works, you can use other apps, and Vivid AI will notify you when it’s done.

Then, come back to see all your old-money outfits! You can go through the process again to assemble even more old-money looks, explore other styles, or take your looks to the next level with Vivid AI’s other features. When you’ve found enough outfits you like, take them to the boutique and use them as inspiration while you put together your new wardrobe!

Try Turning the Whole Photo Into an Old-Money Aesthetic


Complete your old money aesthetic with the AI Scene feature! It’s more than a background replacement feature — instead, it turns your entire picture into art based on the prompt you put in. The AI Scene tool gives you a new perspective on your typical photos, from winter wonderlands to fantasy landscapes. Use it to see how your old-money fashion style looks with the full, quiet luxury atmosphere around you by following these steps:

  1. Download Vivid AI and choose AI Scene from the features on the main screen.
  2. Go to Custom and type your old-money style prompt into the box.
  3. Tap Done and let Vivid AI show you its stunning results!

FAQs About the Old Money Fashion Style

1. What Are the Colors of Old-Money Clothing?

Old-money fashion uses mainly neutral tones, like white, gray, beige, navy, and black. You can wear them in solid colors or as a classic pattern, like plaid or argyle. This isn’t the style to go bright and bold, but you can sometimes incorporate softer blues or even pinks into the look, depending on how you use them.

2. How Can I Look Rich in Simple Dresses?

Old-money dresses prize quality over quantity. With simple dresses, make sure they’re clean, ironed, and don’t have any loose threads. Go for quiet luxury with high-quality fabrics, like cotton and cashmere, and care for them so that they keep their original beauty long after you buy them.

3. What Are the Characteristics of Old-Money Style?

You’ll recognize old money by its classic look, neutral colors, and quality focus. Its discreet personality separates it from the stereotypical luxury vibe, which most people see as more extravagant and excessive. Old money goes for minimalism that focuses on the care and craftsmanship put into the clothing, so you’ll see simpler styles that reflect the tradition of old money.

4. Is There Any App for Me to Try On an Old-Money Fashion Style?

An AI outfit generator, like Vivid AI, lets you explore old-money outfits with its AI Outfit feature and styles like its Tweed, Check, and One Tone looks. You can also use the AI Scene tool to fully immerse yourself in the old-money vibe and get inspired to create your look outside the app.

5. What’s the Easiest Way to Try On the Old-Money Aesthetic?

Download Vivid AI for free for iOS or Android to start trying on old-money fashion. Then, go to its AI Outfit feature on the launch screen, where you can select your styles. Upload a photo of yourself following the app’s guidelines, then tap to continue. Vivid AI will show you a bunch of outfits that go with the old-money aesthetic. Keep trying the feature as many times as you want, or head to your favorite shop to find pieces to wear!

Download Vivid AI — The Best AI App To Try on Old-Money Fashion Styles


As you explore the old-money fashion style, let Vivid AI help you find your next outfit with its AI Outfit tool. It’s perfect for when you’re just starting to check out the trend, giving you room to experiment and hone your look even before you buy your first outfit. With Vivid AI, you can change the scene around you and go all out with your aesthetic. Download the app free for iOS or Android to show off your old-money style and give off wealthy vibes!

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