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2024's Dinner Date Outfit Ideas: Try on Dresses for Your Dinner Date at Home!

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Whether it’s your first date and you want to make a good impression, or you’re having a night out with your long-time partner, choosing a dinner date outfit can wear you out before you even leave the house. A restaurant with a dress code can complicate things even further, and you want to make sure you pair your dress with coordinating accessories and shoes. With an outfit generator app like Vivid AI, you can see yourself in different styles without having to try on dresses at the store — or even from your closet.

We’ll show you how to find dresses for dinner date occasions using the outfit generator app so that you can take the stress out of your evening. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to using the AI Outfit feature to generate style inspiration before your big date!

Vivid AI: The Best App to Explore Dinner Date Outfit Ideas


Vivid AI’s complete generative platform lets you do everything from trying on outfits to replacing your background and creating entirely new images from scratch. You can make yourself a new social media avatar with the AI Avatar feature or describe what you want to see with the Text to Image tool. The Background and Scene features both let you transform your image by swapping out your backdrop or turning your photo into a work of art with eight different styles.

When you’re looking for something to wear, the AI Outfit tool has 10 styles for men and women to try. It has you covered for every dinner dress code, and you can use it to come up with everyday styles, too. For women, especially, figuring out what to wear can take hours or days before an event, especially if it requires formalwear. With Vivid AI, you can discover new dress styles to try on using a photo of yourself, allowing you to see what looks best on your body while matching your aesthetic.

Best Dinner Date Outfit Ideas in 2023

Whether you want to look elegant at a black-tie event or keep things casual, you have many options. Even strict dress codes leave room for style, so you can experiment with the cut of your suit, add shine to your dress, or stick with tradition. Clothes don’t always indicate gender, but with Vivid AI, you can find some impressive styles in the women’s and men’s categories to give you ideas for your next ensemble.

Women’s Dinner Date Clothes


For most women, formal events dictate wearing a dress, though the length and style vary based on the occasion and your preference. When it comes to informal events, you have a little more freedom to explore your style and get adventurous with ideas like these.

  • Formal

    • Elegant Evening Gown: A floor-length dress deep in rich colors or jewel tones is the most appropriate outfit for a black-tie event. You can also go with silver or gold with a metallic fabric for a high-class look.
    • Classic Cocktail Dress: A knee-length or slightly shorter dress gives you a more flirty vibe without sacrificing formality. This style works for day or night, and you have a lot of freedom to mix things up with accessories and styles.
    • Dress With Embellishments: Embroidery and lace upscale your dress for a fancier look. Some evening gowns even have crystals sewn onto them in a delicate pattern. Ruffles, ribbons, and fringe can also make for interesting cocktail dress details that set your outfit apart from typical evening attire.
  • Informal

    • Casual Chic Dress: This style lets you mix pieces that you’d wear on a typical day, allowing you to blend comfort and style. A mini dress with a denim jacket or blazer makes for a fun and cute look with versatile accessory possibilities!
    • Leather Ensemble: A leather dress adds an offbeat and exciting element to your dinner outfit. Likewise, a leather jacket gives you a cool, daring edge you can’t get with a regular blazer.
    • Checkered Outfit: Checkered dresses give you a nostalgic and preppy vibe for a casual dinner date or afternoon out. Pair them with a cozy cardigan or track jacket and comfortable shoes.

Men’s Dinner Date Clothes


Many men stick to the classics when getting ready for a dinner date, but you still want to show your date that you care about your appearance. You can’t go wrong with a smart suit, but there’s still room to make things interesting with accessories. And while jeans work for casual dates, you can still spruce up your wardrobe.

  • Formal

    • Classic Suit and Tie: Dressing in dark, neutral colors is a safe option for any tuxedo event. A well-fitted black tie suit gives you a classy look, and you can pair it with a coordinating tie and narrow shoes with a rounded toe.
    • Dress Shirt With Dress Pants: You can still dress up, even if you skip the jacket and tie. A crisp button-down with dark trousers makes an impression without overdressing.
    • Three-Piece Suit: Wearing a suit with a waistcoat adds an extra layer of formality, and if you have multiple waistcoats, you can swap them out for a stylish touch.
  • Informal

    • Casual Ensemble: Casualwear allows for comfortable T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers, but you can upgrade the look with a jacket or overshirt.
    • Lightweight Coat or Jacket: A jacket adds sophistication even for a casual dinner outfit. Leather, denim, and bomber jackets all create a relaxed but fashionable look, and you can wear them in any season with everything from a T-shirt to a turtleneck.
    • Athleisure Style: Athleisure doesn’t mean showing up in full workout garb, but a casual dinner date allows for a comfy hoodie for fall or basketball shorts in the summer. Just make sure you wear fresh, clean clothes if you go for this style.

How to Find My Perfect Dress for a Dinner Date

To start your search for dinner date clothes, download Vivid AI. Go to its outfit tool, and pick the styles you want to see on yourself. Then, upload a picture of yourself based on the app’s guidelines, watch it generate your new clothes, and take them to the store to assemble your ideal dinner date outfit!

Step 1: Download Vivid AI

Vivid AI allows you to generate your next outfit for your date to the best restaurant in town. With its other AI features, you can change your background to see how your outfit looks in different settings or turn yourself into an artistic avatar. Access these features for free when you download Vivid AI from the App Store or from the Google Play Store!

Step 2: Choose “AI Outfit” and Your Favorite Dinner Dress Outfit Styles


On the home screen, choose AI Outfit, which will take you to the Style page, where you’ll select your gender. You can explore up to 10 styles at once, but before you choose yours, consider where you’re going on your dinner date and if there’s a specific dress code.

For women going to an informal dinner, the Modern or Check styles give you chic and trendy looks without going over the top. You can also find formal looks under the Gown and Cocktail Dress styles for a more elegant outfit.

Men can find formalwear under the Black Tie style, where you can see yourself in a luxurious waistcoat or classic tux. If you’re going to a casual dinner, try Vivid AI’s modern looks to generate outfits featuring cargo pants, varsity jackets, and relaxed fits.

Step 3: Upload the Photo and Wait


Vivid AI gives you a few guidelines for uploading your outfit photo, and following them will give you the clearest, most accurate look at your new dinner dress or suit. Upload a well-lit, half- or full-body shot of only yourself looking at the camera. Make sure your hands are at your sides or behind you, and don’t wear any face coverings, like sunglasses or hats.

Once you’ve uploaded a photo, Vivid AI will get to work stitching together your new clothing. It will take a few minutes, so feel free to navigate away from the app, and it will send you a notification when it’s done.

Step 4: Receive Photos With Gorgeous Dinner Date Outfits!


Now, check out your new dinner date clothing! Vivid AI gives you several looks at once, so you can save your favorites and take them with you to the boutique or use them as a reference when you pull pieces from your closet.

Tips for Choosing Stylish Accessories to Match Your Dinner Date Outfits


Finding the right accessories to match your dinner date dress means knowing how to coordinate and contrast colors and textures appropriately. Your accessories can create a more flattering look, as well as add a pop of color or conversation piece.

Black clothing is the most versatile for accessorizing since it goes with any color. A statement necklace draws attention upward to your head and neck area, while a stylish scarf can keep you warm and accent your dress. When it comes to color choices, bold or bright accessories paired with a more neutral outfit add excitement.

Don’t add too many accessories, though. Sometimes, less is more, and having just a few will make them — and you — stand out. You should also make sure your accessories work with each other. For example, a set of earrings and a matching necklace create continuity so that your date will keep their eyes on your face.

You can use the AI Avatar tool to ask Vivid AI to create accessory ideas for you so you know whether they’ll look good before you try them on. It generates realistic images of you based on your chosen styles so that you can get even more outfit suggestions!

Learn More About AI Avatar’s Usage:

Download Vivid AI: The Best Dinner Date Outfit App

Vivid AI helps you look your best on your dinner date with an Outfit feature that inspires you with clothing of any style you choose. It saves you the time you might otherwise spend stressing out or getting ready, and you can use it for every date if you want. Plus, with other AI tools, you’ll always have a way to accessorize. Download the app to see yourself in any dinner date outfit or setting you want before your date comes to pick you up!

FAQs About Finding Dresses for Dinner Dates

1. What Is the Ideal Dress Code for a Dinner Date?

The best outfit for a dinner date varies based on the restaurant’s dress code. For formal outings, women should wear an evening gown or cocktail dress, though casual chic, check, or leather works for informal dates. Men can’t go wrong with a suit and tie, but you can dress down for a relaxed dinner with a light jacket or athleisure.

2. What Accessories Complement a Dinner Date Outfit?

While your accessories should coordinate with your outfit, don’t be afraid to contrast a little, too. Any color goes with black, and a matching jewelry set can draw the eye up to your face. Don’t wear too many accessories, though, as they can draw too much attention.

3. How Do I Choose a Dress for a Dinner Date That Matches My Style?

Download Vivid AI and use its Outfit feature to explore new dinner date clothes for any dress code. Upload a photo of yourself for the app to dress you virtually and save your favorite outfits!

4. Is It Possible to Try On Dinner Dresses at Home?

Vivid AI saves you time by letting you try on dinner date outfits from anywhere, including your home. It has plenty of styles to choose from, and you can generate something new for every date. Plus, it has other AI features that you can explore to find accessories, saving you time and making preparing for your night out easy.

5. What Shoes Should I Wear on My Dinner Date?

Your shoe style depends on your clothing. Vivid AI’s Outfit feature can help you learn how to match your shoes and dinner date clothes. It can show you what heels look best with your evening gown, the best flats for your cocktail dress, and even stylish sneakers for a casual look.

6. How Do I Find My Own Style?

For those who are struggling about how to find a dressing style, we strongly recommend the best outfit generator – Vivid AI. The various styles help you virtually create your outfits without wasting time to go window-shopping. Also, it saves your money since you already know what kind of clothes look good on you. 

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