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5 images applied with anime filter with PhotoDirector

5 images applied with anime filter with PhotoDirector

When you watch anime, it’s hard not to want its signature big eyes and soft features for yourself. You might not be able to get them in real life, but an anime filter can give you an artistic look and an easy way to hop on new trends. Plus, it’s fun to see yourself as the main character. Here, you’ll find some ideas for how to turn yourself into an anime character and all the ways you can use PhotoDirector to help you.

4 Ideas to Use Anime Filters for Social Media

An AI anime filter gives your typical selfies—and your entire social media presence—an upgrade. Bring in the likes and followers by making yourself more approachable online with your new anime look. Here are a few ways to enhance your look with a new anime style.

1. Change Your Profile Pictures

creating anime photos for instagram and tiktok profile by photodirector

Your PFP sets the tone for your social media, and adding an anime image gives you a new way to express who you are. Plus, you get to share something you love that others can relate to and talk about, like your favorite anime fandom.

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2. Create Cutout Stickers

create cutout stickers by applying anime filters with PhotoDirecto

After you turn yourself into an anime character, cut out your photo and use it as an emoji or sticker. That way, you can add more expression to your posts, stories, collages, and other projects. It adds a level of personalization you can’t get with regular emojis, so you can connect with your followers better.

3. Elevate Your Posts & Stories

create stories by applying anime filters with PhotoDirector

With an anime filter, you create a persona for yourself beyond your real face. It gets your viewers’ attention and makes your posts and videos more fun for them to interact with. You can even have more freedom with your personality and how you share your content with an anime filter.

4. Make Anime Memes

make a meme by applying anime filters with PhotoDirector

An anime filter turns your photos into a meme to make you even more relatable. Add your own text or edit your photo into a popular meme format so your followers will think of you, no matter where they see it. You can even encourage your followers to join in the fun with their own memes and start a trend.

The Best AI Anime Filter App—PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector has lots of anime filter styles for you to apply to your photos and videos. It helps you create your own unique look while staying true to your personality and expression. The app is free to download on iOS or Android, too, so you can get your new anime look right away.

PhotoDirector comes with plenty of other AI features, too. Use its object remover to clean up your photo backgrounds, swap out the background completely with the background replacement tool, or use the retouch features to put the finishing touches on your selfies before you post. It makes photo editing easy, and you don’t need to be a pro to make your photos look like they were edited by one.

AI Anime

apply anime filter with PhotoDirector's AI Anime feature

PhotoDirector’s AI Anime feature has over 25 anime filters to try. Check out the cool colors of the Winter style, the soft glow of New Year, or the springtime blooms and soft pastels of Sakura. You can even customize your own anime style by putting in a text prompt and telling PhotoDirector how you want to look.

AI Anime Video

apply anime filter with PhotoDirector's AI Anime Video feature

Engage with your viewers with short anime clips using the AI Anime Video feature. Try the cartoonish Elf look, the classic Manga, or the 3D Cartoon style to change the tone of your video.

AI Cartoon

apply anime filter with PhotoDirector's AI Cartoon feature

If anime isn’t your thing, or you want to try something different, PhotoDirector’s AI Cartoon feature has even more choices. You can cartoonize yourself with 2D and 3D styles that make you nostalgic for your favorite shows.

AI Sketch

create your photos with the ai sketch feature by photodirector

With the AI Sketch feature, you can see yourself in different artistic media. Try the classic pencil sketch or see yourself in colorful marker, textured crayon, or rich oil painting styles.

How to Apply Anime Filters to Photos with PhotoDirector

1. Download PhotoDirector and Tap “AI Anime”

download photodirector and tap ai anime

You’ll find PhotoDirector when you search for it in the App Store or on Google Play. Then, scroll down the main screen to find its AI Magic collection. It will show you all of the app’s most popular AI features, so look for AI Anime to get started.

2. Upload a Photo and Choose the Anime Filter You Like

upload a photo and choose the ai anime filter you like by photodirector

Before you choose a filter, you’ll need to upload a picture of yourself. For the AI Anime filters, a selfie or portrait photo works best. Make sure it’s a clear shot of your head and shoulders, so the AI applies the filter seamlessly.

PhotoDirector has 26 anime filters that all give you a different style. Go for the classic Sailor look from your favorite anime, the Swimsuit and Bikini looks to jump into your personal beach episode, or a sexy Lingerie style. Tap to try each one to see how they match your aesthetic.

3. Customize the Anime Filter

customize the anime filter for your photos by photodirector

You don’t have to stick with the preset filter styles PhotoDirector gives you. To make your own AI anime filter, choose the Custom option and type in a prompt with the style details you want. You can even branch out beyond anime and into the DC Universe, as well as lots of other popular fandoms.

4. Save & Share!

save your ai anime photos in photodirector

Now that you’ve turned yourself into an anime character, tap the download button to save your image. Then, add it as your new PFP or use PhotoDirector to turn yourself into a sticker, emoji, or meme.

FAQs about Anime Filters

1. What is the best app for anime filters?

PhotoDirector has 25+ anime filters to try on your selfies and videos, and you can get them all for free. Each one is different, so you don’t have to settle for cookie cutter anime looks. You can even branch out into cartoon and sketch styles. PhotoDirector has tons of other AI-powered features, too, including object removal, selfie retouch, and background removal and replacement tools.

2. Where can I find free anime filters?

PhotoDirector is free for iOS and Android, making its filters free, too. With the AI Anime feature, you can try each style on your photo to pick on you like or switch between selfies. You can even use the AI Anime Video feature to see your animated persona.

3. How do I apply anime filters to my photos?

Applying your filters only takes a second with PhotoDirector, and you can continue editing your image after you find a filter you like. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download PhotoDirector for iOS or Android
  2. Tap AI Anime.
  3. Upload a photo of yourself and choose your anime filter.
  4. Customize your anime filter with text prompts.
  5. Save and share!

4. How can I turn my video into anime?

Go to the AI Anime Video feature in PhotoDirector to start editing your video. Then, choose one of the styles in the collection, like the Manga, Cartoon, or Elf looks. Save your video, and share it on Instagram or TikTok.

5. Can I use anime filters on landscape photos?

The AI Anime feature works best on portrait photos and selfies, but you can still stylize your landscape pictures. PhotoDirector’s AI Scene feature has anime-style filters made specifically for landscapes and backgrounds. Just like with AI Anime, you can also put in text prompts to create a new, custom anime look to match the season, setting, and more.

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