10 Best Free Sticker Maker Apps: Make Your Own Stickers Effortlessly

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Stickers give your photos a shot of personality and a relatable vibe. More people are using stickers to boost engagement on social media and show off their online persona with a small, simple addition. PhotoDirector’s AI text to image technology makes them even more unique to you by letting you make your own stickers in seconds. Keep reading to discover the 10 best sticker maker apps!

How To Choose the Right Sticker Maker App

When you make your own stickers, it’s a good idea to evaluate different sticker maker apps based on some core qualities. These qualities can help you get the best stickers possible that you can’t wait to put on your snaps. Here are a few things to consider before you download:

  • Compatibility with your OS
  • Ease of use
  • Navigation
  • Variety of features
  • App reviews
  • Free features and in-app ads

While you want beautiful stickers, you also want to be able to create them quickly and without needing complicated editing or design skills. With PhotoDirector, you get a user-friendly AI picture generator and sticker maker that you can use for free and without ads.

Snapshot of the 3 Best Sticker Designer Apps

PhotoDirector Logo

1. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector gives you several sticker designs and total freedom to create your own stickers, generate images, and edit your photos. Read More >>

Promeo Logo

2. Promeo

With Promeo, you can type in your own descriptions for unique stickers that enhance any photo. Apply your customized stickers to various pre-made templates and unleash your creativity! Read More >>

Sticker Maker Studio Logo

3. Sticker Maker Studio

Sticker Maker Studio lets you create your own sticker collections from photo cutouts that you can use on any project. Read More >>

10 Best Sticker Maker Apps for iPhone & Android

1. PhotoDirector

Available: iOS/Android

Rating: 4.8/4.5

Lots of photo editing apps, including PhotoDirector, let you cut out images to make your own stickers. But with PhotoDirector’s AI text-to-image technology, you can also turn descriptions into unique stickers that you can use on your photos. It gives you plenty of designs and options that offer as much freedom as you could want!

Turn Text to Stickers with AI

With PhotoDirector, you can generate text to image stickers for free up to five times a day. Explore five sticker styles, including 3D, Watercolor, Realistic, Hand drawn, and Pop art.

You can also try its no-style feature, which lets you describe the sticker look that you want to create. The app will automatically generate your stickers based on what you tell it to do. If you need inspiration before you write your description, tap the lightbulb for prompt inspiration from PhotoDirector!

Make Your Own Stickers with the AI Cutout Tool

If you already have an image that you want to turn into a sticker, PhotoDirector lets you do that, too! To use it, go to Cutout and let the app’s smart tools help you cut out your image against a transparent background. Then, you can save the cutout and apply it to another project.

Learn More about AI Generated Images:

2. Promeo

Available: iOS/Android

Promeo has a similar AI text-to-image feature as PhotoDirector, which allows you to type in your text to generate your stickers. You can get unique stickers and cutouts, and with Promeo’s signature templates, you have plenty of options for how to use them. 

Learn More about Promeo’s Templates:

3. Sticker Maker Studio

Sticker Maker Studio lets you cut out stickers from your photos, but you can also turn your videos and GIFs into stickers! The app makes it easy to put together sticker collections and add new ones whenever you want. Plus, there’s no limit to how many stickers you can make!

4. Sticker Maker !

Sticker Maker ! has thousands of stickers premade that you can use, and its cutout feature makes it easy to create your own. Plus, it connects to WhatsApp and iMessage, so you can easily export and share your custom stickers with everyone. The app doesn’t have a text-to-image maker, but you can still make stickers from your photos.

5. StickerApp

StickerApp has a huge collection of stickers that you can explore with variations on similar designs. It lets you customize your sticker look, and you can use various sticker textures to create holographic images. You can even make stickers with different expressions!

6. Top Sticker Maker Studio Memes

With Top Sticker Maker Studio Memes, you can cut out your stickers and add other features to enhance them. Add borders to brighten the look of your stickers, or write your own relatable text to turn your sticker into a meme to share with friends!

7.’s Auto Cut feature lets you cut stickers from your videos to make animated GIF stickers. Create GIF emoji sticker packs that you can show friends when you share the special link. doesn’t have a text-to-image feature, but its animated stickers set it apart from most apps. Plus, it has plenty of animated meme stickers to explore!


With, you can bring the laughs with your stickers using emojis and text. It has funny sticker packs to give you inspiration, and you can choose your style and mood before you create your sticker. Customize your stickers with artistic features and meme fonts to be the funniest person in your group chat!

9. AI Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

This app’s Magic Selector makes it easy to cut out your subject from your photo and automatically transform it into a sticker. You can create stickers with transparent backgrounds and download sticker packs to send to friends on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms to enhance your messages!

10. BeSticky

BeSticky lets you make stickers and memes fast and share them directly from the app. You can create your own emoji stickers with your face to create an even more personal touch. Its AI crop feature instantly cuts you out, and you can animate, resize, and change your sticker color.

How To Generate Stickers with AI

1. Download PhotoDirector

You can find PhotoDirector in the App Store or on Google Play, where you can download it for free. Once you have the app, you’ll have access to its free sticker designer.

2. Tap “Sticker” from the Menu and Choose “AI Sticker”

Open the app and tap Sticker from the main screen, and choose AI Sticker to find the feature where you can turn your text into images. You can combine your text-to-image stickers with other static and animated stickers from PhotoDirector’s collection. PhotoDirector frequently updates its collection to keep up with trends and holidays, so you’ll always find the one you’re looking for!

3. Describe Your Sticker in Text and Choose Style

In the box at the top of the screen, type in your sticker description using up to 800 characters. Be as specific as you can to get the best results, and don’t forget to choose your sticker style.

PhotoDirector has five sticker styles plus a no-style option, and with five tries per day, you can check out each one! If you can’t decide what to do, PhotoDirector’s lightbulb icon is there to give you inspiration. Then, tap Generate!

4. Import the AI Generated Stickers or Generate More

After PhotoDirector generates your stickers, you can choose the ones you like and import them to your sticker library. If you’re not done making stickers, you can use the same description to generate similar stickers while still getting unique results.

Download PhotoDirector: The Best Free Sticker Maker App for Text to Image Creation

PhotoDirector is the easiest way to turn your text into images for free. With five popular sticker styles and a convenient cutout tool, the app generates stickers with any look you want. It also gives you high-quality AI-generated images that you can use as a profile picture.

PhotoDirector comes with tons of other fun AI features, too! Create your own AI avatar or cartoon yourself for a totally new look. You can also instantly remove people from photos and erase backgrounds to replace them with one that matches your mood or aesthetic. Download PhotoDirector free for iOS or Android to enhance your snaps with creative stickers!

FAQs about Sticker Maker Apps

1. What Is a Sticker Maker App?

A sticker maker app lets you cut out or generate stickers using text descriptions. Then, you can save those stickers and use them on other photos and projects.

2. How Do Sticker Maker Apps Work?

Sticker maker apps have cutout tools that you can use to cut an image out of an existing photo and turn it into a sticker. You can also create stickers from text by putting in a description, choosing your style, and generating your stickers.

3. Are Sticker Maker Apps Free?

It varies with each app, and not all apps’ plans cost the same amount. You can use PhotoDirector or Promeo for free to make stickers up to five times a day. PhotoDirector’s cutout tool is also free to use and create custom stickers.

4. What Is the Difference between PhotoDirector and Other Sticker Maker Apps?

PhotoDirector sets itself apart with its AI text-to-image feature. Other apps only allow you to make cutouts or choose from their existing sticker collections, but with PhotoDirector, you can describe what you want and watch the app generate it for you.

5. How Do I Customize My Stickers on My Phone?

With PhotoDirector, you can create your own stickers and customize them by using its AI Sticker feature. Type in your sticker description, choose your style, and tap Generate to get your stickers!

6. What Is the Best Sticker Maker App?

PhotoDirector has free sticker maker tools with unique results that vary each time you use them. You can choose from five styles or cut out your photos for one-of-a-kind stickers, and you can generate stickers up to five times each day. PhotoDirector doesn’t have any in-app ads, so you won’t get interrupted while you’re making your stickers.

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