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The 5 Best Free Video Resizers in 2022 [Windows, Mac]

Last Updated on May. 13, 2022 – by David Morgan
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Best Free Video Resizers

In a perfect world, you could film and upload videos online without editing or resizing your content. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in the world we currently inhabit. Every platform has different size requirements, whether you’re trying to create an Instagram story, upload a video to Facebook, or publish a video on YouTube.

Luckily, there’s a solution: You can use a free video resizer app and quickly edit the size of your video clips to fit any need. 

Keep reading to explore the best free video resizers, including key features, pros and cons, a comparison chart, and overall ratings. Then, we’ll teach you how to resize a video and answer frequently asked questions. Now, let’s dig right into our top five choices for free video resizers for both Windows and Mac.

Top 3 Best Free Video Resizer Snapshot

PowerDirector Logo

1. PowerDirector – Best Overall

Our number one choice for a video resizer is PowerDirector. The advanced software uses innovative AI technology and features easy-to-use tools for resizing, cropping, and trimming videos, including manual adjustments for scale, height, and width. With all those tools and more, it’s easy to create high-quality content with precision. Detailed Review >

iMyFone Filme Logo

2. iMyFone Filme – Best for Beginners

iMyFone Filme is our top choice for budding editors with little or no experience resizing videos. The software has three options to resize a video: You can adjust the resolution, change the aspect ratio, or use the standard resize and scale tool. It’s a good choice if you want to upload a video for Instagram or another social media platform, but not for advanced editing. Detailed Review >

Kdenlive Logo

3. Kdenlive – Best for Linux Users

Kdenlive is the best choice on our list for Linux users, but it doesn’t have great performance on Windows or Mac. It has a wide selection of video editing features, including tools for resizing videos. You can adjust a video clip to custom sizes using the slider tool or timeline cursor, or you can manually adjust clip duration for frame-level accuracy. Plus, you can resize the crop area with the Razor tool to remove the parts of the video you don’t want. Detailed Review >

What Is Video Resizing?

Resizing a video changes the file size to make it larger or smaller. Editors can resize videos in many ways, including changing the scale, width and height, aspect ratio, or video file resolution. Resizing a video clip is a practical editing skill that provides many benefits:

  • Changes videos to the optimal size for your needs
  • Reduces the amount of data in the file size
  • Frees up more space on your device
  • Videos upload faster
  • Viewing quality improves

Most people resize to make the video size smaller, removing any unnecessary pixels and information. While it’s possible to enlarge a video, you would have to add in new pixel information, which often lowers the overall quality of the video.

The 5 Best Free Video Resizers

1. PowerDirector – Best Overall

PowerDirector Interface

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 10 / 10

Video Resizing Tool: 10 / 10

Are you having trouble editing your videos to the file size you need? Two words: Download PowerDirector. This professional video editing suite has several resizing tools. For example, you can grab a corner of the video frame for old-fashioned drag-and-drop resizing or adjust size manually by changing the width, height, or aspect ratio. Or you can scale videos into custom sizes or preset sizes. Every tool allows for precise control over the final result.

In addition to the video resizer, PowerDirector contains thousands of editing tools, features, effects, transitions, and templates. The interface makes it simple to upload a video, stream, create, and share to any platform, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. If you’re lacking inspiration, browse the stock library, which contains millions of photos, videos, and music for free.

PowerDirector is our top choice for a free video resizer and video editor due to its versatile features and limitless editing possibilities. We also love the software’s AI-powered editing tools, which create professional-level edits with just a few clicks. It also offers the latest format support, including FLV, MOV, MPEG, WTV, MOD, and dozens more.

Reasons to Recommend

  1. Multiple methods for resizing videos
  2. Beginner-friendly
  3. Advanced AI-powered tools for professional edits

2. iMyFone Filme – Best for Beginners

iMyFone Filme Interface

Image from iMyFone Filme - Tutorials.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Overall Rating: 6 / 10

Video Resizing Tool: 7 / 10

If you’re new to video editing, start practicing your video resizing skills with iMyFone Filme. The editor offers a few different ways to resize your video: You can change the aspect ratio via a drop-down menu, open a new project with a different aspect ratio, change the resolution manually, or scale your video file using the slider tool.

iMyFone Filme also offers a range of advanced video editing tools and supports over fifty video and audio file types. The creators have given it a simple interface, making it easy for beginner editors to use. Additional editing tools include a video cutter, trimmer, and cropper, and features for flipping, muting, merging, or rotating video clips.  

While it’s easy to use the free version of iMyFone Filme as a simple video resizer, it’s only available for a one-month trial. After that, you’ll have to pay full price to use the software. In addition, the free version has a limited number of templates. While a few options exist for resizing, they’re relatively basic, so if you want to create detailed edits, iMyFone Filme might not be your best bet.

  • Editing interface is user-friendly and ideal for beginners
  • Resize tools are fast and easy
  • The number of templates is limited
  • Free download is only a one-month trial

3. Kdenlive – Best for Linux Users

Kdenlive Interface

Image from Kdenlive - User Interface.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu

Overall Rating: 6 / 10

Video Resizing Tool: 6 / 10

Kdenlive, or KDE non-linear video editor, is an open-source video resizer you can download and use on Linux and Ubuntu systems. It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows, but users report that it’s somewhat crash-prone on those systems, so it’s our top choice for Linux users. Resizing videos is simple: Move the cursor on the timeline to the left or right. Alternatively, you can use the snap-to icons to resize clips quickly.

Kdenlive also offers users a range of basic and intermediate editing tools. For example, it has a video cropping tool and the basic editing options to trim, cut, rotate, merge, and split videos. Plus, the software allows users to edit multiple video and audio tracks simultaneously and has the option to create custom keyboard shortcuts for fast edits.

While Kdenlive is ideal for Linux users who need to resize a video quickly, it has some significant drawbacks. First, it’s very crash-prone, especially for Windows and Mac users. It also takes up a large portion of CPU usage, and its output format range is quite limited. It does have additional options for editing videos, but it uses a lot of memory and lacks GPU acceleration.

  • Compatibility with GNU/Linux users
  • Simple editing tools to resize videos
  • Performance can be slow and crash-prone (no GPU acceleration)
  • Video outputs are limited; doesn’t support MKV, AVI, MOV

4. Easy Video Maker – Best for Experienced Users

Easy Video Maker Interface

Image from easymakevideo.com.

Compatibility: Windows

Overall Rating: 6 / 10

Video Resizing Tool: 5 / 10

Easy Video Maker is the best video resizer on our list for editors with experience. It supports a wide range of video formats and has essential tools for changing video size. Just upload a video then you can manually input a new width and height to zoom in or out of your uploaded video. Finally, choose an output format, and click on Render to create the new video file.

In addition to the resizer tool, Easy Video Maker offers several tools for basic video edits. For example, you can convert to another video format, add a video chroma key, and use the fundamental split, cut, crop, and merge tools. The freeware also allows for fast switching between story mode and the editing timeline, allowing you to view your changes easily and see how they affect your overall creation.

Easy Video Maker is a good choice for experienced editors who want access to primary and advanced editing tools. Still, it has some disadvantages for resizing videos. For example, the free version limits movie length and only offers one resizing tool with manual inputs for width and height. Therefore, PowerDirector is the better choice for resizing videos, and it’s much easier to use.

  • Features a range of primary and advanced editing tools
  • Supports a wide range of video and audio formats (MP4, AVI, WAV, WMA, and more)
  • Free version limits the length of movies
  • Only one method of resizing exists

5. VSDC – Best for YouTubers

VSDC Interface

Compatibility: Windows

Overall Rating: 7 / 10

Video Resizing Tool: 6 / 10

VSDC, from Video Soft Dev, is great for YouTubers and streamers and has a simple video resizer tool for editors of all skill levels. The top toolbar on the free version has several icons you can use to edit videos for various social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. In addition, you can quickly resize videos by changing the resolution, orientation, or aspect ratio on the free version of the software.

You can use VSDC for more than just resizing videos. Surprisingly, the free version has a wide range of video and audio editing tools for creating content. In addition, VSDC doesn’t limit video length or add a watermark to edited videos like many other free editors. It’s also easy to download and doesn’t require advanced hardware to run.

It’s simple to resize videos on VSDC, and this free editor is the best choice for people who frequently upload videos to YouTube and other social media platforms. However, it only has the introductory video resizing tools. While VSDC has advanced resizing tools, they are only available to premium users who pay to use the software. Plus, there’s no compatibility with Mac users, and the interface is very challenging to use, particularly for beginners.

  • Contains a large selection of tools, effects, transitions, and features
  • You can resize videos with just a few clicks
  • Advanced resizing tools are only available on the paid version
  • No hardware acceleration makes performance slow

Best Free Video Resizer Comparison Chart

Software PowerDirector iMyFone Filme Kdenlive Easy Video Maker VSDC
OS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu Windows Windows
Beginner-friendly Yes Yes No No No
Resizing Feature Resize tools include manual adjustment of width and height, aspect ratio, and scale, or use the drag-and-drop tool Change the scale, resolution, and aspect ratio or use the slider tool to rescale Drag the cursor along the timeline to resize or use the Snap-To icons for preset sizes Manually resize videos by changing width and height input Change the resolution, aspect ratio, or scale to resize your videos
Advanced Editing Tools Yes No No Yes Yes
Screen Recorder Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Download
Free Download
Secure Download
Download Download Download Download

PowerDirector vs


Windows, Mac, Android, iOS





Resizing Feature

Resize tools include manual adjustment of width and height, aspect ratio, and scale, or use the drag-and-drop tool


Advanced Editing Tools



Screen Recorder Tools



How to Resize a Video

Would you like to learn how to resize a video? We’ve got step-by-step instructions to teach you how to resize a video using PowerDirector. Forget about those complex editors that take weeks to learn. Just follow these simple steps to resize a video on PowerDirector right now:

  1. Download and install PowerDirector to your device.
  2. Open PowerDirector and select the video you want to edit.
  3. Add your video to the editing timeline.
  4. Choose how you want to resize your video: You can adjust via drag-and-drop or with the PiP Designer.
  5. To use the drag-and-drop tool, left-click and hold one of the four corners of the adjustment nodes on the video frame. Drag the node to the place you want on the screen to make the video larger or smaller.
  6. Alternatively, you can use the PiP Designer. Left-click on the Video Clip in the timeline to open the editing window.
  7. Left-click on Object Settings to access the resizing tools.
  8. Scroll the menu to see video resizing options, including Scale, Width, and Height. Adjust to your desired settings using the slider tool.
  9. Click on OK on the bottom right corner of the PiP Designer to apply your changes and return to the timeline.

Download the Best Video Resizer for Free

While you can find an abundance of free software on the internet for editing and resizing videos, not all of them are user-friendly. Out of our top five choices of free video resizers, PowerDirector beats them all. With an advanced video editing suite and lightning-quick rendering, it’s never been easier to create compelling content you can share with family, friends, or online.

You can quickly resize videos on PowerDirector using the PiP Designer or with the cursor to drag and drop the video frame in the editing preview. This professional editor from CyberLink doesn’t just offer tools for resizing videos, it also includes thousands of different effects, transitions, features, templates, and tools to create unique video content that you can export and share to virtually any platform.

Download PowerDirector for free to create new content with AI-powered editing tools and effects.

Video Resizing FAQ

1. What Features Should I Look for in a Video Resizer?

The top features you should look for include the ability to:

  1. Resize with the drag-and-drop tool
  2. Resize via width and height
  3. Edit videos by cropping, cutting, trimming, and splitting
  4. Resize and rescale by changing the aspect ratio
  5. Export, share, and upload video content to any social media platform

If you’re looking for video resizing software that checks all of these boxes, we recommend PowerDirector.

2. What is the Best Video Resizer Mobile App?

  1. PowerDirector 
  2. iMovie 
  3. Splice
  4. KineMaster
  5. InShot

Your best choice for a free video resizer app is PowerDirector, which has multiple tools for resizing videos and creating high-quality edits.

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