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FaceMe® Health

Touchless Biometric Authentication for a Post-Pandemic Era

Mask Detection | Facial Verification | Temperature Measurement

  • FaceMe® Health is an integrated solution for mask detection, authentication and temperature measurement. It offers contactless pandemic control measures as required across a wide range of organizations, from commercial buildings and plants, to retail stores, restaurants and hotels, to institutional locations like hospitals, schools and airports. Upon detecting a person without a properly worn mask or someone with elevated body temperature, FaceMe® Health can send an instant notification for follow-up, using U Alert.

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How does it work?

Health Screening Station

* Selected models of thermal camera are required for temperature measurement

Instant Alert

Key Features

FaceMe® Health’s interface confirms individuals’ identification and detects proper mask wearing over the mouth and nose, in addition to displaying their body temperature, showing any non-compliance at a glance.

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1Identity Verification with Mask
2Mask Detection
3Temperature Measurement

Mask Detection & Identity Verification

Even when someone is wearing a mask, FaceMe® Health provides an authentication accuracy rate of up to 95%. It identifies spoofing or improper use of masks, while detecting masks of different shapes or materials, even if someone is not looking straight into the camera.

  • Up to 95% accuracy for authentication of mask-wearing individuals

  • Spoofing prevention for improper use of masks.

  • Ability to detect masks of different materials and types.

  • Detecting masks in various camera angles.

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    FaceMe® Health is an integrated solution for mask detection, authentication and temperature measurement.
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