8 Best AI Album Cover Generators for Eye-Catching Album Art

Last Updated on Apr. 12, 2024 – by CyberLink
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generated album covers made with PhotoDirector

You haven’t hit it big yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your album a cover that rocks. An AI album cover generator is an easier, more affordable way to make an impression before the music starts playing. We put together the eight best album cover art generators to help you find the one that matches your vibe and sound.

Snapshot of the Top 3 AI Album Generators

1. PhotoDirector

download PhotoDirector to make album cover

PhotoDirector’s Text to Image feature generates images in realistic and cartoon styles. You can edit your results with its many other AI tools, like AI Replace, AI Anime, and Draw to Image.

2. Vivid AI

download Vivid AI to generate album cover With Vivid AI, you can generate your image with text prompts and add new elements using the AI Replace feature.

3. Fotor

Fotor's fantasy and cyberpunk styles are perfect for illustrated album covers, and you can refine them with the app’s complete photo editing tools.

8 Best AI Album Cover Generators to Try

Here are eight of the best album cover creator platforms to cut down on your search time and leave more for making music. Try them to see which one you like best!

1. PhotoDirector - Best Overall to Generate Album Covers

Available: iOS/Android

text to image UI of PhotoDirector with prompts at left side and generated album cover at the right side

Key Features:

  • Text-to-image
  • Can edit generated images
  • Versatile AI tools

PhotoDirector’s Text to Image feature lets you put in a prompt that the app will use to generate a new and unique album cover. If you’re stuck on what to write, PhotoDirector helps you write prompt ideas that give you a cover that matches your aesthetic. Plus, you can try out different art styles and edit the image, like adding text or retouching your skin.

draw to image UI with sketch at left side and generated album cover with text prompt at the right side

If you’ve already got a clear idea of how you want your album cover to look but are having trouble making it on your own, PhotoDirector’s Draw to Image tool lets you doodle what you have in mind. Then, it creates a more detailed image. Use AI Replace and AI Stickers to add other elements to the cover, or stylize your background and yourself with the AI Scene and AI Anime features.

More About PhotoDirector’s AI Features:

2. Vivid AI

Available: iOS/ Android

text to image UI of Vivid AI with prompts at left side and generated album cover at the right side

Key features:

Vivid AI’s text-to-image feature gives you up to 500 characters to describe your album cover. It has realistic and illustrated styles, and you can generate as many album covers as you want.

use AI Replacce feature to transform a dog in yellow jersey into an album cover photo

With the AI Replace feature, which is similar to generative fill, you can upgrade your cover further with new elements. Brush over the area where you want to add an object, type your prompt, and watch the app create it for you! If you want to use a photo, Vivid AI’s AI Background feature replaces your background, and you can match your clothes to your genre with the AI Outfit tool. With Draw to Image, you can show the app your album cover vision so it can create a more detailed version of it.

3. Fotor

text to image UI of fotor to generate album cover

Key features:

  • Text-to-image avatars
  • Fantasy and cyberpunk styles
  • All-in-one photo editing

Fotor works best for illustrated covers, especially when you want a fantastical or futuristic album cover. Prompt the app with a text description, and it will generate images in lots of illustrated styles. You can also edit your generated images or photos with editing tools like object remover, background remover, and image enhancement tools.

4. NightCafe


text to image UI of NightCafe to generate album cover

Key features:

  • Multiple text-to-image algorithms
  • Print on demand
  • Access across platforms

NightCafe sticks to text-to-image features, so there's not as much editing freedom as there are with other apps. But it does use several algorithms for diverse styles, giving you many artistic options. You can even print your album cover if you plan to hand out physical copies.

5. Picsart

Available: iOS/Android/Website

text to image UI of Picsart to generate album cover

Key features:

  • 55+ text-to-image art styles
  • AI Replace and background replacement
  • Many effect styles

Picsart has one of the biggest art style selections among text-to-image tools, providing painting, photorealistic, sketched, and 3D styles. With the AI Replace and AI Background tools, you can edit select parts of your album cover or use the app’s other effects to perfect it.

6. WOMBO Dream

Available: iOS/Android/Website

text to image UI of WOMBO Dream to generate album cover

Key features:

  • Generates single images
  • Abstract styles
  • AI editing tools

If you don’t mind a lot of ads, WOMBO Dream will let you generate unlimited single album cover images. It specializes in abstract styles for ethereal moods, and you can use its AI features, like background replacement, to put the finishing touches on your covers.

7. Canva

Available: iOS/Android/Website

text to image UI of Canva to generate album cover

Key features:

  • Colorful image styles
  • Up to 50 images with the free version
  • Many graphic design templates

Canva offers image styles like watercolor, colored pencil, and neon, making it one of the brightest text-to-image album art generator apps. It also offers plenty of templates and graphic design tools to control the look of your cover. On the downside, you can only create 50 images with Canva’s free version, which might not be enough when you want the perfect fit for your music.

8. ArtGuru

Available: Website

text to image UI of ArtGuru to generate album cover

Key features:

  • Text-to-image and photo upload generation
  • Negative prompting
  • Upload your art style

ArtGuru lets you put in both text prompts and photos that the app uses to generate new images. With negative prompting, you can also tell the app what you don’t want to see on your album cover. The app also lets you upload your own art, which it replicates for your album.

How to Generate Album Covers with PhotoDirector

1. Download PhotoDirector

download PhotoDirector to make album cover

You can find PhotoDirector in the App Store or on Google Play, where you can download and use it for free. That will give you access to the Text-to-Image feature and tons of photo editing and AI tools.

2. Go to AI Magic and Tap Text to Image

launcher of PhotoDirector and highlight the Text to Image feature icon

The AI Magic collection on the launch screen will show the Text to Image feature. Tap it, and it will take you to PhotoDirector’s album cover generator.

3. Enter Your Prompt and Select a Style

text to image UI of PhotoDirector with prompts

In at least 10 words, type a text description of your album cover. Include specific elements you want to see, including your subject, colors, setting, or objects.

PhotoDirector has 30+ art styles for portraits and scenery, or you can choose no style and let the app run wild. If you’re unsure what you want to see, try the Editor’s Choice collection for prompt ideas!

4. Personalize Your Design

workflow of editing generated album cover photo with PhotoDirector

After you generate your album art, you can tweak the design by adding text for your band name or tracklist. Use AI Stickers to add personality, or put in new elements with the AI Replace tool by brushing over the area you want to change. PhotoDirector has plenty of photo editing tools, too, so you can keep experimenting until you see your vision on the screen!

5. Download & Share Your Album Cover!

When you’re done, tap the download button and save your album cover. You can share it directly on social media as a preview for your followers or keep it secret until you’re ready to release the whole album.

FAQs about Album Cover Generators

1. What are the best apps to make album covers?

The best app for you isn’t always the best overall, so here are the top 8 we recommend:

  1. PhotoDirector—Best Overall to Generate Album Covers
  2. Vivid AI
  3. Fotor
  4. NightCafe
  5. Picsart
  6. WOMBO Dream
  7. Canva
  8. ArtGuru

2. How do you create an album cover using AI?

With PhotoDirector, creating album cover art is easy when you follow these steps:

  1. Download PhotoDirector.
  2. Go to AI Magic and choose the Text to Image feature.
  3. Type your prompt in the box and choose a style.
  4. Use the app’s other AI features to customize your design.
  5. Download your new album cover!

3. What is the best AI feature for album cover art?

PhotoDirector’s Text to Image tool is easy to use, and you can make edits to the cover after you generate it. Use the AI Replace, AI Sketch, Draw to Image, and AI Anime tools to fuse your album cover style with the music it represents.

4. What is the best free app to make album covers?

download PhotoDirector to make album cover

We recommend PhotoDirector for its versatile tools and many art styles. You can use it on almost any device since it’s available for iOS and Android. It helps with prompts and has plenty of AI tools to help you create your desired album cover.

Download PhotoDirector—The Best App to Generate AI Album Covers

download PhotoDirector to make album cover

PhotoDirector fits any music style, from rock to pop to indie vibes, thanks to its Text-to-Image feature. You can put in any of your ideas, edit them to perfection with different AI and image editing tools, and create as many images as you want, so you have options. Download the app to create the cover of your next album now!

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