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10 Best AI Face Generators You Should Try in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Last Updated on Apr. 19, 2024 – by CyberLink
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AI faces generated by the best AI face generator Vivid AI

Whether you want to see yourself in a different style, create a cartoon lookalike, or get a new reference for your next portrait drawing, an AI face generator can make it for you. AI-generated faces have gotten so realistic that it’s often hard to tell whether they’re AI or a real person. They can become the face of your brand, your profile picture, or serve as concept art for a film or game.

Now, there are lots of apps that can create AI-generated faces for you, which makes choosing one difficult. We put together 10 of the best AI face generators to narrow your search.

What Is an AI Face Generator?

An AI face generator is an app that uses AI algorithms to create a new face based on your prompts. They can generate different expressions, characteristics, and personalities to fit your aesthetic or brand. You can make your audience feel like they’re talking to a real person, creating a relationship with your followers. On the other hand, AI faces have also caused problems with deepfakes and fake profiles, so it’s important to use them carefully and ethically. Out of all the AI face generators, Vivid AI, PhotoDirector, and stand out as the top 3. Read on for our detailed reviews to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Snapshot of the Top 3 AI Face Generators

1. Vivid AI

download Vivid AI-the best overall AI image generator

With Vivid AI’s Text-to-Image tool, you can create an AI face in many styles, from cartoon and anime to hyper-realistic. The app’s other AI tools also let you refine your results, replace your background, and add elements.

2. PhotoDirector

download PhotoDirector-one of the best AI face generators

PhotoDirector lets you generate as many faces as you want with its PhotoDirectorText-to-Image feature. You can customize your style options, too!

3. is perfect for creating professional headshots and profile pics with your photos, giving you realistic photos you can use for work and dating.

10 Best AI Face Generators in 2024

Each AI face generator can help you grow your presence online with a new AI persona. Check them out below and try them for yourself!

  1. Vivid AI — The Best Overall AI Face Generator
  2. PhotoDirector
  4. Picsart
  5. Fotor
  6. ProPhotos
  7. Face Studio
  8. Dawn AI
  9. NightCafe
  10. Canva

1. Vivid AI - The Best Overall AI Face Generator

Available: iOS/ Android

text to image UI of Vivid AI with text prompt and the generated AI faces in different styles

Key features:

  • Beginner-friendly with prompt hints and art style options
  • Multiple images are generated each time
  • Generate unlimited free images
  • Comprehensive AI tools

Vivid AI’s Text-to-Image feature makes it easy for everyone to generate a new AI face. Whether you enter your own prompt or choose one from the app’s click-and-use hints, you have plenty of style options for realistic looks. The app lets you generate several images at once, and you can keep making more for as long as you want. Plus, when you’re done, you can use other AI tools to edit your face to your vision.

Learn More About Text to Image:

AI replace UI of Vivid AI with text prompt and the generated images

Add more elements and objects to your image with AI Replace by painting over the area you want to add. Vivid AI’s other features, including AI Avatar, AI Cartoon, and AI Anime, allow you to make stylized AI faces for artistic looks.

2. PhotoDirector

Available: iOS/ Android

text to image UI of PhotoDirector with text prompt and the generated AI face

Key features:

  • Customization options for editing generated images
  • Preset prompt hints and art styles
  • Generate unlimited free images
  • Many AI-generation tools

The Text-to-Image tool from PhotoDirector not only lets you generate unlimited images while guiding you with prompts from the app, but it also lets you personalize your faces. It has AI-powered image editing tools that you can use to modify your generated image so it captures the look you want.

Learn More About PhotoDirector’s AI Features:


Available: Website

screenshot of's AI face generator feature

Key features:

  • Professional AI headshots
  • Background and pose options
  • Many style choices comes with professional style, background, and pose options that you can choose and tailor to your purposes. This AI face generator is ideal for generating headshots, whether you want to use them on your business website or social media.

4. Picsart

Available: iOS/Android/Website

screenshot of Picsart's AI face generator feature

Key features:

  • Over 55 art styles
  • Colors and mood options
  • More AI editing tools

Picsart has 55+ AI art styles to try and color and mood options to mix in. Its AI face generator feature works best if you’re looking for a cartoon face style but also has some realistic looks. Its AI Replace and AI Background tools make refining your generated face easy and flexible.

5. Fotor

Available: iOS/Android/Website

screenshot of Fotor's AI face generator feature

Key features:

  • Digital avatar creation feature
  • Illustration and realistic styles
  • Photo editing tools

Originally a photo editor, Fotor works as an AI face generator with plenty of styles to try.  It’s free, so it’s more accessible than some other AI generation tools, and you can edit any image you generate with the app.

6. ProPhotos

Available: Website

screenshot of Prophoto's AI face generator feature

Key features:

  • AI face options for any industry
  • Up to 12 backgrounds and 8 clothing styles
  • Options for employee headshots

ProPhotos lets you generate your own headshots or those of your entire company. This AI face generator offers 12 background styles, eight clothing options, and specific industry choices, but it’s pricey compared to other platforms.

7. Face Studio

Available: Website

screenshot of Face Studio's AI face generator feature

Key features:

  • Basic and advanced characteristics
  • Batch generation
  • Mood and lighting options

Face Studio has basic AI face generation tools, and you can modify your desired physical traits with its tools. Generate several faces at once and use the advanced tools to put in your face’s mood, lighting, hair length, skin tone, and more.

8. Dawn AI

Available: iOS/Android/Website

screenshot of Dawn AI's AI face generator feature

Key features:

  • Generates faces from selfies
  • Fantasy face styles
  • One-click AI face generation

Dawn AI uses the selfies you upload to learn your features and create a new AI face for you. It generates illustrated styles, and you get your faces in one click!

9. NightCafe

Available: Website

screenshot of NightCafe's AI face generator UI

Key features:

  • Uses multiple algorithms
  • Text-to-image AI face generation
  • Hyper-realistic styles

NightCafe uses several algorithms to give you more style options with its text-to-image AI face generator. Its realistic styles look like photos so you can use them as pictures of yourself on social media or your website.

10. Canva

Available: iOS/Android/Website

screenshot of Canva's AI face generator UI

Key features:

  • Options for facial traits
  • Create stock portraits
  • Edit with AI tools

Canva is the perfect AI face generator for creating your own AI faces. Its AI photo editor and image enhancer allow you to choose different facial features and refine your creations.

How to Generate AI Faces With Vivid AI

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “Text to Image”

launcher of Vivid AI and highlight the Text to Image feature icon

Vivid AI is available from the App Store or the Google Play Store and is free to use. To get started, open the app and tap Text to Image on the main screen.

2. Enter Your Prompt and Select a Style

text to image UI of Vivid AI with text prompt to generate AI faces

Use the prompt box to describe the AI face you want to create in up to 500 characters. Include the gender, facial features, hair color, and other important traits for your AI portrait. Then, choose from seven styles. If you’re unsure what to write for your prompt, the Editor’s Choice section can give you some ideas!

3. View Results and Modify

AI Replace UI of Vivid AI with text prompt and 3 generated AI faces

If you want to add to your AI face, use the AI Replace tool to brush over the area where you want to add new elements. Then, use the prompt box to describe what you want to put there instead.

4. Download & Share!

Tap the download button to save your new AI-generated face to your album. Now, you can set it as your new profile pic, put it on your website as part of your brand, or post it to your feed!

FAQs About AI Face Generators

1. What is the best AI face generator?

download Vivid AI-the best overall AI image generator

Vivid AI offers some of the app's best free AI face generation features. It’s beginner-friendly and lets you generate unlimited faces with multiple results each time. Plus, you can use its other AI tools to edit your face before you use it.

2. How does AI generate faces?

AI uses neural networks to understand facial characteristics and replicate them into a generated face. Each one uses different algorithms, but you can prompt the generator with a text prompt or an image of your own face so it can learn and make a realistic new portrait.

3. What are the uses of AI-generated faces?

AI faces have personal and professional uses, including:

  • Gaming characters
  • Concept designs
  • Marketing personas and advertising images
  • Educational materials
  • Professional portraits

4. Is there a free AI face generator?

Not all AI face generators are free, but here are a few that are:

5. How can I generate AI faces?

You can generate AI faces with Vivid AI by following these steps:

  1. Download Vivid AI and go to Text to Image.
  2. Type your prompt and choose a style.
  3. Edit your results.
  4. Download and share your AI face!

Download Vivid AI—The Best Overall AI Face Generator

download Vivid AI-the best overall AI image generator

Vivid AI’s Text-to-image tool lets you explore endless unique faces on an easy-to-use platform. Generate as many images as you want, and experiment with its other AI tools, like AI Replace, to add even more details to your image. Download the app to get your own AI-generated faces and see how many new looks you can create!

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