Best Christmas Sales Ideas for Your Ecommerce Store in 2024

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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The holiday season is synonymous with major sales and promotions for business owners. With so many companies vying for attention with Christmas promotions, you must brainstorm creative ways to stand out. As you gear up for your holiday sales, it’s important to be prepared with high-quality, eye-catching promotional materials.

This blog post provides you with helpful ideas for making your Christmas promotions shine and shares helpful tips for attracting customers with holiday sales.

Tips for Your E-commerce Christmas Sales

Along with having attention-grabbing product photos and visually appealing advertisements, you can get the most out of your Christmas sales with these helpful tips:

  1. Early Bird Email Campaign:
  2. Start your holiday promotions early by launching an email campaign to notify subscribers about upcoming deals and exclusive offers. Offer early access or special discounts to reward early shoppers.

  3. Gift Guide Bundles:
  4. Create a comprehensive gift guide on your website, and enhance the shopping experience by offering curated gift bundles. Bundle related products together at a discounted rate to encourage customers to purchase multiple items.

    Create a Poster With Promeo:

  5. Countdown Specials:
  6. Build excitement by launching a countdown promotion on your website. Offer daily or weekly special deals leading up to Christmas, such as flash sales or limited-time discounts on select products.

  7. Festive Packaging Upgrade:
  8. Enhance the holiday spirit by offering festive packaging options for purchased items. Consider special gift wrapping, holiday-themed boxes, or personalized messages to make the unboxing experience memorable.

  9. Holiday Contest or Giveaway:
  10. Engage your audience with a Christmas-themed contest or giveaway. Encourage participants to share holiday stories, photos, or creative content related to your products for a chance to win special prizes. This can increase brand interaction and generate user-generated content.

    Create Social Media Post With Promeo:

Promeo — The Best Product Photo & Ad Maker for Christmas Sales

Promeo is a versatile graphic design app that anyone can use to create visually striking holiday advertisements. In today’s marketplace, it isn’t enough to have a quality, affordable product. You also need to connect with customers through effective advertising and relatable promotions.


With Promeo’s AI Product Background tool, you make any basic product photo look polished and professional. Promeo leverages AI technology to enhance different aspects of your product photos, such as the background. Swap out the background of your product photos to anything you can imagine using the custom prompt tool, then watch the app do all the work.


Along with creating polished product pictures, you can design full-blown digital ads. Promeo is equipped with thousands of templates and presets that are optimized for social media, email marketing, and web posts. Insert your custom photos and text in templates that match your brand to produce versatile digital assets for your Christmas promotions.

How to Make Product Photos With Christmas Backgrounds

All great promotional advertisements start with high-quality photos and designs. Here’s how to use Promeo to level up your product photos to make them perfect for your holiday ad campaigns:

  1. Download Promeo and Tap “AI Product Background”
  2. Promeo

    First, download Promeo from Google Play or the App Store. With Promeo installed, you can handle all of your promotional graphic design tasks from your phone. Get started by opening the app and selecting the “AI Product Background” feature.

    This tool uses AI to identify and isolate the products in your photo, allowing you to add creative backgrounds that fit in with your brand identity. Upgrade a plain background to a snowy Christmas wonderland, a warm fireside scene, or a dazzling Christmas tree.

    Regardless of the option you pick, “AI Product Background” will let you repurpose your old product photos to look new and exciting for your holiday sales.

  3. Upload Your Product Photo
  4. Next, choose the product photo you want to use in your Christmas promotions. Because you can change the background later, focus on picking out a photo with good image quality that focuses on the product you want to feature. Select the photo in the app to start editing.

  5. Type the Prompt for the Background You Want
  6. Promeo

    Promeo will use its AI capabilities to isolate your product from the background. It’ll clear out the backdrop and allow you to change it to a new scene. You can browse various preset styles like wood or marble for standard product photos.

    But when it comes to your Christmas promotions, try using Promeo’s custom prompt feature. Tap “Custom” and enter any Christmas-themed prompt. The app will generate different backgrounds for your product photo based on the text you submit. Here are some ideas to try:

    • Christmas lights
    • Winter scene
    • Christmas village
    • Gingerbread man cookies
    • Snowflakes

    Experiment with different prompts until you find one that fits in perfectly with your brand.

  7. Select One and Make Further Edits
  8. Promeo

    Based on your prompt, Promeo will generate multiple background options highlighting your product. Once you pick your favorite version, you can save it immediately or make extra edits. To adjust your design, tap the photo and click “Edit.” This will let you use the rest of Promeo’s powerful photo editing tools to produce a high-quality product photo.


    Add filters, stickers, and text to your photos in Promeo’s editor. You can also resize your image to get the perfect size for your social posts, email newsletters, and more.

  9. Export Your Product Image
  10. Promeo

    Once you’re happy with your edits, click “Export” to save your photo to your device. From there, you can use your new Christmas-themed photos in any aspect of your advertising. The clear holiday branding will help attract new customers for your Christmas promotions. Upload your photo to different social media channels or use it as an element in more in-depth campaign materials.

How to Make Digital Ads With Christmas Sales Templates

Want to take your product photos and turn them into full-blown holiday advertisements? With Promeo’s themed templates, you can design custom images that are optimized for social media. Follow these steps to start transforming your Christmas sales with Promeo’s preset templates:

  1. Download Promeo and Tap “Christmas”
  2. Download Promeo, then open the app on your phone to start designing. Select the “Christmas” section on the main page to access the holiday-themed templates for this time of year. You’ll be able to check out pre-designed Christmas templates that include fun animations, dazzling stock photos, and fanciful fonts.

  3. Select a Template
  4. Browse through the available templates to find different options for your Christmas sale. You can use the templates as is or customize them to your liking. With Promeo’s versatile templates, you’ll be able to easily produce themed ads for your social media, email marketing, or posts on your website.

  5. Modify the Content and Add Elements
  6. Promeo

    Next, edit the templates to be specific to your brand. You can adjust the text, add a logo, feature a video clip, or swap out the background music. Add details related to your specific Christmas sales, then incorporate a link to direct users to your shop, website, or social pages. Keep making minor edits until you create an advertisement that perfectly fits your unique brand.

  7. Save and Share!
  8. Finally, save your advertisement and start using it to show off your Christmas promotions. Upload it to social media right away, or schedule a future post to launch alongside your next sale. Make the advertisement the main focus of your post, feature it on your website, or attach it to your email blasts.

    Learn More About Promeo’s Templates:

FAQs About Christmas Sales

Explore these questions to ensure you’re prepared for your next Christmas sale:

1. How Do You Attract Customers for Christmas?

Christmas is one of the most popular shopping seasons for customers. Offering discounts and promotions can help show the value of your products and attract new customers. It’s also important to run advertisements to capture the attention of your target audience.

You can bring in customers by adding festive elements to your social media and website with Christmas-themed banners and posts. Get even more out of the Christmas theme by creating holiday-inspired product photos and social media posts with Promeo. Add a fun Christmas background to your product pictures, or use thoughtfully designed templates to catch your customers’ attention.

2. How Do You Make a Christmas Sale?

When planning a Christmas sale, consider the type of promotion you want to offer. You could provide a percentage discount, a buy-one get-one free promotion, or offer a free gift for customers who spend a certain amount. Once you decide on the specific sale, create Christmas-themed social media posts, advertisements, and digital promos you can email to your customers. Add holiday decor to your site or storefront to attract even more customers and show that you’re hosting a sale for Christmas.

3. What Can I Say to Attract Customers?

The right caption can help you generate even more interest in your promotions for the Christmas season. Here are a few ideas you can use for inspiration when planning your Christmas-themed campaigns:

  • ’Tis the season for savings!
  • Stuff your stockings with Christmas deals
  • Enjoy the gift of holiday savings
  • We’re decking the halls with discounts
  • Give yourself the gift of savings

Explore different catchy phrases and slogans that work with your specific promotion or sale. Find fun ways to reference holiday characters, songs, or movies to add a nostalgic touch to your advertising.

4. What Is the Best App for Making Christmas Sales Ads?

Promeo is one of the top apps for designing Christmas-themed ads to promote your sales. It offers multiple versatile product promotion features, including preset templates that you can upload to your social media. You can also use Promeo well after the holidays by adding AI-generated backgrounds to your products.

5. How Can Promeo Help With Your Christmas Sale?

With Promeo, you can give your photos and advertisements a boost, whether you’re creating promotional flyers or designing posts for your social media. By creating a compelling visual brand for your company and products, you can effortlessly showcase your products and entice new customers.

6. Can AI Generate a Christmas Product Background for Me?

With Promeo, you can use AI to add a Christmas-themed background to any product photo. In the app, click on the “AI Product Background” option, which will automatically identify and remove the background of your photo. You can then enter a Christmas prompt and watch AI do all the hard work.

Download Promeo — The Best Product Photo & Ad Maker for Christmas Sales


This Christmas, draw attention to your holiday sales by using Promeo to design your ads and enhance your product photos. Add a Christmas backdrop to any product photo with unique custom prompts. Then, explore preset advertisement templates for email, web posts, and Instagram Stories that exude the Christmas spirit. You can even use Promeo to design custom Christmas cards, Christmas party invitations, and posters to advertise your holiday sales events.

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