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Top 10 Reels Apps To Create Your Perfect Instagram Reels [2023]

Last Updated on Apr. 24, 2023 – by David Morgan
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Reels Apps To Create Your Perfect Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels have become a key part of social media, and their widespread use makes them an effective tool to draw in new followers and maintain the interest of existing ones. Plus, it’s a more personal way to interact with people than your typical IG post.

Are you ready to start creating awesome and engaging content for your Instagram Reels? With the help of an easy-to-use editing app like PowerDirector, you can quickly and easily create amazing Reels that will keep your followers entertained and help you build a stronger connection with them.

Don't miss out on the chance to make a real impact on your audience! Keep reading to discover the 10 best Reels apps and edit your first one.

Snapshot of the Top 3 IG Reels Apps

PowerDirector Logo

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector has a range of features to make eye-catching Reels with video effects, animation, music, and other powerful tools. It’s the best all-in-one Reels editor for adjusting anything you want in your videos and getting more viewers every time.

Promeo Logo

2. Promeo

Promeo is a great Reels app for quick edits, even if you aren’t a designer. It has a simple interface and plenty of Reels ads templates to get you started.

InShot Logo

3. InShot

InShot has a comprehensive platform that lets you do everything from trimming your Reels to combining shots. It’s especially good for adding voiceover and sound effects to your Reels after you film.

Why Should I Create IG Reels with a Reels Editing App?

These days, you need more than graphic design skills to get noticed on Instagram. Knowing how to make a Reel that grabs your followers’ attention brings more people to your profile. By creating Reels with a Reels app, you can:

  • Boost your visibility in IG’s algorithm, which favors Reels
  • Reach more viewers with interesting content
  • Create more engagement with friends and followers
  • Form an online persona that people recognize when they scroll
  • Build trust and awareness in your brand, if you sell online

A Reels editing app helps you refine your Reels before you post them, so you have a better chance of getting noticed and even appearing on IG’s Explore page.

How To Choose the Best Reel Editing App

With so many Reels apps to choose from, it can be hard to know if you’re using the best one. Before you commit to one, here’s what you should look for when you download and try different apps:

  • OS compatibility
  • Price and number of free tools offered
  • How many features are included and the specific options within those features
  • How often there are updates, including whether the app keeps up with current trends
  • Ease of use

Checking user reviews can help you decide whether you want to try an app in the first place. However, this checklist helps you compare each Reel app to find the best one for you.

How We Test the Best Reel Editing Apps

Before we recommend a Reels app, we try them out to see what each one has to offer and what sets them apart from the rest. Beyond their features and pricing, reel editing apps should have:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Easy navigation and accessible tools
  • High processing speed
  • Capability to maintain or improve video quality
  • Features compatible with your Reel editing experience
  • Automated editing tools

Even if an app has impressive tools, it doesn’t mean much if they’re hard to access, difficult to use, or if the app crashes before you can save your video. It’s a good idea to make sure the app not only has the features you want but that you enjoy using it!

10 Best IG Reels Apps

We put together 10 of the best Reels apps with the features and quality you need. Explore them to find out which one to download first!

1. PowerDirector — Best All-in-One Reels Editor To Create Engaging Videos

Rating: 4.6 in App Store / 4.4 on Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

PowerDirector has more tools than any other app to help you make creative Reels that grab viewers’ attention. Its filters, effects, and other editing features give you plenty of ways to make your Reels stand out and play with different looks.

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

PowerDirector’s anime video feature transforms you into a new art style. It’s the first Reels app to offer this feature with its AI Style tool. You can choose from four general art styles with several more specific options within each. Tap the one you want to use and transform your video into an anime style!

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

The app has other AI effects, too, and they add body effects to put the focus on you and make your Reels more attractive to viewers. You can outline yourself with the electric contour effect for emphasis or use the trio effect to create a cool dynamic motion in your Reel.

PowerDirector - Cartoonize Video

If you have a boring or cluttered background, PowerDirector can fix that with its change background feature. You can choose from static or animated backgrounds that send you on a tropical vacation, into outer space, through the mountains, or to a golden sunset. You can always find the right background to fit your vibe and give you a more exciting and aesthetic background to catch your viewers’ eyes.

PowerDirector has a huge collection of stickers to enhance the feel of your Reels and stock music that makes your viewers want to listen through the whole Reel. Each of the app’s features enhances your video so that you can get more eyes on your profile.

Learn How To Create IG Reels:

2. Promeo — Best for Beginner Users To Create Reels Ads

Rating: 4.8 on App Store / 4.4 on Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

PowerDirector - Promeo

Promeo’s strength is its templates. It has over 10,000 to choose from, including a wide selection made for Instagram Reels ads that makes it perfect if you don’t have design skills. Create your Reels ads in three steps with music, filters, stickers, and over 100 fonts to complete your video.

3. InShot — Best for Advanced Reel Editing

Rating: 4.9 in App Store / 4.8 on Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

InShot has advanced video editing features that include everything from trimming to key frames and blending. It’s one of the best apps for adding voiceover later, which helps if you create step-by-step tutorials with your Reels. Its options can get overwhelming for people who have never edited Reels before, but it lets you make almost any edits you can imagine.

4. KineMaster — Best for Keeping Reels on Trend

Rating: 4.7 on App Store / 4.1 on Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

KineMaster has trendy templates and transition effects to add excitement to your Reels. Its green screen lets you replace your background, and you can add animations, stickers, and handwriting to your video for a professional look. Because of its professional setup, it may not work as well for beginners.

5. FilmoraGo — Best for Editing Reels with AI Features

Rating: 4.7 on App Store and Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

FilmoraGo has advanced editing features with preset curves that fit your aesthetic. It lets you edit across timelines, and you can remove objects with its AI Cutout tool. Plus, with its beat detection, it makes it easier to sync your music to your Reels.

6. Splice — Best for Professional-Level Reel Edits

Rating: 4.6 on App Store / 4.4 on Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

Splice has an in-depth editing setup, which can overwhelm new users, even if it’s worth the learning curve. It works well for long and short Reels with precise tools for trimming, changing speed, adding text and overlays, and including music from its audio library.

7. CapCut — Best for Creating Reels with Captions

Rating: 4.5 on App Store and Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

Along with the basic Reel editing features, CapCut comes with automated captions and a speech to text feature. It helps with creating more accessible Reels using subtitles so that all your viewers can enjoy your videos. CapCut has trendy filters and effects, as well as advanced editing features like chroma key and video stabilizing.

8. Clips — Best for Making Quick and Fun Reels

Rating: 3.7 on App Store / 3.6 on Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

Clips isn’t the most high-tech Reels app out there, but it does the job if you only have a few minutes to edit. It lets you turn yourself into a Memoji for artistic shots, and it’s great for selfies. Its simple controls make editing your Reels easy with stickers, captions, effects, and more, but some users will want more than it can offer.

9. Funimate — Best for Fan Edit Reels

Rating: 4.7 on App Store / 4.4 on Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

Funimate is a great way to create fan edits, freestyle videos, and short animated Reels. Its transitions, filters, and overlays make it easy to add your own spin and style to existing clips, and you can feel like a pro when you add everything from lip-syncs to anime effects. Funimate may leave more experienced users disappointed with fewer features than other Reels apps.

10. YouCut — Best for Slideshow Style Reels

Rating: 4.9 on App Store and Google Play

Available on: iOS and Android

YouCut’s slideshow maker gives you plenty of options to combine your photos and videos with seamless transitions. The app is simpler than most others on our list, but it doesn’t have any ads, and its tools are free to use. With it, you can split, merge, trim, and add music to any Reel.

Download PowerDirector: The Best Reel Editor App

PowerDirector’s advanced features and extensive editing options make it stand out from other Reels apps and give you the tools you need to create engaging and attention-grabbing Reels. It doesn’t require professional video editing skills, and with more interesting Reels come more followers and viewers. Download it for free for iOS or Android to start editing your first Reel!

FAQs about IG Reels Apps

1. What Is the Fastest Way To Create IG Reel?

A powerful IG Reels app like PowerDirector is the fastest way to create Reels that go viral with cartoonized features, animated effects and stickers, and a new background. PowerDirector’s content resources and other video editing tools also enhance your Reels and help you learn how to make even better edits for a more dramatic difference.

2. Is There a Free IG Reels App?

There are tons of free IG Reels apps, and among them, we recommend PowerDirector. It’s free and is the best IG Reels app for its extensive features that make editing videos quick and easy.

3. What’s the Best Reel Editor App?

PowerDirector is the best Reel editor app because it has an all-in-one video editing interface that lets you make both simple and advanced edits. With it, you can turn your videos into anime, add animated body effects, and enhance your video for free.

4. What Features Can I Use with a Reels Editing App Like PowerDirector?

With a Reels app like PowerDirector, you can turn your Reel into anime and add AI effects for a more exciting look. Plus, you can change your background to a still life or animated scene that matches your Reel’s aesthetic. You can even add music or stickers to create the perfect vibe!

5. How Can I Make an IG Reel with PowerDirector?

With a Reels app like PowerDirector, you can make an IG Reel with these steps:

  1. Open PowerDirector and tap the “+” icon to create a new project
  2. Choose the video clips from your media
  3. Tap the upper right icon to adjust the aspect ratio to 9:16
  4. Tap Audio to add music from your media or the stock libraries
  5. Tap AI Effect to add AI-style effects such as body effects or anime backgrounds
  6. Tap export on the upper right side to save or share your video to Instagram Reels directly.

6. How Can I Make an IG Reel Ad with Promeo?

With a Reels editing app with plenty of templates like Promeo, you can easily create a Reels ad with the following steps:

  1. Open Promeo and choose “Reels ads” design
  2. Start from a blank canvas or search the Reels ads template by keyword
  3. Set up brand kit to show your brand logo on the Reels ad
  4. Tap continue to edit the media, text, and color layout
  5. Save the video to your album or share to Instagram directly 
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