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How to Remove the Background from an Image

Last Updated on Aug. 5, 2021 – by David Morgan
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How to Remove the Background from an Image

Knowing the basics of photo editing can help you clean up and perfect pictures before sharing or posting them on social media. One popular photo editing skill is utilizing a quick selection tool to remove the background from photos. However, this is not the most efficient way.

Whether you want to apply creative effects to the image's background, create a transparent sticker of the central object, or place the subject on a different background, knowing how to cut an object from an image is a handy skill to have as a photo editor.

In the past, you would have needed to use a quick selection tool and hope it created a clean outline around your subject. Today, you can have PhotoDirector's AI-powered object segmentation tool perform all the hard work by allowing it to detect and outline the object for you in a matter of seconds. So throw that quick selection tool out the window. Photo editing just got way easier.

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Read on to learn how to remove the background from an image, then download PhotoDirector for Mac or PC for free and try this incredible tool for yourself.

Steps to Remove Background from an Image

You can follow these steps to use the object segmentation tool to cut people and objects out of our pictures with PhotoDirector.

1. Import your photo into PhotoDirector, then navigate to "Guided"

Your first step is to import the image you would like to edit into PhotoDirector.

After you import your photo, PhotoDirector will take you to the main editing screen, where you will see various tabs and tools. Click the "Guided" tab at the top of the page.

2. Open "Extract or Compose" and click "Background Removal"

Next, you will see a toolbar on the left side of the window, with various guided editing options. Find the "Extract or Compose" dropdown, then click "Background Removal."

3. Select your subject with Object Segmentation

In the "Background Removal" editor, you will see a left-hand panel with tools and sliders. Your first step is to click the "Object Segmentation" button; it has an icon with the silhouette of a tree being cut out. This will automatically detect the subject within your photo and create a precise dotted outline around them.

4. Specify which area you would like to remove

Under the brush settings, you will see checkboxes that say "Remove selected area" and "Remove unselected area." Choose which action you would like to perform.

5. Apply the effect

Once you have selected your subject and specified the area you would like to remove, click "Apply". The area chosen will be removed.

6. Fine-tune the edges

Sometimes the selection made and cut out is slightly wider than the object. You can fine-tune the edges using one of the brushes in the left-hand editor. Run your brush over the edges of the cutout, and PhotoDirector's AI will fix them up.

7. Add a new background or export the image

You can now add a new background or save and export the image. If you want your image to have a transparent background, you should export the picture as a PNG file.

Great Ways to Use the Object Segmentation Tool

PhotoDirector includes the AI-powered Object Segmentation in many of its effects' controls to detect objects within your photo for you. This technology takes the work out of your editing process, allowing you to achieve professional-level effects quickly and easily.

You can utilize the tool to achieve a wide range of effects. Use it to cut out the person in a photo and paste them onto another background. For example, you could snap an image of a person against a white background, use object segmentation to cut them out, then paste them into a forest or mountain scene. Or use it to limit the boundaries of a filter or effect over photos.

YouTubers use this tool to create thumbnails for their YouTube videos. The thumbnails of popular videos typically include a cutout of the YouTuber, relevant text, and images from the video. This style of image is easy to achieve with PhotoDirector.

Best Background Removal Tool

Selecting a person or object within your photo is easier than ever with PhotoDirector's object segmentation. PhotoDirector does most of the work for you by automatically detecting the photo's subject, creating a selection border, and removing the object or background with a simple click.

Download PhotoDirector today for free to begin taking advantage of its powerful AI effects and save time on your next editing project.

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