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5 Best PC Alternatives to Kinemaster

Last Updated on Jun. 24, 2021 – by David Morgan
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Best Kinemaster Windows Alternatives

While you may have launched your YouTube channel or amassed an Instagram following with videos you edited on the Kinemaster app, the convenience of mobile editing apps doesn’t always measure up to professionally made videos. The Kinemaster app provides plenty of flexibility and creativity for on-the-go editing. Still, there’s no question that editing videos on your PC will:

  • Allow you to work faster and render quicker
  • Provide more tools and features
  • Give you additional power to create more complicated projects
  • Afford you a bigger screen to work on
  • Increase your production capabilities
  • Improve the quality of your videos

If you’re looking for an alternative for the Kinemaster app on your PC to help improve your videos or increase your social media presence, you’re in the right place. We know that choosing the best Kinemaster Pro alternative can be challenging, so we created this guide to compare the top video editing software for your PC.

If you want to skip the reviews and go straight to using the best video editor for PC, we recommend downloading PowerDirector now. It’s wide assortment of editing features and monthly updates will keep you feeling inspired and creating the highest quality video content you’ve ever made.

Top 5 Kinemaster Alternatives for Computer

1. PowerDirector

If you need full creative control from a comprehensive editing suite for your projects, PowerDirector is your best option. Providing an unmatched editing experience, it combines:
  • Unlimited multiple-layer editing for audio, video, and images
  • Wide range of video and audio format support
  • Direct upload to social media and YouTube
  • A comprehensive, royalty-free stock library from Shutterstock

PowerDirector’s interface features streamlined functionality well-suited to beginners. While advanced content creators will find PowerDirector is a full professional editing suite with ultra-fast rendering and Intel-10-optimization.

Key Features:
  • Advanced video editing tools: Alongside basic editing capabilities, users can enjoy guided modules and presets for editing, like:
    • Green screen tools
    • Masking
    • Motion graphics
    • Multicam Editing
    • Video Stabilization
  • New creative elements monthly: PowerDirector users gain access to new titles, stickers, templates, transitions and effects every month.
  • Suitability for projects of every size: Whether you’re editing videos for TikTok or working on a short film, PowerDirector’swide range of capabilities will ensure that your content stands out from the rest.
  • Optimization for use with Windows PC and Intel 10 technology
  • Free, expansive online education and inspiration library
  • Ability to download and install for free
  • Casual users may feel overwhelmed by all the editing and creative options

2. Lightworks

Lightworks Interface Lightworks stands out from other video editing software because of:
  • Sleek drag-and-drop timeline that allows you to cut, trim, and combine clips
  • Real-time special effects

While Lightworks can manage everything from social media videos to short films, the technical terms and somewhat awkward layout often confuse and frustrate users. Even experienced editors accustomed to editors like Kinemaster may find the software challenging due to its interface and workflow design.

Key Feature:
  • Comprehensive, professional-grade editing tools: Lightworks offers real-time color adjustment capabilities, special effects, and audio tools suitable for hobbyists or professional creators.
  • Multi-cam editing capabilities
  • Preset animations and templates
  • Even advanced users may experience a significant learning curve
  • Layout lacks user-optimized flow
  • Technical jargon may intimidate or confuse beginners

3. VideoPad

Videopad Interface

If you want fundamental video editing software with a solid lineup of essential editing tools, you may prefer VideoPad for Windows PC. Simple to master and use, VideoPad’s interface allows you to drag-and-drop photos, video, and audio to create a fun, personalized creation.

Users can choose from a selection of filters, effects, transitions, and overlays to enhance their videos and even stabilize shaky footage. You can also adjust your video’s colors and use the basic audio tools to combine music, voiceover, and sound effects.

Key Feature:
  • Direct social media sharing: Upload and publish videos to YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive without ever leaving the app.
  • Suitable editing capabilities for casual users
  • No watermarks while using the free version
  • Few advanced editing features
  • Limited titles, transitions, and special effects
  • Only basic audio capabilities

4. Nero Video

Nero Video Interface

Nero Video’s editing interface may look outdated, but even beginners can learn the software and use the straightforward tools to create and edit fun videos. The drag-and-drop timeline makes it easy to organize your content while layering videos, images, and audio.

While advanced editors may turn to more sophisticated software, everyday users who desire to edit videos to share with friends and family online find this software adequate. Nero Video’s essential editing tools, transitions, and themes simplify the editing process. The software has more than enough power to cut, trim, and create home videos using its multitrack interface.

Key Feature:
  • Custom themes enhance the editing experience: Choose a preset theme, such as “Sports” or “Retro,” to add titles, music, and transitions to your videos automatically.
  • Organized, easy-to-use interface
  • Low learning curve
  • No stock library of music, photos, and videos
  • Limited customization options for themes and templates
  • No monthly software update

5. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus Interface

Movavi Video Editor Plus has a sleek appearance and comprehensive editing tools. Animation is easy with Movavi because it allows you to animate its cartoon-like stickers with a few clicks.

A variety of overlays and transitions help streamline the editing process. You can also utilize the software’s scene detection tool to cut your videos.

While Movavi lacks features such as multi camera editing and does not release new features each month or provide a stock library, casual users may still enjoy the straightforward layout. That said, more advanced content creators may prefer higher-quality software for their videos.

Key Features:
  • Chroma key and green screen technology: Unlike other lightweight editing platforms, Movavi provides users with advanced chroma key technology for background replacement.
  • Audio editing capabilities: Movavi’s audio editing tools include beat detection, noise removal, and synchronization tools.
  • Clear, straightforward design
  • Advanced audio editing tools for voiceover and vlogging
  • Small selection of titles, transitions, and templates
  • Free version has a watermark
  • Less lighting and color customization options

Comparison Chart

software comparison


Nero Video
Movavi Movie Editor Plus
Price $4.99/mo $24.99/mo $39.95 $38.75 $39.95/yr
User-Friendly Easy, Beginner Friendly Moderate Yes Yes, but clunky design Yes
Updates & New Features Constantly/Year Round Minimum No No No
Stock Library Integration Yes No No No No
Multicam Editing Yes Yes No No No
Transition Library Large Collection & Growing No Yes Yes Yes
Text Animations & Title Templates Wide Selection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Split Screen Designer Yes No No No No


As convenient as mobile video editing can be, desktop video editing allows you to combine more layers, enjoy precision control, and take your creativity to the next level. Kinemaster users can easily transition to PowerDirector with a minimal learning curve. At the same time, absolute beginners can dive in with guided modules and an expansive educational resource library.

If you’re ready to upgrade your video creation with a feature rich PC video editor from a modest mobile app, download PowerDirector now.

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