Welcome to CyberLink Member Zone

CyberLink is the world's leading developer of multimedia software and AI facial recognition technology. It practices good corporate social responsibility and takes proactive actions to ensure that business conduct meets the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

CyberLink expects to fulfill its care and responsibilities for stakeholders and the environment and promises to integrate company resources to comply with corporate social responsibility established by the company governance rules and continue to make improvements.

Ethical Management

The five core values of CyberLink are Professional Excellence, Innovation, Change, respect for Customers, and Integrity altogether shape a company culture of continuous learning and advancement. Following the principle of honesty, transparency, and compliance with legal standards to disclose business performance.

Inclusive Workplace

We believe the wellness and welfare of employees are the foundation for sustainable development. To facilitate employee health management, increase workplace happiness, implement talent training programs, creating a diverse and inclusive organization, shaping a happy workplace that all employees can be genuinely proud of.

Social Responsibility

Running our business responsibly and contributing to society, CyberLink is committed to bringing contributions to the community. "CyberLink & Perfect Education Foundation" has been engaging actively in social care activities such as volunteer school teaching, industry and school collaboration, social welfare. In response to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Environmental protection and carbon reduction

The software industry is one of the green industries. In addition to reducing disposable packaging materials and introducing 100% paperless processes, CyberLink practices environmental sustainability. CyberLink promises to gradually increase the proportion of green electricity year by year from 2021 and aims to fully adopt green electricity by 2030, to replace traditional electricity to resonate with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and making our earth a better planet.

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