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Core Values

Founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) is the world's leading multimedia software and AI facial recognition technology developer. CyberLink developed and owned over 200 patented technologies that provide a solid foundation for its continuous innovations. Its forward-looking vision has enabled CyberLink to grow rapidly and create the most advanced software solutions.

CyberLink upholds the core values of "Professional Excellence," "Innovation," "Change," "Customer," and "Integrity," and makes continuous improvement through constant innovation, develop high value-added products to fulfill customers' needs. We keep moving forward with our core competencies and our "Invest in Taiwan & Address the Global Market" mindset. We want to create a company culture that supports learning and advancement.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

CyberLink valued integrity management and corporate social responsibility and has established the "Corporate Governance Code," "Integrity Management Code," "Employee Code of Conduct," and "Corporate Social Responsibility Code" as standards for all employees to follow. Which aims to deliver sustainable business performance, offer good services and value-added products to customers, and continuously grow company assets.

The Code of Integrity Management stipulates that companies should comply with the Company Law, Securities Exchange Law, Commercial Accounting Law, Political Contribution Law, Corruption and Crimes Regulations, Government Procurement Law, the Law on Avoidance of Conflicts of Interests of Public Officials, and other business practices related to public listing rules.

The Employee Code of Conduct states the behavior of employees should comply with relevant regulations and company policies. Employees are encouraged to report violations of laws, regulations, or ethical conduct and will be treated confidentially to protect the reporters.

CyberLink has designated the CEO office as the responsible unit to safeguard corporate integrity and periodically organize training and awareness programs for employees to let them learn about ethical corporate management, related policies, prevention programs, and the consequences of committing unethical conduct. From 2022 to June 2023, a total of 509 people participated in the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles Education and Training Course, with a total of 58.62 hours of class hours.

CyberLink has provided the proper channels for whistle-blowing, and employees are encouraged to report violations of laws and regulations, or the Code of Ethical Conduct. The reporting process and adjudication unit are specified in the Measures of Whistleblowing System Implementation, and the whistleblower’s identity will be protected and the evidence will be kept confidential.

Whistleblower Complaint Contact:
  1. Phone: (886)-2-86671298, Audit supervisor.
  2. E-mail: whistleblower@cyberlink.com
  3. Mail: 15th Floor, No. 100 Minquan Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City.

Financial Performance

Unit: NT$ Million

Item/ Year Net Revenue Gross Profit Operating Income Non-Operating Income and expenses Net Income (loss) Earnings (loss) Per Share (NT$) ROE ROA
2018 1,574 1,342 423 20 329 3.88 8.6% 6.4%
2019 1,455 1,230 259 217 380 4.53 9.5% 7.1%
2020 1,641 1,358 237 16 188 2.26 4.7% 3.6%
2021 1,577 1,322 197 (698) (563) (7.21) -17.3% -12.3%
2022 1,691 1,462 197 24 184 2.34 5.0% 3.8%

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