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CyberLink is responding to United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. By establishing the "Perfect CyberLink Education Foundation," we are committed to contributing to the community by deploying social care, education and extension, and industry-university collaboration.

CyberLink’s Response to United Nations’

Sustainable Development Goals

Perfect CyberLink Education Foundation

  • Social Care
  • Education
  • Industry-School Collaboration
  • Social Activity

2023 : Percentage of Public Welfare Donation

2019-2023 : Donation Amount of Perfect CyberLink Education Foundation

Social Care

There are potential arts, music, and athletic talents among rural schools in Taiwan that couldn't attend international contests due to limited budget and resources. Perfect CyberLink Education Foundation consistently supports all levels of different education institutes' diverse music, art, and sports activities.

  • Hsinchu County Tao-Shan Elementary School Choir attended Germany's 11th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition.
  • Chuang-Wei Junior High School Harmonica Team “Sound of Chuang-Wei”attend Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Hangzhou, China.
  • Da-Jia Junior High School Handball Team attended the international race in Europe.
  • Nantou County Chu-Shan Senior High School Hockey Team attended the international race in the USA.
  • Sponsorship to the Ciou Ye Mang Troupe. For the theatrical performances in rural elementary schools.
  • Chin-Ai Music from Renai Township in Nantou County attended SCL International Youth Music Festival in Vienna.

Heng-Shan Charity Group calls volunteers to do home refurbishment for disadvantaged families across Taiwan. Perfect CyberLink Education Foundation sponsored their refurbishment program, and as of mid-2019, they have helped 644 families with onsite refurbishment 793 times.

Through donations to Taiwan Kanner Autism Foundation, Perfect CyberLink Education Foundation helped raise public awareness of Kanner Syndrome, improve the therapeutic and educational program for people with autism, and help families to cope with Kanner Syndrome.

To assist social resettlement organizations such as nursery schools and correctional homes, Perfect CyberLink Education Foundation donated a total of NT$4.47 million to 12 institutes in 2019. In 2020, the scale of donations expanded to a total of NT$11.49 million to 112 resettlement organizations nationwide.

In addition, CyberLink held the "End of the Year Heart-Warming Bazaar" for many years, encourages employees to donate second-hand materials, and CyberLink donated all the proceeds to charity organizations.


CyberLink held multiple activities to support economically underprivileged elementary school students to learn photo & video editing skills and other related programs.

By participating in those activities, the young students learn team spirit, develop leadership skills, become inspired by innovative multimedia technology, and learn digital creativity.

To encourage employees to practice social care participation, CyberLink also provides employee volunteer leave based on the number of volunteer hours that employees participate in. Employees will benefit from the process of serving society and continue to exert positive influence.

2023 Activities Sessions Participants
Magical Creative Camps 4 121
Digital Album DIY 14 253
Photo Editing Masters 15 305
The Next Power Director 15 410
Seeded Lecturer Training 2 22
Total 50 1111
(as of September 30, 2023)

Social Activity

CyberLink organized several blood donation campaigns, encouraged employees to participate in charity activities, and called on Gigabyte, Senao International, Tzu Chi Group, Taipei Silicon Valley Building, Platinum Hotel, and other community businesses to join. From 2010 to 2023, CyberLink contributed more than 11,761 participants and raised more than 17,619 bags of blood from the join campaigns.

In May 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan heats up and enters the third level of alert. The frontline relief personnel faced rigorous risks and challenges in carrying out rescue work. Perfect CyberLink Education Foundation donated medical prevention goods to frontline workers to support them in fighting against the pandemic.

Industry-University Collaboration

CyberLink provides summer internship opportunities for young students. Following their interests and talents, they can land in different job fields, such as research and development, software testing, or marketing internships programs. It enables young students to get in touch with industry requirements from an early age to help them develop skills and experiences for their future careers. We have 101 college students who participated in CyberLink summer internships.

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