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3 Best AI Apps to Create Real Estate Headshots [2024]

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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a guy in red hoodie jacket photo being transformed to real estate headshot with Vivid AI

We’ve all judged a book by its cover. Just like a gorgeous book jacket makes you pick up a novel, having professional and clean real estate headshots makes your potential clients look twice.

Even if you can’t afford to hire a photographer, you can still get a headshot for your website or real estate listings. Vivid AI has generative tools that use your face as a reference to create the perfect image. Keep reading to learn how to use it and why choosing the right headshot for your real estate profile is important.

Vivid AI - Crafting Effective Real Estate Headshots to Reach Clients Successfully

use Vivid AI to turn ordinary man and woman photo into real estate headshots

Your face is the first thing potential clients see when they visit your website or profile. With Vivid AI, you don’t need to change outfits, pose, or take hours out of your day for a photoshoot. Instead, it uses your existing photos to craft new ones. You can choose:

  • Outfit styles that match your job with a crisp suit
  • Backgrounds that put you in an office or home setting
  • Approachable expressions that draw in website visitors

Vivid AI upgrades existing photos of you to repurpose them into real estate agent headshots that bring home buyers, sellers, and renters to you.

Learn More About AI Headshots

Why Are Real Estate Headshots Important?

You know you’ve got the experience, expertise, and personality to sell a home. But most clients won’t scroll down to read your real estate achievements if they see a grainy, pixelated, or unprofessional image beside your header. 

The best real estate headshots set you apart in a highly competitive market. Regardless of your qualifications, your headshot is a major selling point for your real estate business.

How to Prepare for Taking the Real Estate Headshot?

Before you take your real estate headshot, consider what you want it to say to people. Here’s how to prepare yourself for a headshot that expresses what you want:

  • Background
  • Choose a setting that makes sense for your work. In this case, an office, a clean, furnished living room, or a kitchen background makes it feel like you’re showing a home.

  • Attire
  • A suit, button-down shirt, or blouse conveys professionalism. It doesn’t have to be too fancy — you’re not going to a cocktail party, after all — but it should show care in your appearance.

  • Pose
  • Don’t be afraid to show personality in your pose! Try to look like you’re in your element, keep an open posture, and smile.

    These real estate headshot tips work if you’re doing a photoshoot, but with Vivid AI, you hardly need them. Just upload a clear, front-facing picture of yourself, and the app will generate different headshot styles for you!

Top 3 Real Estate Headshot Generator Apps

1. Vivid AI

Available: iOS/Android

Rating: 4.8/5

use Vivid AI to turn ordinary man and woman photo into real estate headshots

Vivid AI uses advanced AI features to create your real estate agent headshot in minutes. It works from the styles you choose and has plenty to explore, including:

  • Versatile Clothing Options: Tailor your suit or shirt to you with dozens of styles. Choose formal or business casual looks based on your business image, and Vivid AI will create a headshot to match.
  • Diverse Backgrounds: Make your headshot pop with a solid light blue or gray background. Or go with indoor settings, like a living room, office, and more.

Vivid AI’s AI Outfit feature generates multiple business outfits when you need other photos for your website or social media page. Polish your look with its many styles and try them on virtually before you post them online.

Learn More About AI Outfits:

2. PhotoDirector

Available: iOS/Android

Rating: 4.7/5

use PhotoDirector's portrait tools to reshape face, enlarge eyes, reshape nose and lips

PhotoDirector helps you create real estate headshots, but it works differently from Vivid AI. Instead of generating a new image, PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editing app. You need an existing real estate headshot to get started, but this app lets you enhance it with its portrait tool or ID photo feature.

use PhotoDirector's ID photo feature to turn photo into ID

3. Fotor

Available: iOS/Android

Rating: 4.6/5

Fotor can generate new headshots from your photos, but it doesn’t have the same natural quality that Vivid AI gives you. Still, you can generate your images from photos of yourself or a text description. Since Fotor is also a photo editing app, you can edit and refine the headshots you like best.

How to Create Professional Real Estate Headshots?

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Headshot”

launcher of Vivid AI with AI Headshot feature icon highlighted

Vivid AI’s headshot tools are free to download from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve got the app on your device, tap AI Headshot on the main screen to start creating yours.

2. Select Gender and Style

woman's headshot styles and man's headshot styles side by side

Vivid AI lets you choose male, female, and other for your gender. Once you’ve picked one, select your style from its suit, shirt, and knitwear options.

3. Upload a Picture

recommended photos and not suitable photos to generate headshots

When you choose a photo from your album, make sure it’s clear and well-lit. You should be looking at the camera with your hands hidden so they don’t get in the way of your final headshot.

Avoid face coverings like masks or sunglasses, and make sure you’re not wearing a hat. Don’t upload grainy or cloudy pictures since they’ll get in the way of the AI detecting your facial details.

4. See the Professional in You!

6 real estate headshots made by Vivid AI

Vivid AI takes a few minutes to generate your headshot. You can leave the app while you wait and then come back to see yourself in a stunning suit and ready to negotiate your next sale!

The Advantages of Using Vivid AI to Create Real Estate Headshots

Traditional portrait photography gives you unique images, but it takes a lot more time and costs much more than Vivid AI. Compared to hiring a photographer, you can get your real estate headshots in 16 minutes rather than posing for up to two hours.

Your photographer will tell you how many shots they edit and give you at the end of the process. With Vivid AI, you can create as many as you want with three package options. When you work with a pro, you could pay up to $500 for a session. Using Vivid AI, you get a lot more at cheaper prices:

  • $7.99 for 20 headshots
  • $13.99 for 40 headshots
  • $26.99 for 80 headshots

In these packages, you get much more variation than with traditional photography. It generates several backgrounds, including solid colors and office-style settings. Plus, you don’t need to worry about buying your clothes, like you would with a photoshoot.

Traditional portrait photography Vivid AI
Pricing $150 ~ $450 Includes various packages:
-$7.99/ 20 unique headshots
-$13.99/ 40 unique headshots
-$26.99/ 80 unique headshots
Time investment 30 mins ~ 2 hours About 16 mins
Background Usually only a few solid color background options available Generated by AI, various backgrounds are available, including solid color or office-style settings.
Attire Typically, you need to bring your own attire AI generates a variety of attire options, including suits, shirts, and knitwear.
Customization  Normally, only around 5 shots can be taken Multiple headshots can be generated at once.
Includes various packages:
-20 unique headshots
-40 unique headshots
-80 unique headshots

Vivid AI - Comprehensive Crafting of Your Professional Image

4 woman AI outfits generated by Vivid AI

When you need a professional look for your agency website, LinkedIn profile, or team page, Vivid AI can help. Along with headshots that impress your potential clients, you can generate full-body images and explore business fashion with the AI Outfits feature. Just upload a full-body photo of yourself, select your styles, and tap to see a collection of new looks you can use alongside your headshots.

Download Vivid AI for free on iOS and Android to display your best professional self, and get ready to book your next real estate client!

FAQs About Real Estate Headshots

1. Why Should I Have Impressive Real Estate Agent Headshots?

A strong image of you on your website gives a good first impression to potential clients. It shows your personality and creates trust between you and the people who want to hire you before they even meet you. Plus, when people shop for a real estate professional, a photo makes you stick in their minds when they’re ready to reach out.

2. What Can a Good Real Estate Headshot Do?

Real estate headshots are a chance to:

  • Make a positive first impression
  • Show commitment to details
  • Present yourself as friendly and personable
  • Create trust and transparency with potential clients
  • Help people remember your name, face, and agency

3. What’s the Best App to Create Real Estate Agent Headshots?

Vivid AI is the best app for generating real estate headshots because it offers a range of styles and backgrounds that make you stand out. You can choose from different suits and shirts as well as home and office backgrounds that match your real estate experience.

4. How Do I Craft a Real Estate Headshot With Vivid AI?

First, choose your gender and clothing style to match your real estate aesthetic. Then, upload a high-quality photo of yourself and wait for Vivid AI to craft a new headshot!

5. How Long Does It Take to Receive the Edited Headshots From Vivid AI?

In about 16 minutes, Vivid AI creates up to 80 real estate headshots. Vivid AI gives you faster and more convenient results than the 30 minutes to two hours it can take to pose for a photographer.

6. How Often Should I Update My Real Estate Headshot?

It’s a good idea to update your headshots every year or two. With Vivid AI, you can choose a bunch of headshots to save for later when you need to swap them. That way, you won’t need to worry about taking more for a long time.

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