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5 Best VTuber Makers to Create Your Own Character in 2024

Last Updated on May. 17, 2024 – by CyberLink
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Vtubers created with Vviid AI
Vtubers created with Vviid AI

As a virtual YouTuber, your avatar builds your online persona. When you express yourself through a character, you connect with and entertain your audience in a way you can’t in real life. But before making your first video, you need to create your avatar.

With a VTuber maker, you can create characters for your videos using AI. We compiled a list of five apps that will help you get the look that matches your vision. Keep reading to find the best one for you and explore all the different features they offer!

What Is a VTuber Model

A VTuber model is an avatar you use in your videos to represent your persona. It’s an animated character that can move with you using motion capture software. A lot of VTubers use them for live streams, like when they host a gaming stream.

It appears on-screen as a 2D or 3D avatar, giving you a way to show your persona without showing your face. For some people, a VTuber model lets them represent themselves as they want to be seen in a way that reflects their personality and identity better than their real appearance.

5 Best VTuber Makers in 2024

1. Vivid AI

Available on: iOS and Android

Vtubers created by Vivid AI with AI Anime, Text to Image and AI Avatar features

Key Features:

  • Powerful AI to generate high-quality VTuber avatars fast
  • Text-to-image feature that generates avatars with prompts
  • AI Scene and AI Interior Design features create VTuber backgrounds in many styles
  • Comprehensive AI tools to customize your VTuber model

Vivid AI is an all-in-one VTuber model maker with plenty of AI features to make and refine your character. It’s the best tool for first-time VTubers looking to try out different character styles to find the one that fits them best. With user-friendly tools, you can explore different avatars, backgrounds, and editing features for any VTuber persona.

2. PhotoDirector

Available on: iOS and Android

Vtubers created by PhotoDirector with AI Avatar feature in 4 styles

Key Features:

  • Makes 2D and 3D VTuber avatars
  • Well-trained AI generates VTuber models in many styles
  • Extensive photo editing features to refine your avatar

PhotoDirector is a photo editing app with an AI Avatar feature that is perfect for creating your VTuber model. It uses photos of you to create a new avatar in any of its realistic and artistic styles.

use PhotoDirector to create Vtuber with the Text to Image feature

With the Text to Image tool, you get full control over your avatar’s look. Type in a prompt describing how you want your character to look, and the app will do the rest! You can even turn yourself into an anime or cartoon character with the AI Anime and AI Cartoon features. Just tap the style you want, and PowerDirector will make you look like a totally new main character.

3. Fotor

Available on: iOS/Android

UI of Fotor to create a Vtuber

Key Features:

  • Cartoon VTuber generator
  • 3D and 2D VTuber backgrounds
  • AI Avatar for gaming or PFPs

Fotor’s 2D and 3D VTuber generators let you create both your character and your background in one place. It has background styles that match the cartoon look of your VTuber model, so you get a consistent, natural look in your streams. Plus, you can use its AI Avatar tool to make a new profile pic!

4. VTube Studio

Available on: iOS/Android

UI of VTube Studio to create a Vtuber

Key Features:

  • 2D anime VTuber model generator
  • Streams face-tracking data to animate on your device
  • Lots of VTuber looks and styles for customization

VTube Studio is a VTuber maker specifically for anime character styles. Its face-tracking abilities let you animate your character through the app and on your computer. Plus, you can choose from a bunch of VTuber anime looks, like Tororo, Wanko, and Hiyori.


Available on: iOS/Android

UI of REALITY to create a Vtuber

Key Features:

  • 3D avatar maker
  • Customization options for your avatar
  • Broadcast and connect from the app

REALITY’s 3D avatar maker mostly has anime styles to build your VTuber model, but it’s got plenty of options to choose from. While it doesn’t use AI to create an avatar from your face, you can customize everything down to your eye style in the app. Stream with up to four people right from the app to stay connected and chat using your avatar!

How To Make a VTuber Model With Vivid AI

  1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Avatar”

    launcher of Vivid AI and highlight AI Avatar feature

    To start, go to the App Store or Google Play and tap to download Vivid AI. You can use any of its AI features for free, giving you plenty of space to explore VTuber styles. On the main screen in the app, you’ll see all of Vivid AI’s most popular features. Tap AI Avatar to start creating your VTuber model!

  2. Select a Category

    examples of Vivid AI's AI Avatars in artistic and realistic styles

    Vivid AI lets you choose from two categories—artistic and realistic. If you want your VTuber model to look more like your real self, the realistic option will give you that. With the artistic category, you can get more creative, which helps if you want to explore new styles or make a fictional persona. Tap the category you want, and Vivid AI will take you to the next step.

  3. Select Gender and Styles

    browse Vivid AI's AI Avatars in different styles

    Now, it’s time to personalize your avatar. First choose your gender from male, female, or other. Then, try fantasy settings, cyberpunk clothing, or get big anime eyes that express your personality on screen. Vivid AI gives you 40 styles to choose from, so experiment as much as you want!

  4. Upload 10 to 20 Photos of Yourself

    example of uploading photos to Vivid AI to make a Vtuber

    When you upload your photos, make sure they’re clear, portrait images of you. You can make different facial expressions, but avoid covering your face with hats or sunglasses. You should also be the only one in the photo so Vivid AI can focus on creating a VTuber model of just you. Then, tap to generate and wait for the results!

  5. Share Your Unique VTuber Model!

    example of a Vtuber made with Vivid AI

    Vivid AI creates several avatars based on your styles, so you can save your favorites and use them as your VTuber model. Show off the one you like best on your next stream!

FAQs About VTuber Makers

1. What is the purpose of a VTuber?

A VTuber, or virtual YouTuber, uses an avatar as an online persona during streams and broadcasts. The avatar moves with them using sensing technology and lets you connect with your audience through your 2D or 3D model.

2. How do I make a VTuber model?

You can make a VTuber model using Vivid AI by following these steps:

  1. Go to AI Avatar in the app.
  2. Choose the artistic or realistic category.
  3. Select your gender and avatar style.
  4. Share your VTuber model!

3. Can I make a VTuber for free?

Yes! With Vivid AI, you can use the AI Avatar feature to generate a VTuber model for free. With its Text to Image tool, you can describe the look you want and get a completely unique model. Turn yourself into anime with the AI Anime feature or generate a background with AI Scene and AI Interior Design!

4. What are the best VTuber makers?

The best VTuber maker depends on what style and features you’re looking for. We recommend starting with these five:

  1. Vivid AI
  2. PhotoDirector
  3. Fotor
  4. VTube Studio

5. What do you need to start VTubing?

Before you start VTubing, you’ll need to create a VTuber model, plus motion capture software, so your model moves with you. Your computer or phone and camera need to support the software you use, and it helps to have a high-quality microphone to record.

Download Vivid AI — The Best Overall VTuber Maker

download Vivid AI to create a VTuber model

Vivid AI has all the AI features you need to create a custom VTuber model. Create one from your own face using the AI Avatar feature, or describe your persona with the Text to Image tool for a totally new vibe. The VTuber model maker even extends to your environment, so you can transform your room or studio with the AI Interior Design and AI Scene features.

The VTuber maker app is perfect for you if you have been VTubing for years or are just getting started. Download Vivid AI to create your own VTuber persona now!

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