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10 Best Apps To Create AI Girl Images[2024]

Last Updated on Mar. 22, 2024 – by CyberLink
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3 AI girl images generated by Vivid AI with different AI tools

When you need a face to represent your brand or are trying out a new design, an AI girl is the perfect face for your posts. They can get you more attention on social media and add personality wherever you use them. You can create your own with an AI girl generator using lots of different apps. We put together 10 AI girl generators to create AI girls to help you narrow your choices and explore different styles!

What are AI Girls?

3 AI girls generated by Vivid AI with Text to Image, AI Avatar and AI Anime feature

AI girls are images created by AI generators to look like girls. AI generators can create realistic characters for everything from chatbots to brand mascots. Each app has style options to customize your character based on the art style and specific features you want for your AI girl.

Benefits of Using AI Photo Apps to Generate AI Girls

If you don’t know how to draw the details you want for your AI girl, an app can help you get the look you want. These apps save you time and money since you don’t need to take hours out of your day or pay someone for a photoshoot. With an app, you can create your AI girl in a few minutes and have plenty of options to choose the one that fits your aesthetic best.

Features to Look for in an AI Photo App

The best AI generator apps share a few common features to factor into your decision-making. Before you download, here’s what to look for in your AI girl app:

  • Customization Options: You want your AI girl to be unique to you and your brand rather than having a set number of generic options. With customizable features, you can tailor your results to your preferences.
  • Realism: While most apps give you different styles, having a realistic AI girl helps people connect with the character you make. Your app should give the option to go with a more realistic look over cartoon styles.
  • Compatibility: Before you explore an app in-depth, check whether it’s compatible with your device. Most of the best apps work for iOS and Android.
  • Privacy and Security: The right AI app won’t store or sell your personal information. Make sure it also doesn’t store your AI girl or data within its platform.
Download Vivid AI to generate AI girl images

10 Best AI Girl Generators for AI Girl Photos in 2024

To make it easier for you to choose the best app for you, we’ve put together our favorites. Start with these, and you’ll find your next AI girl generator in no time!

1. Vivid AI

Available on: iOS and Android

4 AI girls generated by Vivid AI with Text to Image, AI Avatar, AI Anime and Draw to Image feature

Vivid AI has more ways to create your AI girl than most other apps. It allows you to type or draw a prompt, choose a cartoon or anime style, or generate an avatar to use on your profiles. Create your AI girl in minutes with an easy-to-navigate platform, plenty of styles with every feature, and realistic results that work for your aesthetic.

2. PhotoDirector

Available on: iOS and Android

AI girls generated by PhotoDirector with Text to Image in Artistic's Classic, Sparkle, School, Doll styles

PhotoDirector’s AI Avatar maker has more than 40 styles in both artistic and realistic forms. The artistic category has the most creative character designs, allowing you to make an AI girl from styles like Classic, Floral, and Watercolor. You can even choose her hairstyle, hair color, and accessories!

3. Canva

Text to Image UI of Canva to generate AI girls

Canva’s Magic Media feature uses text-to-image prompts you put in to generate your AI girl. It can create both images and videos, so if you want a more interactive experience for your viewers, you can get an animated girl. It also has several styles and ratios to choose from to fit many different platforms.

4. Starryai

Text to Image UI of Starryai to generate AI girls

Starryai has art styles ranging from still life to fantasy, and you can try them all when you type in your prompt. Its image variations let you see your AI girl from different angles and remix her to see how she looks in other styles. Starryai lets you generate up to five images per day for free, too!

5. WOMBO Dream

Text to Image UI of WOMBO Dream to generate AI girls

WOMBO Dream has a wide range of AI-generation capabilities. You can write prompts to generate a new image, edit your existing image with a written prompt, and turn existing photos into a new AI girl. With several art styles, including Illustration, Cartoonist, and Realistic, you can get an artistic AI character with just a description.

6. Picsart

Text to Image UI of Picsart to generate AI girls

Picscart is a photo editing app, but its AI Image Generator and AI Avatar features still let you create an AI girl from scratch. Its text-to-image tools let you customize your character, and you can add AI filters or use photos of yourself to turn into an artistic model.

7. Fotor

Text to Image UI of Fotor to generate AI girls

Fotor’s AI girl generator is perfect for creating social media profile pictures and VTuber characters. Combine its image generator with the background generator using text prompts and photo references, and you can set a complete scene with your AI girl.

8. YouCam AI Pro

Text to Image UI of YouCam AI Pro to generate AI girls

YouCam AI Pro has over 20 styles for your AI girl. Describe your ideal look with its text-to-image generator in as much detail as possible. The app can even create celebrity-look-alike AI girls in any setting, from fantasy to superheroes.

9. AI Arta

Text to Image UI of AI Arta to generate AI girls

AI Arta lets you generate photorealistic headshots that work well for chatbots and profile pictures. You can use text to prompt the app or transform your own selfies and images you have in your phone already. Plus, with AI filters, you can customize your AI girl even further!

10. AI Image Art Generator

Text to Image UI of AI Image Art Generator to generate AI girls

While this AI app has realistic art styles, its strength is generating AI anime girls. It can mimic many looks, from simple sketches to more detailed and colorful drawings. The app also lets you refine your creations, which you can’t do with many other AI girl generators.

How to Create AI Girls With the Best AI Girl Generator

Text to Image UI of Vivid AI and 4 generated AI girl images

With Vivid AI, generating an AI girl only takes a few quick steps. You can choose your design and art styles, and once you type in your prompt, you can see all the incredible results. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download Vivid AI for free for iOS or Android.
  2. Choose the AI tools you want to use. Vivid AI has a text-to-image feature, and cartoon and anime filters to turn your original photos into AI girl styles.
  3. Tap to generate your AI girl, and save the images you like best!

Best Usages for Images of AI Girls

You can use AI girl images for everything from marketing to personal character designs. Because there are so many styles and descriptions, you can get creative with your AI girl’s look. Try using yours to help your brand, virtual assistants, and characters stand out.

  • Stock Images for Marketing & Branding
  • generated AI girl image and the image used at the company's social media platform

    An AI girl in your ads, social media posts, and website images can draw more attention to your brand. Using it in your marketing can help engage your target audience online, building brand awareness for your business.

  • Virtual Assistants and Chatbots
  • generated AI girl image and the image used at the chatting room of a company as CS

    Even if you have an AI virtual assistant, using the image of an AI girl in the chatbot makes people feel like they’re talking to a real person. It makes them feel more comfortable, so they connect better with your brand and may even have a more positive experience.

  • Character Design and Concept Art
  • generated AI girl image and the image used as character design and concept art

    Whether you create for yourself or professionally, AI girls can help you ideate the design for comics, animation, and video games like Dune. Vivid AI’s styles work for many different stories, so you have the freedom to explore!

FAQs About AI Girls

1. What Is an AI Girl?

An AI girl is a character image generated to look like a realistic or artistic version of a girl. They come in many styles, depending on the app you use to make them, and you can customize them according to your brand or preference.

2. Can AI Girls Be Used for Commercial Purposes?

Sometimes, you can use AI girls for your brand, but not always. Confirm that you know where and how your AI generator sources its images to avoid legal problems later.

3. What Can I Do With AI-Generated Girls?

You can use your AI girls as chatbot headshots, stock images in marketing, and concept art for different types of media. They can spark ideas and help people connect with your brand online, and Vivid AI’s art styles are well-suited to video games like Dune.

4. Are AI Photo Apps Safe to Use?

Many AI photo apps are safe to use, but you should look into their privacy policies before downloading them. Vivid AI doesn’t save any of your original images to its server, so you have minimal risk of your personal data getting out.

5. Can I Customize the Appearance of AI-Generated Girls?

With the text-to-image prompt feature of Vivid AI, you can tailor your AI girl image by changing your description. The AI Replace tool also lets you add new images and elements to your AI girl by describing your idea and adjusting it to fit the aesthetic.

6. What Is the Best AI Girl Generator App?

Download Vivid AI to generate AI girl images

Vivid AI has several AI features, including text-to-image, cartoon and anime generators, and both realistic and artistic AI avatar makers. You can make an AI girl in any style you can dream up and save them as projects to edit later. The app is easy to use and it’s free to download for iOS and Android.

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