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Unveil 10 Best Free AI Filters Apps in 2024

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by CyberLink
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When your camera doesn’t capture your essence on its own, filters give you an air of confidence. But while static filters can add contrast and beautify your photos, they don’t conform to your unique features or background. Using an AI filter ups your filter game and gives your photos an artistic look.

Finding the right AI filter app for your photos depends on the styles you want, the quality of the filters, and other features you might want for editing your photos. We put together 10 of the best free AI filter apps we could find, and we’ll show you how they can turn your selfies into masterpieces!

Snapshot of the Best AI Filter Apps

1. Vivid AI

With its anime, scene, sketch, and outfit tools, you can transform any part of your photo with a new landscape or art style. Vivid AI was made specifically for AI filters, so you’ll find the largest, most complete collection of them here.

2. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a complete photo editing app with AI features. While it can turn you into anime and cartoon art, its AI Enhance tool works magic by improving your photos all at once.

3. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect functions as an all-in-one photo editing platform, but it comes with an AI Selfie feature that turns you into several artistic styles, from anime to watercolor.

What Is an AI Filter?

While stationary filters apply a generic effect to your photos, AI filters include more advanced tools that work with the elements in the picture. An AI filter can turn you into anime, a cartoon, or any other art style by detecting your face, background, and clothing. The technology analyzes your photo to create a seamless edit that transforms your photo into the style you choose.

3 Trending AI Filters

Hot AI Filters #1: AI Anime

turn photo to Anime style with Vivid AI's AI Anime Feature

With an AI anime filter, you get to see how you’d look if you were transported into the anime world. These filters let you see yourself in many anime art styles, too, so you don’t have to stick with just one. They work great for selfies, so you can show off big anime eyes and other artistic details!

Hot AI Filters #2: AI Cartoon

turn photo to Cartoon style with PhotoDirector's AI Portrait Feature

Cartoon AI filters work for everything from selfies to full-body photos, and the styles vary from simple shapes to elaborate designs. You can turn yourself into a 3D cartoon for a more realistic look or stick to the classic 2D style as well as experiment with softer lines or dramatic styles!

Hot AI Filters #3: AI Art

turn photo to sketch with Vivid AI's AI Sketch Feature

AI art filters give you some of the most varied styles of all with everything from pop art to watercolor to sketches. They create a new visual effect for your photos, highlighting specific colors and making your image look like a painting. Some can even change your background, so they’re perfect for everything from selfies to landscape photos.

10 Best AI Filter Apps

As AI’s popularity grows, more apps have added filters that use this technology. But not all of them give you the same tools or options, so we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10. Check out these apps to find your favorite AI filter styles faster:

  1. Vivid AI
  2. PhotoDirector
  3. YouCam Perfect
  4. Fotor
  5. BeautyPlus
  6. Picsart
  7. ToonMe
  8. Prisma
  9. DeepArt
  10. AI Anime Filter

1. Vivid AI

Vivid AI focuses on AI filters and effects, so it has a huge selection of them to try on your photos. Within each feature, you can choose from dozens of styles that can turn your selfie into an anime or cartoon look or change your entire landscape.

AI Anime UI of Vivid AI in different styles

With the AI Anime tool, you can try all the classic anime looks with school, sakura, sparkle styles, and many others. Plus, if you want to create your own anime look, you can write in what you want to see and customize your style!

AI Sketch UI of Vivid AI in different styles

Likewise, the AI Sketch tool turns you into a work of art in marker, crayon, oil painting, or simple pencil. Each artistic look creates a new aesthetic to explore, so you can turn yourself into a professional-looking portrait or a more abstract work.

AI Scene UI of Vivid AI in different styles

AI Scene turns your landscape into a fairy world, anime setting, or beautiful sunset. It can change a boring building into a rustic brick home, creating a different vibe from your original photo.

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Girl with clothes virtually try on with Vivid AI's AI Oufit feature

And, if you only want to change part of your look, the AI Outfit feature uses a photo of you to dress you in new clothes that match your taste. Try on chic modern looks, formal gowns, business suits, and many other styles to get inspiration for your next outfit of the day!

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2. PhotoDirector

Instead of an AI-specific platform, PhotoDirector gives you a complete photo editing space. You can remove objects, reshape your face and body, apply virtual makeup, and adjust your overall photo quality.

AI Anime UI of PhotoDirector in different styles

When it comes to AI filters, its AI Anime styles work similarly to Vivid AI in that you can choose from various styles and customize your character look with text prompts.

AI Portrait UI of PhotoDirector in cartoon styles

Along with its anime AI filter, the AI Cartoon section has over 20 styles that turn your photos into art.

AI Enhance UI of PhotoDirector and the before and after effect

And, if you want to improve your photo while still keeping its original look, the AI Enhance tool automatically makes those edits for you. It denoises and deblurs your image and makes it brighter to balance the contrast, all without manual edits.

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3. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect’s AI Selfie tool turns your portrait photos into cartoons and paintings on the spot with abundant AI filters. You can see yourself in traditional art styles, like Ukiyo-e, or go for something more modern, like a Studio Ghibli vibe. It has more than 30 filter styles, and as a photo editing platform, you can also use its AI Enhance tool to beautify the rest of your image!

4. Fotor

Fotor has cartoon filters in many styles, including Disney, which turns you into a 3D character. With the sketch and watercolor AI filters, you can see yourself in different styles of paintings and pencil drawings, though the app doesn’t have as many style options as other platforms, like Vivid AI.

5. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus has a cartoon feature for creating your next profile pic, and you can try everything from pop art styles to black-and-white drawings with AI filters. Its platform makes it easy to make your pictures look like comics with panels in the background, and you can add cartoon effects to complete the look.

6. Picsart

Picsart turns your photos into everything from simple pen doodles to cyberpunk scenes. Its AI filters set the scene for you to make you feel like you’re on a poster or in your own cartoon using generative technology that goes beyond static filters. Plus, its AI Enhance feature can instantly clear away blur, pixelation, and other image flaws from your original photo.

7. ToonMe

ToonMe was made for cartoon AI filters, and you can explore the Trending section to find out which filters everyone is using. It adds new filters all the time, and it changes your background as well as your face. That way, you set the tone for your entire image, whether you want a loud rainbow backdrop or a tropical paradise.

8. Prisma

With over 500 AI filter styles, Prisma lets you get creative with your photos, even if you can’t paint. Its Portrait Segmentation tool means you can decide which area of your photo to apply your filters and other edits. It adds new filters daily, too, so you can always find something new.

9. DeepArt

DeepArt comes with over 40 art styles that you’ll recognize from famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. It’s one of the fastest platforms out there for creating AI art from your photos, and when you’re done, you can buy a print of yourself wearing the filter.

10. AI Anime Filter

AI Anime Filter has every anime style you could want, from cute pastel styles to vibrant lofi. It also lets you type in your own style preferences, so it shows you wearing the clothes you want and with any extra accessories you add.

How to Select the Best AI Filter App?

An AI filter app should have plenty of styles, so you don’t have to rotate between the same few every time. The best apps also come with features that let you customize your filter for a more authentic look that reflects your personality.

Beyond making your photos look pretty, your chosen app should be easy to navigate. You’ll also want to find one that works for both iOS and Android so you can use it on any device. Lastly, factor in the cost of the app and reviews left by other users so you can see if people like it. Vivid AI meets all of these criteria, making it the top choice for AI filters.

3 Best Uses of Photos With AI Filters

  • Social Media Profile Pictures
  • Use photo with AI filter of Vivid AI at social media platforms

    AI filters can add excitement to your profile pic and enhance your social media aesthetic with art. Plus, art filters allow you to show up as yourself while giving you a layer of anonymity. They can even help you connect with your followers by creating a personal look for your profile picture.

  • Phone Wallpaper
  • Use photo with AI filter of Vivid AI as phone wallpaper

    Setting your AI filter photo as your phone wallpaper or lock screen lets you enjoy the artistic images you’ve created and show them off when you want. Seeing yourself, your favorite place, or your best friends in your chosen style can give you a meaningful and stylized background to look at every day.

  • Creative Projects
  • AI filters give you a new way to make personalized gifts, like photo ornaments or albums, to give to your loved ones. Use your pictures to make postcards or posters that you can send to your friends to make them feel like part of the fun!

FAQs About AI Filter Apps

1. How Do AI Filter Apps Work?

AI filters detect the details of your face, clothing, and background to turn you into art. Apps like Vivid AI use smart technology to apply different styles to photos you upload, making you look like anime, cartoons, sketches, and paintings from famous artists.

2. What Filters Can I Choose with an AI Filter App?

Each app is different, so you won’t find the exact same options in all of them. With Vivid AI, you can use its Anime filter to turn yourself into a cartoon or the Sketch tool to become a pencil drawing or oil painting. The Outfit feature only changes your clothes and sticks to a realistic style, while the Scene filter alters your entire photo landscape to give it a new aesthetic.

3. What’s the Best AI Filter App?

Vivid AI takes the top spot among AI filter apps for its huge collection of styles and filter types. It’s easy to use and was made specifically to turn your photos into art. You can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play to try all its features!

4. Are AI Filters Safe for Sensitive Information in Photos?

It’s always a good idea to look into any app you plan to download since the terms can vary. Vivid AI is safe to use, and it doesn’t save or use your personal information for anything other than giving you stunning artwork.

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