Create Stunning Collages for Instagram with the Best Photo Editor App: PhotoDirector

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Create Stunning Collages for Instagram

Posting another selfie won’t make your Instagram Story stand out. With so many people posting the same kinds of Stories and images, you need to get creative and use your secret weapon—PhotoDirector! When you make a collage for Insta, you make your Story pop, which gets more eyes on your content. Plus, you can combine all your favorite photos in one image and give your followers the highlights of your life in one Story.

We’ve got some ideas to help you get inspired to create your own Insta Story collage. With lots of templates and effects, PhotoDirector can make your next collage shine. Keep reading to learn how to make a collage for Instagram, even if you don’t have design skills!

PhotoDirector: The Best App To Make a Collage for Instagram

PhotoDirector has tools for all your photo editing projects, but when it comes to making an Insta Story collage, it stands out among the rest. It helps your photos stand out with features to replace your background, create an avatar from photos, remove objects from photos, and many more tools for versatile edits.

With PhotoDirector’s photo collage feature, you can use up to six photos for your Instagram collage in customizable styles. Each one sets you apart from typical Story selfies, and you can add decorations and enhance your snaps to create a truly memorable collage for Instagram. Keep reading to get ideas and learn how to make yours!

Learn More about Photo Collages

8 Creative Ideas To Make a Collage for Instagram

PhotoDirector has eight Insta Story collage templates ready for you to add your snaps. Try these designs to style your collages and match your IG aesthetic, even if you don’t have design skills:

  • Handwritten

  • With stylized handwriting and a clean black and white setup, this collage template lets you add two of your favorite photos

  • Paper Tear

  • The torn paper look is a classic, and this template creates a triptych feel with three design layers

  • Minimalist

  • This template uses soft pink and white tones and clean angles in its design for a simple but elegant collage

  • Retro

  • Go back to the days of scrapbook pictures with this template that makes your Story look like an 80’s journal

  • Polaroid

  • Applying a Polaroid collage template to your photo allows you to seamlessly merge the modern digital world with the beloved aesthetics of Polaroid photography, resulting in a unique and visually captivating image for Instagram Stories

  • Seasonal

  • PhotoDirector has collages for every season, so show off your summer vibes with bright colors and bold images

  • Classic

  • Stick with this simple template with its white background and three-frame design that puts the focus on your snaps

  • Daily

  • Let your followers into your everyday life with this single-photo template that adds text, so you can tell everyone what you’re up to

Use any of these collections and themes to turn your photos into a story of their own and give your followers a peek at who you are!

More Photo Collage Ideas

How To Make a Collage on Instagram Story

1. Download PhotoDirector: The Best App To Make a Collage for Instagram

PhotoDirector is the best collage app for Instagram. It offers templates you can use with your own pictures and add any decorations, text, or other effects you want.

The app is free to download for iOS and Android, so you can immediately start exploring all your options for collages. Plus, use it for all your other photo editing ideas! You don’t need special design skills to create an impressive collage with PhotoDirector.

2. Discover Your Perfect Collage Style

On the launch screen, you’ll see several options for how to start editing your photo. Go to Collage, and PhotoDirector will bring up tons of collage styles for all occasions, including:

You can check out each design collection by dragging them horizontally. If you have a specific number of photos you want to include, you can filter your template results based on that. Within each collection, you’ll find plenty of unique templates for your chosen theme!

3. Curate Your Photo Collection for Instagram Story Collages

Once you’ve chosen your template, it’s time to select your photos! The app will ask you to select however many photos your template allows for from your photo gallery. PhotoDirector also supports millions of royalty-free stock images from Shutterstock.

PhotoDirector will instantly plug your photos into your Insta Story collage. Drag them to adjust their position until you’re happy with the way they look in your template. You can also rearrange the frames your photos appear in, as PhotoDirector automatically puts them in based on the order you chose them and the flow of the template.

4. Enhance Photos of Instagram Story Collages

You can edit each individual photo in your collage for Insta, as well as edit the overall look of your template. To do it, tap the photo you want to edit.

Now, you can add aesthetic filters to enhance your Instagram collage Story. Choose your filter theme and try different filters to see which one suits your collage best. Flip or turn your photo and use PhotoDirector’s adjustment tools to change the saturation, contrast, highlight, temperature, and tint for an artistic effect.

If you decide you want to use a different photo, you can switch it out by tapping Replace. Then, add a different image and make your edits.

5. Save and Share!

Now, it’s time to save your collage! You can download your collage to your phone or share it directly to Instagram from PhotoDirector.

When you tap the download button, choose the IG logo and then select the option to upload to your Story. Then, watch the likes and shares roll in as your followers watch your Insta Story collage!

Download PhotoDirector: More Than a Collage App for Instagram

PhotoDirector’s photo collage features aren’t the only ways to give your IG Stories and posts a boost. The app has tons of other tools you can use to edit your photos and create engaging content your followers love to see. Here are a few more ideas for how PhotoDirector can upgrade your snaps and get you seen on Instagram!

Also Good for Making Collages for Instagram Posts

PhotoDirector’s pic collage templates work for more than Instagram Stories. They’re great for posts, too! With one-picture collages, you can make your next content carousel with highlights from your beach day, summer travels, or your last hangout with your bestie.

PhotoDirector has tons of single-photo templates you can put together and customize to create a themed carousel. Change your template colors, use the same filter to set the mood, or use the same template but switch up the photos for a fun and cohesive post.

AI Features Make You Blow Up on Instagram

Stylize your collage for Insta even more with PhotoDirector’s AI effects! Before you create your collage, you can access even more features by choosing a photo to edit and downloading the finished product. PhotoDirector lets you cartoon yourself with more than 20 cartoon looks in its AI Style feature, which you can then add to your Insta Story collage.

PhotoDirector’s retouch tools can remove blemishes, giving you all the confidence you need to share your next collage. You can even remove the photo background to match your collage theme or use the object remover to clean up a cluttered background.

Level Up Your Insta Story with More Features

Surprise your followers by using PhotoDirector’s overlay features for a powerful Insta Story effect. With this tool, you can choose your first photo and use the Add Image tool to apply a second photo over your original one.

Use the cutout tool to cut out your subject to make them look like part of the original image. You can choose a frame to go around them, apply a photo filter, and lower the opacity to create your overlay effect. PhotoDirector also has animated overlays, a blender to add background effects, and other tools like the lens flare, grunge, and light leak for an exciting look to your Insta Story collage.

PhotoDirector gives you unlimited options for how to create a collage for Insta. Download the app free from the App Store or Google Play to try it and make your next viral collage!

FAQs about Collages for Instagram

1. What Is the Best Collage App for Instagram?

PhotoDirector is the best collage app for Instagram because it has an array of templates that gives you total freedom in creating your next project. It lets you add up to six photos, edit them, and apply decorations for a custom look you can’t wait to share.

It’s easy to use, even if you haven’t had any luck using more complicated apps like Photoshop before. PhotoDirector’s AI technology makes cutting out images, changing backgrounds, and making collages simple, so you can add your snaps and post to your Instagram Story right from the app.

2. Does PhotoDirector Offer Pre-Designed Templates for Instagram Story Collages?

Yes! PhotoDirector has many styles for pre-designed templates using up to six photos, including Summer, Classic, Daily, Pastel, Minimalist, Films, Polaroid, Retro, Party, and more!

You’ll find plenty more among PhotoDirector’s collections, too! Choose collage when you open the app to discover all the app’s templates and scroll across to find your favorite unique design.

3. Is It Possible To Add Filters or Adjust Individual Photos within the Collage?

Yes. With PhotoDirector, you can tap on any photo you’ve added to your collage and see the app’s collection of filters. It has different themes, just like its collage options, that you can try. Then, select any filter you want!

PhotoDirector also has adjustment tools to change your photo’s saturation, contrast, temperature, and much more. You have the freedom to try various effects and apply your own artistic touch to each photo in the collage. If you want to change the photo you originally chose, you can do that by tapping on it.

4. How To Make a Collage for Instagram?

Creating a collage for Insta is super easy when you follow these steps:

  1. Open the PhotoDirector app and choose Collage from the launch screen
  2. Choose your collage template
  3. Select photos from your gallery to put in your collage
  4. Edit your photos and customize your collage
  5. Share your collage to Instagram

5. What Are Some Good Insta Story Collage Ideas To Be Popular on Social Media?

Using themed collages from PhotoDirector can help you get more attention on social media platforms like Instagram. Make your own classy Insta Story collage with templates like handwritten, paper tear, minimalist, and other clean looks everyone can enjoy.

Adding a themed template gives your collage a more creative design and allows you to put together your photos in a way that tells their own story. It gives your snaps an extra layer, especially if you use other effects from PhotoDirector, like overlays and AI features that boost the impact of your Insta Story collage.

6. Can I Easily Share My Completed Instagram Collage Story Directly from the App?

Yes, PhotoDirector has many options for how and where to share your collage. To share directly to IG, tap the download button at the top of the screen and select Instagram. Then, you’ll see the option to share it to your Story or Feed. Select the Story option, and your followers will instantly see your new collage on the next slide!

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