3 Best Adobe Audio Enhancer Alternatives to Elevate Your Listening

Last Updated on Feb. 7, 2024 – by CyberLink
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Adobe Audio Enhancer is a popular tool used by professionals and enthusiasts alike to enhance audio quality, whether for music production, podcasting, or video editing. However, there are instances where users might seek alternatives due to various reasons.

Why Do You Need Audio Enhancers?

Videos taken with phones often have limitations in delivering optimal sound quality, with issues like low volume, weak bass, and distorted audio. Audio enhancers address these shortcomings, enhancing clarity, depth, and overall audio experience. They provide richer, more immersive sound, making them essential for audiophiles and anyone seeking superior audio quality.

Why You Might Need Alternatives

While Adobe Audio Enhancer offers powerful features, it comes with a price tag that might not be feasible for everyone. Additionally, some users might prefer alternatives that offer different features or are more user-friendly.

Top Considerations When Choosing Audio Enhancers

When selecting audio enhancers, prioritize the quality of sound improvement for a richer auditory experience. Ensure compatibility across devices to seamlessly integrate with your diverse tech arsenal. Opt for user-friendly interfaces that simplify customization. Lastly, balance affordability with the desired level of audio enhancement to make a cost-effective and satisfying choice.

How Do Audio Enhancers Work?

Audio enhancers employ various techniques to improve sound quality. Equalization adjusts frequency balance, letting users tailor audio to preferences. Dynamic Range Compression balances loud and soft sounds for a consistent volume, revealing hidden details. Spatial processing creates immersive experiences through techniques like virtual surround sound. Noise reduction algorithms minimize unwanted background noise, ensuring a cleaner audio signal.

Benefits of Using Audio Enhancers in Various Settings

Audio enhancers play a crucial role in various settings, enhancing the overall auditory experience for users. Here are some key benefits of using audio enhancers in different environments:

  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Audio enhancers can significantly improve the clarity and quality of sound, providing a richer and more immersive listening experience. 

  • Enhanced Speech Intelligibility
  • In environments with background noise or poor acoustics, audio enhancers can help improve speech intelligibility. 

  • Reduced Listener Fatigue
  • By optimizing audio quality, enhancers can reduce listener fatigue. In settings where people are exposed to audio for extended periods, such as call centers or control rooms, this can contribute to a more comfortable and less tiring experience.

3 Top-Rated Audio Enhancers of 2024

1. PowerDirector

Available on: iOS and Android

choose speech enhance and AI denoise from AI audio tool with PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a comprehensive video editing application that also offers advanced audio enhancement features, making it a versatile tool for content creators. One of its notable features is the AI Audio Tool, which allows users to automatically enhance speech and reduce background noise using artificial intelligence. 

PowerDirector's AI Audio Tool simplifies the audio enhancement process by automating speech enhancement and denoising. The convenience of having these features readily available within the app makes it a go-to choice for users looking to improve the audio quality of their videos without the need for manual adjustments.

2. CapCut

Available on: iOS and Android

CapCut is a versatile video editing app, empowering users with intuitive tools for editing, effects, transitions, and audio enhancements seamlessly. CapCut's audio enhancer feature elevates sound quality effortlessly. You can enhance clarity, adjust volume levels, and eliminate background noise with just a few clicks.

3. AudioFix

Available on: iOS and Android

AudioFix is your ultimate solution for elevating the auditory experience of your videos to unprecedented levels of excellence. Not only does it enhance existing audio, but it also offers the flexibility to mute or extract audio from your video, granting you the freedom to explore creative possibilities without limitations.

How to Enhance Audio With the Best Audio Enhancer

1. Download PowerDirector

PowerDirector is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. Users can download the app from their respective app stores. You can explore the basic and advanced features with this all-in-one video editing app.

2. Tap “AI Audio Tool”

highlight AI Audio Tool feature at PowerDirector's launcher page

After downloading PowerDirector and opening the app, you will be navigated to the main page. To enhance audio, look for the "AI Audio Tool" feature from the main menu.

Before enhancing audio, users can also take advantage of PowerDirector's other features such as stabilizing video, blurring video, enhancing video quality, or even changing the voice. These features can add a creative touch to the overall video.

3. Choose Speech Enhancement

choose Audio denoise feature from the AI audio tool feature

Tap on the option to enable the speech enhancement feature. PowerDirector's AI will automatically analyze and enhance the clarity of the speech in the video.

4. Choose Audio Denoise

choose speech enhance feature from the AI audio tool feature

Activate the AI Denoise feature to let PowerDirector's AI algorithms reduce background noise and enhance the overall audio quality.

5. Save and Share

After making the necessary audio enhancements, navigate to the save or export option within PowerDirector.

Save the edited video with the improved audio to your device or directly share it on social media platforms.

Tips for Optimizing Your Video

FAQs About Audio Enhancer Apps

1. What Are the Common Features of Audio Enhancers?

Common features of audio enhancers include equalization for adjusting frequencies, dynamic range compression for balancing volume, spatial effects for stereo enhancement, and noise reduction for improved clarity.

2. Can Audio Enhancers Work With Any OS?

Yes, audio enhancers are typically designed to work with various operating systems, including iOS&Android. Compatibility may vary, so it's essential to check specific software requirements.

3. Can I Use Multiple Audio Enhancers Simultaneously?

Using multiple audio enhancers simultaneously can lead to conflicts and issues with audio processing. Audio enhancers typically manipulate audio signals in various ways, such as equalization, spatialization, noise reduction, and dynamic range compression. When multiple enhancers are applied simultaneously, their effects can overlap or interfere with each other, resulting in undesirable sound quality, distortion, or even system instability.

4. What Is the Best Audio Enhancer App?

PowerDirector stands out as the best audio enhancer app because it offers noise reduction, equalization, normalization, and dynamic range compression for professional-quality sound editing.

Download PowerDirector - The Best Audio Enhancer App

Enhancing the audio quality of your videos just got easier with PowerDirector's cutting-edge " AI Audio Tool" feature. Whether you're a professional filmmaker, content creator, or hobbyist, this powerful tool is designed to take your audio to the next level, ensuring that every sound is crisp, clear, and immersive.

Say goodbye to complex audio editing workflows and hello to effortless, high-quality sound with PowerDirector's AI Audio Tool.

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