9 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Backgrounds for 2024

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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Ideas for Valentine’s Day Backgrounds

Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th every year, is a special occasion to express love and affection towards cherished ones. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner, organizing a themed party, or simply sharing heartfelt greetings online, the right Valentine’s day background can enhance the ambiance and elevate the experience.

In this article, we delve into the world of Valentine’s Day backgrounds, exploring their significance, variety, ideas, and tips for selection and customization.

Introduction of Valentine’s Day Backgrounds

Valentine’s Day comes from the Pagan Lupercalia festival, and while earlier Valentine’s Day celebrations honored Saint Valentine, it’s now a day for people to focus on their love for each other. When you make your Valentine’s Day background, you show everyone how special your loved ones are to you!

Replace Photo Backgrounds with a Valentine's Day Background

There are numerous ways to remove text from images, but PhotoDirector is the best method. Using this app makes removing text extremely simple. Say goodbye to the tedious manual processes of old and enjoy the power of AI technology. While you’re at it, you can also use PhotoDirector to enhance your image, adjust the lighting, and add your own effects.

1. Love Is in the Air

Write your love in the stars and sky with these backgrounds! Each one features “love” in different fonts or a heart with dramatic sparks in the night sky behind you. You can choose from five different styles.

2. All Hearts in the Background

There’s nothing wrong with simple hearts to profess your love, and PhotoDirector has three different heart background styles to choose from. Each background features brightly colored hearts to surround you and your partner!

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Create a Magic Avatar Version of Your Valentine’s Day Background

Show off your love in style with a Valentine’s Day-themed anime portrait! You can turn yourself and your partner into a cartoon using different styles from PhotoDirector for a unique and fun kind of Valentine’s Day photo. To get them, go to Style and choose your anime look from the Portrait options.

3. Cartoonify Your Valentine

Choose your favorite anime style and use PhotoDirector’s Cutout tool to cut around your portrait. Then, with the Background feature, choose the Valentine’s background you want and tap to instantly add it to your photo!

4. Put Some Heart in Your Art

PhotoDirector’s templates have lots of heart-themed backgrounds you can apply to your anime portrait, including the default heart background that shows heart balloons floating around you. To get them, go to Style and choose your heart background from Templates.

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Get a Valentine’s Day Background from Stock Images

If you don’t find a background you like in PhotoDirector’s Valentine’s Day collections, the app has an extensive stock image library. In it, you’ll find images from iStock and Unsplash that feature Valentine’s Day backgrounds with hearts, flowers, and more.

5. Stock Up on Valentine’s Day Backgrounds

Each of PhotoDirector’s libraries has unique images you can use on your backgrounds. Go to Background Art and choose the picture icon to open the libraries and explore each one for the perfect Valentine’s Day background.

Remove Unwanted Objects from Your Valentine’s Day Background

Get rid of any unwanted details in your background quickly and easily with PhotoDirector’s removal feature. It lets you clear away anything you don’t want in your background with the help of AI technology that automatically detects the object you select.

6. Eyes Only for You

Create the ultimate romantic background by removing any details that can distract from the creative vision you have of your background for yourself and your partner on this special day. To do it, go to Tools and select the Removal feature.

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Add a Valentine’s Day Background to Your Couple Photos Collage

Put all your favorite Valentine’s Day memories together in a collage with PhotoDirector! Using the Add Image feature, you can add more photos you’ve taken with your loved ones into a collage with a Valentine’s Day background.

7. Add Some Love to Your Life

By combining two pictures together, you can tell the story of your Valentine’s date night. First, choose a Valentine’s background, then tap Add Image to start making your collage. You can even add a special frame to your photos!

Complete Your Valentine’s Day Background with Heart Stickers

Stickers add even more personality to your Valentine’s Day background! PhotoDirector has both animated and static stickers so that you can choose how much excitement you want in the background. To get them, go to the Tool Bar, choose Sticker, and start exploring.

8. Bring Your Love to Life

Animated stickers add an extra element to your background and sets your snaps in motion. You can find them under Animated Stickers and export them as a video or GIF when you save your new background edits.

9. Stick to the Valentine’s Day Theme

PhotoDirector has lots of Valentine’s Day static stickers that give your Valentine’s Day background an artistic touch. Find them under Static Stickers and use them to fill the empty spaces in your background!

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Download PhotoDirector - The Best App To Make Valentine's Day Backgrounds

Available on: iOS and Android

PhotoDirector comes with endless ways to edit your Valentine’s Day backgrounds to help you celebrate your loved ones this year. Its powerful photo editing features let you add seasonal animated stickers and backgrounds that enhance the Valentine’s Day theme for your snaps, and you can remove unwanted objects fast.

The app’s royalty-free stock media library gives you access to millions of Valentine’s stock images to capture the right vibe. Plus, PhotoDirector is free to download from the App Store or Google Play, so you can start enjoying its amazing features right away!

Valentine’s Day Backgrounds FAQs

1. How Can I Make a Special Valentine's Day Background on My Phone?

You can make a Valentine’s Day background with photo editing apps, including PhotoDirector. PhotoDirector is free to use and has plenty of Valentine’s Day-themed backgrounds to choose from.

2. What Features Can I Use To Perfect Valentine’s Day Backgrounds With PhotoDirector?

PhotoDirector has many ways to customize and edit backgrounds, including the below tools:

You can combine these effects and more to create a unique and fun Valentine’s Day background!

3. What Is the Best App To Create a Valentine's Day Background?

PhotoDirector is a quick and easy way to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day background. It has tools to customize your background, and its library of stock photos gives you even more options to beautify your photos. Plus, it’s free to download for iOS and Android!

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