10 Best AI Image Upscaler Apps to Try in 2024

Last Updated on Apr. 26, 2024 – by CyberLink
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a running guy image being upscaled by PhotoDirector

If you have a photo you want to post online but it's so blurry or grainy that you have second thoughts, you can now confidently move forward by using an AI image upscaler to bring clarity to your image. As they've become more available through apps, they've made improving pictures easier for everyone. We put together a list of the 10 best image upscaler apps so you don't have to settle for low-quality photos in your albums, on your feed, or in your online shop.

What Is an AI Image Upscaler?

An AI image upscaler instantly boosts the quality of your images using an app. When low lighting creates noise in your photo, shaky hands blur your image, or your camera doesn’t take good quality pics, an image upscaler can make them clearer. AI technology automatically increases your image resolution, allowing you to see more details in high definition.

Snapshot of the Top 3 AI Image Upscaler Apps

1. PhotoDirector — The Best Overall AI Image Upscaler App

download PhotoDirector-the best image upscaler app to enhance image quality

PhotoDirector lets you instantly fix your photos with its AI Enhance, Denoise, and Deblur features with one click. The user-friendly platform makes it easy for anyone to improve their images!

2. Promeo—Best AI Image Upscaler for Product Photos

download Promeo-the best image upscaler app to enhance product image quality

Promeo’s AI Enhance tool automatically corrects blur and low resolution, giving you a quick way to get a better image.

3. Remini

Remini can enhance your image or video by ridding noise and blur, correcting color, and improving select parts.

10 Best AI Image Upscalers Apps in 2024

When you need a quick way to sharpen your images, there are a lot of apps that can help you do it. Here are the top 10 AI image upscaler apps we recommend.

  1. PhotoDirector—The Best Overall AI Image Upscaler App
  2. Promeo—Best AI Image Upscaler for Product Photos
  3. Remini
  4. Picsart
  5. Pixelup
  6. PicMa
  7. EPIK
  8. BeautyPlus
  9. Fotor
  10. InstaSize AI Photo Editor + Crop

1. PhotoDirector — The Best Overall AI Image Upscaler App

Available: iOS/Android

Key features:

  • Upscale image in one click
  • Powerful noise suppression and deblur tools
  • User-friendly platform for beginners and professionals
  • Extensive AI editing tools beyond image upscaling
collage UI of PhotoDirector's Edit features and upsclaed image

PhotoDirector’s AI Enhance tool detects blurry and low-resolution parts of your images and automatically ups the quality. You can also compare the new version with the old one to see how AI Enhance sharpens details and increases clarity.

collage UI of PhotoDirector's Edit features and deblurred image

With the Deblur tool, you can remove motion blur and bring the image into focus. It makes for a clearer photo so your viewers know where to look.

collage UI of PhotoDirector's Edit features and denoised image

Combine that with the Denoise feature, which removes the noise when you take photos in low lighting or have high-ISO photos.

Learn More About Upscaling Images:

2. Promeo — Best AI Image Upscaler for Product Photos


collage UI of Promeo's AI Enhance feature and upsclaed image

Key features(Only Supported for iOS users)

  • Easy-to-use AI Enhance tool
  • Powerful background remover and object removal
  • Instantly generates custom AI backgrounds
  • Huge template collection for marketing materials

Promeo was made to help you create the perfect marketing content, so it’s ideal for editing your product images. Its AI Enhance feature turns your photos into studio-quality pictures with one click. You can also use the background remover and object removal tool to clean up the background or replace it completely by generating a custom AI background. And, if you need a place to start, Promeo has template collections specifically for marketing.

Learn More About Editing Product Images:

3. Remini

Available: iOS/Android

upscale image UI of Remini

Key features:

  • Portrait enhancement tools
  • Unblurs, sharpens, and denoises photos
  • Restore and color-correct old photos
  • Enhance image backgrounds

Remini excels at enhancing portraits and sharpening facial details. Its tools clear up old photos to see vintage images in HD. And, if you want to improve your background only, Remini has an AI image upscaler tool for that, too, so you can make sure your whole photo comes into focus.

4. Picsart

Available: iOS/Android/Website

upscale image UI of Picsart

Key features:

  • AI Enhance improves resolution
  • Ultra Enhance connects to product photos
  • AI image editing tools

Picsart’s AI Enhance feature brings clarity to any image, but it works especially well on product photos for small businesses. With its Ultra Enhance feature, you can port the image upscaler tool into your product photos for even faster editing.

5. Pixelup

Available: iOS/Android

upscale image UI of Pixelup

Key features:

  • AI Enhance tool for HD resolution
  • Restores vintage images
  • Photo animation tool

Pixelup can remove blur and noise from your photos, and repair old pictures. It brings out facial details and colorizes your images, too. Once you’ve enhanced your photo, you can even animate it

6. PicMa

Available: iOS/Android/Website

upscale image UI of PicMa

Key features:

  • All-in-one image enhancement
  • Colorize black and white photos
  • Descratch vintage pictures

PicMa’s AI enhancement tool reduces noise and blur while retouching your image. This image upscaler  works best for older photos since it can colorize and repair scratches and creases in damaged photos.


Available: iOS/Android

upscale image UI of EPIK

Key features:

  • Various AI enhancement options
  • Background restoration
  • AI portrait editing tools

EPIK has three versions of AI enhancement that you can choose from to improve your overall photo quality. If you’ve already made photo edits that distorted your background, the image upscaler app can correct those, too. Plus, with lots of other AI editing tools, you can create the perfect portrait.

8. BeautyPlus

Available: iOS/Android

upscale image UI of BeautyPlus

Key features:

  • AI Photo Enhancer boosts quality
  • Erase background clutter
  • Add AI filters to photos and videos

With BeautyPlus, you can use the AI Photo Enhancer to get a better-quality photo, though it doesn’t have the same advanced features as some other image upscaler apps. Still, you can use its background eraser and AI filters to declutter and beautify both photos and videos.

9. Fotor

Available: iOS/Android/Website

upscale image UI of Fotor

Key features:

  • Automatic photo enhancement
  • Improves sharpness and detail
  • Color correction and portrait enhancement

When you choose Fotor’s AI enhancement tool, the image upscaler app will automatically improve your image’s clarity, detail, and sharpness. You can also use it for color correction in overexposed photos or enhance portraits before you put them on your website or social media.

10. InstaSize AI Photo Editor + Crop

Available: iOS/Android/Website

upscale image UI of InstaSize AI Photo Editor

Key features:

  • AI Image Upscaler
  • Compress, convert, and resize images
  • Background remover

This image upscaler app functions mainly as a tool to resize, convert, and compress images, but its AI Image Upscaler can still enhance pictures before you share them. It automatically improves photo resolution, and you can clean up images with the background remover.

How to Upscale Your Image With PhotoDirector

1. Download Vivid AI and Tap “AI Enhance”

launcher of PhotoDirector and highlight Edit feature icon

You can get PhotoDirector from the App Store or Google Play to access the AI tools, from the AI image upscaler to object removal. Once you have it, open the app and go to the AI Enhance feature!

2. Upload a Photo and Wait for the Magic!

upscale a lake scene image with PhotoDirector's AI Enhance feature

Upload the photo with the AI Enhance feature. AI Enhance can fix many things, from blur to noise, but it does have limits. If you can’t tell what's the subject, AI Enhance probably can’t either.

The AI Enhance tool will automatically upscale your image without you lifting a finger. You can also use the slider to see the before and after images, and how much of a difference AI Enhance makes.

3. Save and Share Your Upscaled Image

sharing option of PhotoDirector after upscale the image

Once you’ve upscaled your image, share it to social media from the app or make more edits with PhotoDirector! You can choose the platform to share or download it to your album to put it in your shop later.

FAQs About the AI Image Upscaler

1. What Is an AI Image Upscaler?

An AI image upscaler enhances your image quality by reducing noise and blur. It sharpens your image details, getting them ready to post online, whether you’re sending them to your feed or online shop.

2. What Is the Best AI Image Upscaler App?

download PhotoDirector-the best image upscaler app to enhance image quality

PhotoDirector is the easiest image upscaler for both beginners and pros. Its AI Enhance tool instantly clears noise and blur for a crisp image. Plus, if you want to make more edits, the app has plenty of AI-powered photo editing tools to try.

3. Can AI Image Upscalers Enhance Any Image?

An AI image upscaler enhances your overall image quality, taking care of several issues simultaneously. Do you have blurry or low-resolution photos? The AI image upscaler automatically fixes those issues to give you a more detailed and visually pleasing image.

4. How Do I Upscale an Image?

With PhotoDirector, you can follow these steps to upscale your image:

  1. Download the app and go to AI Enhance.
  2. Upload a photo and automatically upscale it.
  3. Save and share your image!

5. Is There a Free AI Image Upscaler App?

You can find several free apps for upscaling images from our list, including:

Download PhotoDirector—The Best Overall AI Image Upscaler App

upscale a woman's image with PhotoDirector by applying Denoise, Deblur and AI Removal features

PhotoDirector gives you everything you need to increase the quality of your images with its AI Enhance tool. It automatically transforms your them to get them ready to post. Plus, with the Denoise and Deblur tools, you have even more potential to make your image details pop. PhotoDirector’s user-friendly platform and extensive image editing tools make it the perfect place to refine your images for your online store, social media feed, or professional website. Download the app now to upscale your photos instantly!

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