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Vivid Glam – The Best Free App to Extract Frames from Videos Easily

Last Updated on May. 17, 2024 – by CyberLink
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extract a frame from a guy playing basketball video with Vivid Glam

Videos are massive amounts of frames that rapidly progress to create movement. But sometimes, you want to extract one of the still images that make up your video. Extracting frames from videos can help you pick the perfect thumbnail for your video, grab a screenshot to represent a certain scene, or simply create a dynamic photo.

Vivid Glam allows you to extract frames from videos and edit them to perfectly encapsulate different scenes. You can generate high-quality photos from any video by learning how to extract and enhance video frames in Vivid Glam.

Vivid Glam — The Best App to Extract Frames From Videos

demonstration of using Vivid Glam's Edit as Photo feature to extract a frame from a girl's video with logo and feature icon

Vivid Glam is a beauty app for retouching and enhancing your favorite videos and photos. In addition to its beauty and editing features, it can also extract frames from videos to create eye-catching photos. You can download Vivid Glam for free on the App Store and then explore its user-friendly interface. With just a few taps, you can access top editing tools. Even if you’re a beginner, you can enjoy professional-quality results right on your phone.

Sometimes, you may have trouble getting the perfect pose and angle with just your phone’s timer. By using Vivid Glam to grab frames, you can generate dynamic photos from any video.

Edit the Extracted Image in the App

browse toolbar of Vivid Glam to edit a video besides extracting frames from video

Once you successfully extract the perfect frames from your videos, you can edit them right in the Vivid Glam app. Its versatile photo editor lets you instantly enhance your photos with AI beauty retouching, swap out your background with AI background changes, or even add aesthetic filters to transform the vibe of your chosen photo.

How to Extract Frames From Videos With Vivid Glam

It’s easy to extract a frame from a video through Vivid Glam. All you have to do is follow a few simple prompts in the app, and then you can turn any video into a stunning still image. Here’s how.

1. Download Vivid Glam and Tap “New Project”

launcher of Vivid Glam and highlight New Project feature icon

Start by heading to the App Store and searching for “Vivid Glam.” Download the app, then click on its icon to launch it. On the homepage, tap the “New Project” button right in the middle of the screen.

2. Upload a Video

Vivid Glam UI of importing video

Vivid Glam will open a library of your recent photos and videos. Click on the “Video” tab to see all your phone's videos that are available to edit. Once you tap on your chosen video, it will immediately launch the editor.

3. Tap “Edit” and Select “Edit as Photo”

extract a frame from a video with Vivid Glam's Edit as Photo feature

On the bottom left of the dashboard, tap “Edit,” and then click “Edit as Photo.” This will allow you to choose a frame that you want to extract as a photo.

4. Move the Slider to Choose a Frame

demonstration of using Vivid Glam's Edit as Photo feature to extract a frame from a girl's video

Use your finger to scroll through the slider beneath your video. You’ll be able to pick any frame from your clip. Once you find the right one, tap the checkmark in the lower right corner or hit “Edit as Photo” again to continue.

5. Save or Edit the Extracted Frame

Once you pick out the frame, you can save it as-is to your phone or explore any of Vivid Glam’s editing features. To save it, hit “Save” in the upper right corner, then tap “Done” or share it directly to social media.

Edit the Frame With Vivid Glam

If you want to edit your frame, there are plenty of editing tools that you can use to transform your photo right in Vivid Glam.

1. Beauty Retouch

demonstration of using Vivid Glam to retouch photo with face reshape and makeup tools

Beautify any of the subjects of your screenshot with Vivid Glam’s beauty retouch features. You can start with subtle adjustments like skin smoothing or teeth whitening to enhance the natural beauty of your subjects. Or, explore face reshaping and makeup filters for a more dramatic, cinematic effect.

Learn More About Retouching With Vivid Glam:

2. AI Enhance

enhance a photo of a thinking woman with Vivid Glam

Sometimes, pulling an image from a video can reduce its quality. Because the subjects in a video are moving, the still photo may even be a bit blurry. Vivid Glam’s AI Enhance uses AI technology to make your extracted images less grainy, increasing their overall quality and resolution.

3. Change the Background

demonstration of using Vivid Glam to replace 4 backgrounds of a black woman photo

Turn your extracted image into a dramatic movie poster or groovy portrait by swapping out the background. Vivid Glam’s “Cutout” feature automatically detects the background in any photo and allows you to swap it out for a solid color, preset background image, or a custom background from your own photo library.

Learn More About Changing Photo Backgrounds With Vivid Glam:

4. Add Filters

demonstration of appling a filter to a stand woman photo and adjust the degree by dragging the slider

Vivid Glam is equipped with a wide range of aesthetic filters to elevate the vibe and mood of your video stills. Create a moody black-and-white look, add dreamy sparkle and shine, or adjust the tone and color of your photo to generate a completely custom filter. You can even use the built-in slider to adjust the intensity of each filter until you get your desired look.

Learn More About Vivid Glam:

FAQs About Extracting Frames From Videos

Curious about turning videos into photos? Explore these common questions and answers to learn more.

1. How to extract frames from videos for free?

You can extract video frames for free in the Vivid Glam app. By uploading a video from your library, editing it as a photo, and picking out a frame, you can turn videos into photos in seconds.

2. How can I capture pictures from videos in high quality?

Video frame extraction allows you to maintain the quality of your videos when you turn them into photos. You can also use tools like AI Enhancer from Vivid Glam to enhance the quality even more after extracting the frame.

3. Can I get still images from videos on my phone

Yes, by downloading Vivid Glam, you can get still images from any video on your phone. All you have to do is upload your chosen video into the Vivid Glam app, edit it as a photo, choose a frame from the slider, and click “Save.”

Download Vivid Glam – The Best App To Extract Frames From Videos

demonstration of using Vivid Glam's Edit as Photo feature to extract a frame from a red hair girl's video

Vivid Glam is the top editing app for extracting frames from your videos. The frame extraction process is simple and intuitive, so anyone can pull a high-quality frame from any video on their phone. By downloading Vivid Glam, you’ll be able to extract video frames and edit them to your heart’s content. Plus, you’ll have a powerful editing tool that you can use to beautify and enhance any photo or video you take.

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