5 Food Photography & Photo Editing Tips for Food Bloggers

Last Updated on Mar. 8, 2024 – by David Morgan
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5 Food Photography & Photo Editing Tips for Food Bloggers

For many food enthusiasts, a delectable plate of food is not just worth biting into; it’s also worth documenting with a beautiful photo. Whether you are a food photography expert or you’re simply interested in turning your next food photo into something spectacular, one of the keys to success is editing your food photo after taking it. With PhotoDirector, you can quickly edit your food photography with a few simple taps. Whether it’s for a cake photoshoot or to draw attention to foreign cuisines, our guide to food photography and photo editing can help you become a food influencer overnight.

5 Useful Food Photography Tips

If you love snapping a photo of your food or you’re getting ready for the ultimate cake photoshoot for an upcoming party, we’ve got you covered with five useful food photography tips to help you take a normal food pic and turn it into something worthy of going viral!

1. Take Care to Setup Your Lighting

Lighting is an important part of taking a quality food photo. The most popular lighting choice for food photography is soft lighting. Additionally, your light source should be coming from behind your food dish (backlighting) or from the side (side lighting). This allows for the best emphasis of your food without creating harsh shadows.

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2. Choose the Right Angle

After your lighting is set up properly, make sure that you approach your food photo from the right angle. Food photography should be taken from approximately a 45-degree angle. This will provide the most natural view for someone eager to dig in to the dish. You can play around with angles depending on your food subject, but a 45-degree angle is a good place to begin.

3. Make Sure the Subject Is Emphasized

Food photography is all about the food. For this reason, make sure that you are focused on the subject when you snap your photos. Look at your phone screen and take note of what part of the image is being emphasized. Adjust your angle or distance to ensure that the food is the main star.

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4. Arrange the Elements for the Perfect Composition

The food will of course influence the quality of the picture, but everything else in the photo will as well. For example, if you have a dish of warm apple crisp with a scoop of melting ice cream on top, the bowl the dessert is in and the spoon resting in the dish will add to the effect of the image, too. Make sure to arrange everything so that the food remains the focal point and the rest of the items emphasize the focus.

5. Get the Background Clean

Your angle is perfect, your lighting spot on, and yet your food photo feels cluttered and lackluster. A busy background will detract from even the best food photography. Be sure to clear away the area, particularly if dirty napkins or cutlery are in the way.

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5 Food Photography Photo Editing Skills

With the above five tips, you’re ready to shoot some incredible food pics. However, the best food photography requires post-editing. With PhotoDirector, you can put the following five food photography editing skills to work, resulting in the perfect image.

1. Adjust the Color of Food Photography

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

We all know it is important to set up good lighting for food photography. However, it’s not always easy to get the light right, and the food might not look as attractive as what you envisioned. Luckily, you can always adjust the color of your food photography or create a unique contrasting palette by using PhotoDirector to emphasize the color of a dish. Here’s how to change the color of images

  1. Download PhotoDirector
  2. Click Edit and choose a photo
  3. Click the Adjustments Tab to start changing the color of the food
  4. Click Curve or HSL to change image colors

2. Apply Filters to Food Photography

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

Filters can help enhance your food photography. With over 40 different filters, PhotoDirector is a great tool to find the right filter based on your theme. You can try out the “Food” filters, which make up just one of the 12 different filters to choose from. Then, you can switch to other types of filters to get the perfect food picture. Here’s how to add filters to photos:

  1. Open PhotoDirector
  2. Select your food photo
  3. Go to “Effects” and tap “Filter”
  4. Choose from different types of filter categories, like “warm” or “vintage”
  5. Select a filter to apply and use the slider to adjust the intensity of the filter

3. Create a Blurry Background To Emphasize the Food

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

The main concept of food photography is the food is what matters most. The most common way to put the focal point on food is to blur the background. Although it used to take great photography effort or complex photo editing software to blur a photo, now it can be easily done with PhotoDirector. Follow these simple steps to emphasize the subject of your photo.

  1. Open PhotoDirector
  2. Tap “Edit” and choose your food photo
  3. Go to “Effect” and pick the “Blur Tool”
  4. Use the blur tool that will fit your photo’s needs
  5. Select a blur type
  6. Move the slider to adjust the blur

4. Remove Clutter from Food Photography Backgrounds

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

Sometimes even if you try hard for the perfect food photography, there’s always something out of control. What if you just can’t clear out the background as well as you wanted due to limited time or the restaurant’s environment? No sweat! You can use PhotoDirector to easily remove unwanted objects in the background or even a stain on your food plate.

  1. Open PhotoDirector
  2. Select your food photo
  3. Tap “Tools” and choose “Removal”
  4. Use your finger to brush the object and tap “Remove” to get the background clean

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5. Change Backgrounds for the Best Food Photography

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

Besides removing the clutter from the background, there’s another way to get the background clean, which is removing the original background and adding a new one. Take your food photo to the next level by swapping out your normal background with something fun. Here’s how to change the photo background:

  1. Open PhotoDirector
  2. Choose your food photo
  3. Tap "Background Art”
  4. Swipe left to find your favorite category
  5. Tap different templates to change the background

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Download the Best App for Food Photography

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector, available for iOS and Android devices, is the best photo editing app for food photography. With this app, you can quickly make professional edits to your food photos or cake photoshoot. Swap backgrounds, clean up the image, and adjust the color of your image, all with one easy-to-use app.

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FAQs About Food Photography

1. What Is Food Photography?

Food photography is all about creating an image where food is the focal point. Whether it is a plate of freshly baked bread rolls or an image of a wedding cake, food photography encourages the viewer to fix their gaze on the beauty or delectable nature of food.

2. What Are the Key Points of Food Photography?

The key points of food photography are to ensure that your photo retains a focus on the food. To do this, you need the proper lighting and the right angle. You also need to ensure that the background is free of clutter and that the food is in focus. Finally, editing the photo afterwards creates a quality end product.

3. What Do I Need For Food Photography?

For food photography, you need a camera, which can be as simple as using your phone. A tripod will also help stabilize your photo, and lighting can help ensure you achieve the right soft glow for your image. Finally, you need a photo editing app like PhotoDirector to polish your image.

4. How Can PhotoDirector Help Me With Food Photography?

PhotoDirector can help you with editing your food photography. With the use of this app, you can quickly touch up your image by removing unwanted items from the photo. You can also change the color of items in your image or swap out a background with something that matches your photo theme. You can apply filters to add a final touch, and you can create a blurred background to emphasize your image.

5. What Is the Best Filter For a Cake Photoshoot in PhotoDirector?

The best filters in PhotoDirector for a cake photoshoot are the dedicated food filters. These filters are designed to make your cake look its best. However, there are many other filters that you can test out. Ultimately, creativity will help you determine which filter matches the theme and mood of your photo.

6. What Is the Best Photo Editing App for Food Photography?

PhotoDirector is the best photo editing app for food photography because it has numerous options, all built into one easy-to-use platform. Through PhotoDirector, you can quickly touch up your food photography, turning an everyday photo into a professional piece. Whether taking a photo of pasta or cake, you can create a quality image with filters, blur tools, color options, and clutter removal.

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